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  5h zumee
Frosty winter pond
Water glass obscured by snow
Fish dance in private
zumee 5h
she falls open
the falling of hinges
off a universe
zumee Jan 2
do yous and mes
come in 2s or 3s

do 3s and 4s
come from mine and yours
zumee Dec 2020
people ****
when you want them to
zumee Dec 2020
how high
do they fly
the toes
of a dreamer
how soft
is the anger
at a generous
how scarce
glows a moonbeam
in a glass
of december
how bright
does it burn
to light up
a sun
zumee Dec 2020
in the ocean
of a mind
the thought
of a wiggling
-<--   worm   -->-
<                >
  Dec 2020 zumee
Kafka Joint
In our foreplay,
Which is currently just a wordplay,
The punctuation can be ignored.
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