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Tasks seem impossible at times
Yet when I think of you
Those reassuring eyes
That confident smile
Makes me pull through
The thick or thin
With you by my side
True love will win.
His hair so rich and thick
Spiraling upward higher and higher
Voluminous in appearance
Bold in its statement

Copious curls demanding attention
Natural, beautiful and free flowing
Standing tall to whomever it encounters
Sunlight beaming into its brown hue

It tells a story of bloodline and culture
Narrates history, prejudice, acceptance
Perseverant by nature
Resilient against criticism

I worship his hair from a distance
Yearning to feel it in between my fingers
Kiss his strands one by one
Inhale its scent like aromatherapy
c Apr 8
I would like
To be called lovely
But the span of my hips
Labels me nice
My indifferent shelf of admonition
Sets a precedent for a series of irrational
Particularly, drops of consumable poison

This poison, you see, induces tranquility
But instills aggressiveness into your
My words are incoherent and
blurred like my deteriorating mind

My indifferent shelf of admonition
Sets a precedent for a series of
broken shards in the glass of life,
Particularly, drops of poison that
kills us to make us feel alive

One bottle of blithe at a time

Keep those bottles up on those shelves.
The snow.
Several inches thick.
It gives no chance for the
sun to work its

No green
g r a s s . No
colorful   b u t t e r f l i e s .
No leafy   t r e e s . And
no pretty
f l o w e r s .

But one
flower, braver than
the others, uses all of its strength
to rise and break through
the earth.

Its pretty
light up the snow
and beg for spring.

That one pretty flower
inspires others,
though not just flowers.

Us people should,
rise up and shine bright.
So go on and share your bright colors!
Inspired by my superhero friend! :)
nightdew Mar 4
thrumming my hands against the table,
i sit tightly with patience running,
the spark of hope ever fading.

i await for the day to call you mine,
to run my fingertips down your curves,
and to kiss every inch of perfection.

to hear the soft groans that echo into the night,
to feel the sheets between us,
and a hearty laugh shared over a ***** joke.

i shall await for the day,
where i can grasp your hand freely,
with your head upon my shoulders.

sacred whispers of flirty jokes,
and little i love you's,
between you and i.

because no earth,
no lightning,
no air,
no flaw,
no one,
can tear us apart.

through thick and thin,
you and i belong together,
even if you dare not to accept it.
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