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Natasha Sep 22
sighing hums
world awaits
presence of another day.

another life,
yet we choose to live.

this one,
I tried my best to give

no sense to this
writing this is purposeless.

just to say
to break
the presence of nothing.


nothing at all.
Natasha Sep 21
the sun she hides,
cease the birdsong call
the leaves frozen, frail

the darkness long,
quiet river weeps
silence but scurry, settle

lay still to rest,
flaxen unfold
dying carefully, cautious
I haven't written in so long so just a little piece of whatever about the weather and stuff
Natasha Feb 13
every time I see you,
I fall in love with you again.

your high cheekbones,
to the dark curls tumbling down your forehead.

from the sparkle in your eyes,
and the warmth of your smile.

your arms that have carried me hundreds of miles,
thy spirit within, the one of a child.

you make me crazy,
you make me loved
you make me wild.
The title is of a cutesy little chillpop song heh
He reminds me of what that song feels like
Like late spring during sunset, with all of the pretty smelling flowers.
The year he was gone was the one year I didn't smell them.
I hope to smell them this year, with him by my side once again.
Natasha Jan 31
So do it--decide.

Is this the life
you want to live?
Is this the person
you want to love?
Is this the best you can be?
Can you be stronger?
Kinder? More compassionate?
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
and decide.
Grey's Anatomy
Natasha Jan 31
I miss parts of being a child
the endless days with not a care in the world
the simple clothes and bike rides
on back roads where grass grew so long it curled

in the gentle breezes of June afternoons,
or seeing the neighbourhood cats stalk,
& lay on warm side walks for their
mid day snooze.

or summers by the lake,
being in the sand and sun until late
there was no tomorrow, no yesterday
just then, there, today.

parents, and grandparents and aunts and uncles
still full of laughter, life, love and light.
as they aged, their lights fade
each day, they become more grey.
smiles strained, and eyes foggy
memories of their newborn babes.

it's all so strange.

it happens to all of us

the circle of life

we're born, we live, we die.

I just never knew to treasure all those long summer nights,
all of those days wasted away
not thinking of the future,
just what we were going to do today.
I've been way too busy/happy to write. usually, I write when I'm sad lol. I was talking to my sister today and we started talking about life.
Just made me kinda think through things.
sigh. who knows anymore.
Natasha Dec 2018
the greatest things come from love,
I've witnessed whole miracles stem
from the fact that somebody
had someone to love them.

with love we find happiness,
sorrow, passion, intimacy, friendship,
willingness to give
willingness to be vulnerable, be our one true self.

there are different types of love,
romantic, friendship, the love of a mother to her child.
all bold and beautiful
all willing to risk it all for one another, without trial.

the way I love you is complicated,
simple words don't do it much justice.
but if I know not a single thing else in the world
I know enough to trust this.

if disease came rampant,
and locusts ate all of the trees tonight
if bombs rocked the sturdy walls of our houses
and shook our fragile perception of life

if the waves came to swallow the continents
and fires burned forever in the sky
if everything we know starts falling apart around us

the only place I'd want to be
is by your side.
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