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Nessa dieR Feb 2021
Volvi solo para decirte que
Inventé aquellas cosas que alguna vez nos prometimos.
Creo que tienes razon,
Tengo la culpa de enamorarme,
O a caso solo de querer, sin
Razon alguna de las personas equivocadas. Las
Imagenes permanecerán hasta que me canse de escribir, pero
A solas, por la noche, las palabras son mi unico consuelo.
Lxvi Jun 2020
City o' canvas built like a tent
Held together by strands
That can barely make rent
The poles hold is folky yet formal
These people sized holes, becoming too normal
I'd spin you a tale, but where to begin
A city of winners, **** stained in sin
Lord stretch thee almighty abundant in lands
Take it or make it, but never hold hands
My humble city
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2019
“rootless in shallows of momentary mayhem
and no matter the change in horizon,
there is always some thing to be found
that could remind me
of the worst ways I have ever been.”

from “Harlequin Days of Fecund Fervor” by Victoria


rereading these your words, upset forces me to break a recent vow,
my own writing banished, now faceless in the ranks
of just another poet, busted in rank, chose my own
decommissioning but then your momentary mayhem
plea, fecund you, your third harlequin, states construct!

stay the constriction, the recalling of our worst worsts,
for there is always something to be found, recalled,
that the horizon’s only constant is constant change,
especially the worst worsts

I am colored by your treats, your word plums ripe even
out of season, and the mayhem is mine only mine,
robbed you for it is I, rootless, given up my planting, then
the cobblestones of old new york, trip me up, saying
even old things such as you, have a prime yet to come,
stones fecund seeding, predicting I am not done, just undone,
and fetuses within this dying body, may yet be carried to term,
may yet, maybe, may be, but may be caesarean stillborn

rambling this, mostly musty unclear, so summarizations a
sensible thing, a pardon requested for clarity is a sometime thing.

rare are the days that the terracotta colored soil
darkens my fingernails,
it is dried blood from my scratching deep beneath the skin’s topsoil,
but nothing grows that’s whole, warped are the word fruits.
my soup is hot water with salt, a tasty dish apropos for one
whose growths are rootless in the shallow, infertile dirt of stones
that reside in the shallows of a garden of mine own
fecund may-hem of the grey fall sky autopsy turvy


of any kind

is affirmation of


love and. . .

...if you believe it,
then it is so.
Tint Aug 2018
Oh Victoria, the colour red you loved
I wore them inside my body,
the colour of blood

I remember how you'd come running and sneak inside my house
To the secret sanctuary
in the small hill by the pond
We strode the gaping distance  
to our little paradise
There, I saw the loveliest sunsets,
such beautiful goodbyes
You beneath the glistening sunlight,
you taught me how to love

