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L T Winter Nov 2021
I remember being dizzy
As I followed the spiral staircase of life.

I lost my feelings somewhere inbetween the railings
Someplace near the bottom?
Or maybe on the steps?

I used to articulate my sadness
But silently fell numb; empty.
Perpetually avoiding all matter.

I lay here for days wishing I could sleep.
Counting the passage of time, but not really.
I sleep while watching my eyesight fade.

Sometimes I'll ponder the beauty of making red petals.
With knives I'd like to buy.
I dream about the luxury of sharing them with my bathroom.

To show I existed once

But for now I merely exist.
L T Winter Aug 2021
I'm diabolically lonely
And in love
With melancholy

As she leaves me
Like a cancer on my lips
My wisdom depreciates--

And I miss the depressions
She left me in the snow.
When we talk, she tries to whisper
Sweet Sundays of pill-popping
To hangman Tuesdays.

But I am too afraid to leave my house.
It's stagnant here.
With the sadness I should marry.

Kissing me one last time before I get to leave.
L T Winter May 2019
Sickly blue
Disturbed dissections
I scream silently
To anyone whose asking.

Because it's my favourite thing to say.

I protrude emptiness, so black
That rainy days
Are bright.

As you shove bones
Down my throat
Expecting me to swallow
And saying it's help.

I cut my skin, to feel

And wait for my lungs
To stop
But the bus stop blues
Never come.

So bleeding waterfalls

I metaphorically take pills
Again and again.

Even though I'm metaphysically impaired

I'm still waiting to die.
L T Winter Apr 2019
I'm cavern crackling
There's a cistern
That talks

So I hide--
Gregariously behind sunglasses
And tatter-ed hoodies.

As I poison myself
To death
With nothing-
A stream bellows

Masking how numb
The Moon is,

Sunlight sleeps-
Allegorically into time
If a chronomancer

My memory was mist
I'd apologise stupidly
And hide my hands to
Show you the complexity
Of pain.

But I'm just
A closed book burning
Blood with
My inability to speak.
L T Winter Sep 2018
It's her soul
That's broken
We mist it.

Failing to save her.
He fell frustrated,
Trying to strangle callouses
On his hands.

Until moonflowers shone
The brightest black.
L T Winter Jul 2018
I sip slower
At weavings and
Winter wisps
Where, weather is withering

And I enunciate
Evil everlasting.
Dark kraken
Dreams spelt in ***.

Colourless mixtures
Throw hues that
Don't exist yet.

I trip for a second,
And grey slips

As I fumble,
I see
A broken hare


I wept blindness
Into my hands
Gratefully declining
My friend
Who's Death.
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