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Scott M Reamer Aug 2014
There once were voices, that spoke of choices; blusterous and lustrous
With an air of must-trust-us in tone, atop a gilded throne, wanton, and alone.
Scott M Reamer Jan 2014
People are collections
Of twisted recollections
Mirrors and reflections
Though we often fail to mention
Waning as our skipping attentions
Dreams, faith, and the pace we keep
Yet love feeds these hearts that seek
Will we ever sleep neathe the sound of summer thunder
and cease the need to wonder?
Until this day I shall say my name, as proud as the hallowed grounds
I am the undone, only now may I truly become
Reverent, as a new dawn wakes
Quiet; elation breaks.
Scott M Reamer Jan 2014
Used to be convincing, now I'm word mincing
Funny guy telling lies, stop that face from wincing
Shut the word forge down, absurd surge start to pour out
Brain matter splatter in colored conviction, how I rattle off with four dimensional diction
Once this **** was scripted, now these lips don't do cryptic, legendary fiction, not yet mythic
Contemporary Christians sit listless, labeling those they hardly know
That's we, people like me, as infamous and wicked, can you even conceive
Not that I need the acquittal, never say please for a spoon full of ******
Hate this human disease; doubtful economic, muted mumbles of Ebonics, questionable hearts freeze
Turned cold-blooded because violence it seems is our cure all reprieve
Instead of honest admittance, no room for forgiveness, when we elect politics that lie
Ignite the engines that chain drive, infernal furnaces of the reapers design
Calling out to the sky; "forgive us were blind!"
Upon final inception, the birth of nightmarish conception
Awoken to world of hard line lesson, seasons of trick testing
So tell me then, can you live with A or B? dip those toes into sea and you'll know what I mean
Dare you to please.
Scott M Reamer Dec 2013
oh boy! would take a look at that beast
lucky losers, warring innocent
hows it go? supposed ebb and implied flow
always fine and never fair
welcome to loves most reverent lair
Scott M Reamer Oct 2013
It's been an honest while since those times of denial, lie, sit and smile... Go another mile

The crow kack a sqwak so black " it's back it's back!' in terrific laughter this redundant chapter.

A fool sold me his soul,  I wish I hadn't bought it-- **** thing don't shut the **** up. Oh.

Now somebody else knows from where the river Nile flows, so so slow.

Wishings are tepidly fine, half-boiled mind, still content to knock the trappings of the blind, there in the muggy dark. Scratch the floor some more....

Why the hell not?!
Scott M Reamer Oct 2013
Each day passing by in a wild-eyed dash
In truth my soul fell aside, but bluer birds still doth call
Missed that cardinal harken when I set down my last two cents
Kickers of tricks, scroll-ers of myth, bottlers of ships
Knew it all along, just couldn’t stiff the rest
Refuse to capitol, refuge atop the pious politic that steeps these hills
Is it not hard to tell? The meanings of what buys in bulk
The people is we, of what sells slicker than plot itself
A minority rule, hid reasons from majority fooled

That is working trade class, taught to chain drive
The gleaming sheen glowing green, crowning jewel¬¬¬ is as mist and steam, fleeting as the wash of this worlds seething seas
We, the misanthrope of being, bloom in the warmth of idea
Only to recede at the water mark high of each our lives

Authenticity bless the distant time, costless venture to each about die, salute through another caesars’ dilated eye a definition
Eons in annunciation; immortality flashing by
Reverence cannot lie, not long at least neathe a chipping patina
Gold leafed by the hand of man, coerced creations’ fondling finger tips strips thin, leaving us then to watch the weathering

Not a one may ever remember for too quickly or too timely
Arrives dismemberment, a cyclic certainty, often relegated falsely
As loss or gain, truly misspoken frames for reference
At any given attempt to render the language of tongues, oh speaker the son of the morning shamelessly ****** by predecessors increasingly lavish

Phonemic savage; life running rabid, splicing love over the atom
The simple one whom tends a patch of what he calls “cabbage”
Knowing always the wordless truth that is his field fallowing
Unconvinced by everyone, save himself if nothing else
Penitent candor dangle, frameless wonder can you hear the thunder?
Scott M Reamer Aug 2013
This era; the apex motto, the devils prada, and some sleeper cells gone rogue gray.
This air; smoked toxicity, metals and minty flavored ash, checks made out to cash.
This nation; displaced keepsakes, reiterating cheap fates, through false image gates.
This spirit; disinherited for keeping its word, was this not the world we had set out to build?
This ideal; half forgotten and rarely sought.
Anyone else unforgiven ?
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