I never forgot, Victoria
the day you said goodbye
A grieving wave that drowned me
and buried in my heart
We laughed and said promises,
but it was your last
I did not know how you could do it,
to just leave it like that
All I saw was the rope hanging
from the window in your house
I wished I had told you,
forever you are loved.
Such a beautiful little shapeshifter
A modern day siren
It's hard to picture her face now
She's so distant
I loved her
It's wicked how fast my heart grows attached to those I frequently see
It's as if she ignores the wary signs
She just jumps
Victoria was special to me
A real life movie
She opened doors to hinges I knew not existed
Party... people... alcohol
She had connections
She had problems
I took them all
I didn't think that one day that beautiful one would shift on me
She was an adapter
She played a role to get what she needed
She could be as soft as a kitten
As helpless as a mouse
Clever as a fox
Angry as a bear
I had seen her become many things but the day she changed
I couldn't recognize her
She was this form I had never seen before
Though her face is distant in my mind
I still get a chill in my spine
From the memory of her presence
Sometimes it makes my bones ache
Poem 3— Relations
She wears her hair long
Strands of brown silk and shiny beauty.
Big Brown eyes that shine like huge crystals
shine light to me just as a light and electricity
Victory in love
Means ,in the war to avoid love ,I'm the fallen
Soldier in a war to be the lone gunner
She knows the strategy of the game
and hard to get is her battle plan
To have me, as if in a football game,
she's the quarterback with the football
and I'm the chasing Front-runner.  
Wanting to hold my sweet Victoria close to me
and have her strength in spirit and intellect
to bolster my life's campaign, in unity of eternity
I am forever dedicated to the general of my army
To lead me to my heart's battle
to win over the lonely forces of darkness
not a defeat
but an artistic victory.
I'm only half of a whole without her soul growing into fusion with mine.
To grow ,together, in all of love's true meaning and power.
I hand her,distantly, a kiss and wish to find the way to send her a dozen red rose flowers.
If only she'd open her mind to me after a battle field mishap
An innocent judgement.....her Partner in arms
In love's war victory
To open to me and understand my pain of guilt of the fumble of the ball
In a moment where I broke trust and aided the dark side to a brighter history.
Sense my yearning for your wisdom, strength, and strong heart's rhythm needed to place a beat to love's song
which I've longed to finish such a beautiful and bright song which  I've been writing,for so long,unfinished, waiting for the right one
Victoria is the finished part of my Epic Sonate
An opera to finish, with her heart melted into mine.
One song I've wished to complete for so long.
I try and think to another heart for inspiration
"Get to know me past my misguided moments, sweet Victoria.."
"For I'll prove myself beyond my strongest gift..
Inside of a heart you'll find that's an irreplaceable gem...
Trust, again, and take me into your light..
For us to enjoy family and love, eternally, in The Magic of Love's Bond and Formation.."
Of a life past our living bodies..Our souls shall be bonded, forever.
Marking the victory past a setback
Creating a new spirit from two souls fused to one.
Shining light on all those who are fighting for love...
To see two, so right for each other, fight to have the Ballard of Love's Opera, the fight to Eternity's road, to our fusion,
those lovers fighting to be forever.....This battle they shall see we have won.
Down with the ship
This "titanic" was the greatest ship
The captain was forced to race to the end of it
In wealth's panic
Can you help me?
Reaching out
they slapped away my hand
"What's the matter?"
"Wasn't true care and being fellow Humans "
in which to "care" for "one" another
what it's all about?
I loved you, dearly.
Yes I know the true meaning of the word
or was the message too hard to understand and
constructed as "Those made by obsird?"
I'm going down with the ship.
I cannot help to make it stop
So watch as you leave me there at the helm
As for sticking by me through and through
was to you what did overwhelm?
Watch me sink.
Your "Titanic."
You sent the morse code
That read "Don;t Bother us"
As you dried, safely, with another
"Love" in which you trusted , wrongly,
and their "boatload  of tricksters"
Is this which you now sail on with, misguidedly,  down the road?
Andrew T Oct 2016
I look at your face and it never shows you’re down
A smile spread around that’s taped over the frown
Concealer under your eyes to hide the long nights
Hearing your mom fight has your big headphones on tight

But pop melodies can’t drown out all the loud screams
Dishes left unclean, parents as scared as the teen
Food rots in the fridge, “Keep Out” sign hangs from the door
Damp tissues ignored, scattered across the floor

Try to make her laugh, but my jokes aren’t funny
Shows love through money, dries up the nose when runny
But the low hats and dark shades only cloaked her eyes
Wouldn’t notice my, mouth curved in when I’ve spoken lies

I bet you did see both my pupils wedged with glass  
In sports getting last, cuz I was too effing smacked
Our lamps burnt out, the light in the house faded
In school berated, little girl how did you make it?

You saved the castle when I couldn’t be controlled
You took on new roles, cried for me to be consoled
Writing gave me back my voice when I became mute  
My leaves wouldn’t shoot if you didn’t water the roots

You, you are my blood, without blood my heart won’t pump
When considered a flunk, blood made my heartbeat jump
Really didn’t mean for my lack of energy
To make enemies, but what’s done is now memory  

What happened to me, to us, was unexpected
When it got hectic, everyone was affected
But my family, and Vicky especially you
Kept stable and true and that is how we got through
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