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Cheyenne Brown Mar 2015
There is a monster
It is an invisible monster
It is an intangible monster
It is wild
It destroys all things inside & out
It is wild & random
It throws tantrums on whim
& nothing is done
Because no one can see
That there is a monster
It is wild, random, & deformed
It is an uncontrollable monster
But it is possible to tame
With either pills or death.
The problem becomes
"Which is better?"
This poem is referring to the struggle of having mental disorders
Cheyenne Brown Nov 2014
I weeped and sobbed
after you knocked on my front door
to tell me that I have been blocked
by your love and then you said,
"This you should just ignore"
I should ignore the signs that warned me to just give up.
Too bad, so sad that I could not
because I loved you too much to break up,
So why should I be punished when I thought that this was not one-sided?
It would have been nice to know
your love for me has never begun
and that this all was just an act!
Good thing I don't care anymore.
But why does my heart stay so sore...?
A sonnet I made.
Cheyenne Brown Jun 2014
I don't know why I couldn't see
That you never felt for me
I chased after you
And if only I knew
That you just came to play
But atleast come to say
That I was never loved by you
Atleast tell me the truth...
Cheyenne Brown Jun 2014
I felt like a jilted being
I never harbored fleeing
Your actions disagreed
This stress is not in need
I constantly waited in pain
For you to explain
Why you never leave
So that I could grieve
Over advantages you took of me
Then live my life alone yet free
From the cruelty
Of humanity
Now I relieved all the stress I could
As I lay in a pool of my own blood
Cheyenne Brown Mar 2014
He created us as imperfect beings
But He exhibits various rules
To 'perfect' us or else we suffer
He threatens us with these morbid actions
Because we are intended to be perfect
Perfect in His eyes
And yet He created us as imperfect beings
He evokes us how imperfect we are
He generates excuses that it's only human nature
But we're still to arrive at this petrifying region
For being created imperfect by Him
Unless we track these rules to perfection
And yet He created us as imperfect beings
This is my confusion with religion
Cheyenne Brown Mar 2014
I realize I can't get through to you,
These emotions.
I chase this wistful dream, I do,
Unable to stop thinking of it daily.
It's just too painful as you're still blind to
These emotions.
I feel like I have to unwind,
Almost surrendering to
These emotions.
I secretly dream of us becoming one,
Expressing to you
These emotions.
But there's no point in trying, you're already dead.
So why is my hope still alive?
Cheyenne Brown Mar 2014
The worst kind of war
We see it every day
It's too obvious to ignore

It's too stubborn to negotiate
So it corrupts society
This is what it will create

It's like a disease
Little germs floating around
Destroying everything it sees

Correcting it is like a chore
It corrupts everything anyways
This is the worst kind of war
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