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zumee Sep 9
no matter
which Truth you seek
keep an eye out
for the others
zumee Sep 7
Forever happened
forever ago

(             (         (      (    (   (  ( (( • )) )  )   )    )      )         )             )

just residual glow
zumee Aug 12
nothing is perfect

everything is perfect
zumee Jul 24
Across the night, an open hunt
at break of dawn, a peekaboo...
I, the trailing silver wolf
You, the golden caribou
zumee Jul 17
if you could remember
the process
by which
you came
into becoming
you would come
zumee Jul 16
You are in a room, inside a house.
The door of the house is closed.
The door of the room is open.
The window of the room is open.

The door of the house is being opened.
You hear the sound of the opening house door
through the window of the room, from outside the house,
through the door of the room, from inside the house,

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