A curtain drawn on the sun;
A summer storm pouring down.
Gale of winds brush past
making you lose your breath.

Emotions start to rile  
Thoughts start to pile
letting your words become vile
as tears start to flow down.

The fog settles
as the mind rages
and bones
start to feel uncomfortable
in your skin
as the swallowed air
seems to be too thick.

During those days
some just want to curl up in a ball,
take cover
and watch laughter evoking shows
to get you through.

Some want to
fight through the storm
trying to hold on to
the bleak of glimmer
that maybe there.

Some find comfort
in the presence of others
letting them be their crutch
and drink their potion of love.

Some just want to
cry a river nile
letting sadness trail down their cheek
to let it all out.

Some remain in the
black silences
falling apart to the rhythm of solitude
as the black matter multiplies
and they implode
falling back into the abyss.

- Beautiful Sensitive Soul
Lynnia Dec 2018
Semi-conscious obscurity
Synergy redacted
I felt the breeze whip through me
Blew me away, consumed me
Threw me into a frenzy
Friends and enemies, come end me
Lend me a hand, come talk if you can
And understand, this ain’t my Promised Land
You’re fantasy, not family
And finally, band together,
Forever, we fight these nights
The light’s too bright, read me my rights
If I’m right, nobody accepts me, except me
Respect me, respectfully I bow before the monarchy
Mon ami, are you there?
Say a prayer
If you dare
Tell me where, and watch me fade away...
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
this is my favorite pair of jeans.
they fit my legs tight and then loose and the color keeps to itself.

this is my favorite sweater.
it keeps me warm and it’s the color of moss.

i’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days, but i’ve showered between those days
i’ve been seeing you for a week but you’ve talked to your girlfriend between those days.
my neighbor threw my clothes on the floor cause he needed the dryer
so now i have to wash them all over again and i don’t have $3,
the machine ate two so i only have one left

your copy of rear window is on my floor.
your copy of monty python is on my floor.

thick hair, thick hands, thick wool,
i’m thinning but you’re only getting warmer

i’m tired of men entering my life and taking all of my heat right before winter comes.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Living dyslexia caused
so many problems all
my school days In the
times that I grew up no
one really recognised
or even knew what
dyslexia was

Always singled out to
be seen as being thick
and made a mockery of
even writing poems I have
keep checking mostly for
missed words or spelling

Even using spell checkers
grammar the words I
write don't seem right
been going back over some
of the  poems, I've found
so many mistakes

But tried to correct them
best I could, living with
dyslexia is so hard when
words don't look right
even with a spell checker
make writing so much
Pains of my school day having dyslexia
being told your thick
Arcassin B Nov 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

loving how your feeling when you look at me.
memories of you my eyes can't unsee.
special like the woods that we use to run in.
emotions felt sturdy when we were just friends.
it hurt so bad when you left me now.
I couldn't get you back,not even somehow.
did you get enough of me, but not feel nothing.
you're glad you turned your back on something.

Especially when your not the one
I find attractive,
I'm stuck beyond two souls and a cracked
Giant boulder, captive,
The eye of the beholder,
Watch me fall for something quite older,
Even in line of being lost is progression,
I hardly got the message,
The ice is really thick but it melts quite quick,
And your time runs out,
Now the fires are lit,
And you've wondered what you missed,
In your life,
Is it right?
It was never wrong,
You'll do anything for i-tunes songs, but you,
Just bootleg them,
Lost and found , like soul collective,
Oil color with prospective,

You're an artist not retrospective.

A W Nov 2017
"I will always love you through the thick and thin.
I plan to always follow you through the dim and dark.
My heart will always be yours through the pain and pensive."
Have a heart. It doesn't hurt to collect one more.
Mark Parker Jul 2017
It all starts with
the perfect crust.
Not too thick,
not too thin,
with just the right
amount of crunch.

Classic crust
I in no way endorse this pizza! It's classic crust is more the texture of burnt toast. The back seemed more sarcastic to the idea of the pizza after eating it.
PSR May 2017
I search far and wide
As far as the eye can see
For a  drop of intelligence
In a ocean of stupidity
Lot May 2017
I am there too.
Where I can see them, feel them breathing.
In and out.
Fluid and with ease.
Bubbles of air escape from their mouths,
playful and free.
Oblivious to the murk that is me...
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