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I )  Transitivity

If X is a terrorist
And if Y supports X
Y automatically
Joins the blacklist.


By all accounts
A marked terrorist
For holding
Mirror to devil
Engaging in all acts
Revoltingly evil.

A terrorist why?
Now in the open,
Now on the sly
Nonstop it labors
The innocent suffering
Lacerating pain
To die.
It either kills
Or sponsors
The killing of toddlers
And women with
A bun in the oven
More often.

To maximize, selfish
Political objective,
Its duty,
TPLF knows no pity.
Its head
A box empty
Like a child naughty
Make noises
To swap
The victimizer &
The victim
And tip the balance
In the global
Political roadmap.

Long before
ENDF’s law–enforcement
Three out of 5
Women in Tigray
Were subject
To ****
Many heard the
Report agape.
The response from
The west was
Tossing it off
Like a ladies hair
Not tied
On the nape.

Pillaging food aid
Many were the
Instances TPLF its
Impish army it fed.

III) America

TPLF’s inception
To its tyranny
We were on the ball
That is why
We are mourning
Its demise &
Catastrophic fall.

Before our eyes
TPLF stands tall
‘cause it saw to
Our dictates all,
When we asked it
A room
In Ethiopia’s politics
It used to
Give us a hall.
For our satisfaction
It was on the toes
It sleeves to roll.

(Dear Meles Zenawi)
Our soldiers in Somalia
Are suffering
Ignominious defeat
Forced with their tails
Between their legs
To retreat.
Valorous march and  
Invade Somalia
‘YES’  it said
To diplomacy
Longstanding relation
Having  little
Or no idea.”

We know
Very well
TPLF, suffering
Death knell,
Is past master
In terrorism,
Not in store
Even in hell,
Seeing its deeds
That everyone
Could tell.

Devoid of
Mental health
TPLF was out
In East Africa
To spell death.

It was adverse
To peace brokers.

When TPLF said
An election result
It conducted was
Hundred % a hit
We (Susan Rice)
Laughed till
Our sides were
To split
But we showed
A green light
“Go ahead
Do it!”

To Bin laden
We showed
No mercy
But around
A horseshoe
Table with TPLF
You, peace-seekers &
Peace keepers,
Have to sit
With the
Worst terrorist
Defeated, exposed
On the retreat.

To meet our ends
We use
Carrot and stick
To terrorist
The former
And stick
To the latter.

Pulling off
A gigantic dam
By own head, arm
Defying our interest
Our arrogance,
Our image
Ethiopia did harm.
This way Egypt
Our bargaining chip
Is slowly but surely
Getting out of
Our grip
So on Ethiopia
, our pushover, let us
Use a sanction whip.
Ethiopia we have
To flog, to beat
Before it zooms
Africa’s head
To the East.

We wrecked down
Many nations
Under the name
Of peace waging war
From Libya
To Afghanistan far
Unless the
Global community,
Own citizen &
Specially the east
Our action bar
We are out
World’s peace
To mar.

America's latest action on Ethiopia to twist arm is unacceptable
A director general
Ensconcing on WHO’s chair
As a hoodwinking trick
You cry foul
“The case in Ethiopia
Is horrific !”
You must be mentally sick!
Have you forgotten
It is high time
You be thrown
In to prison?
For involving
In embezzlement
Terrorism, genocide
And treason.
So a wolf
In a sheep’s skin
To give a statement
You have no reason.

WHO must be weak
For being tardy
From office
Out you to kick.

It is really
A mockery of justice
A parliament-
wanted terrorist
Like you
Gives lecture
On humanitarian issue
Accountability to resist,
Or are you acting so
Rest assured
Self-seeking hypocrites
The likes of you
Are ready to assist!///
A wanted criminal playacting innocent. A member of a mourning-killer party.
As we are
Famed for hypocrisy
Do allow us to
Lecture you
About democracy
Though we know
Prior to us
You have the practice
In the timeline, upstarts
Usurping the know-all
Permit us
About democracy  to
Goad you please!

The divide-and-rule
Machiavellian gesture
As an adventure
We admit
And still exercise it
Ethnic-based conflict.

We adore to fish
In troubled water
To sure meet
Own objective faster.
Just like a canopy feeder
With our wings
Eclipsing the water
Striking out light helps us
Unsuspecting fishes  
To pick better.

In a
System of governance
And religiosity
You took the lead
But our piece of advice
How to dine, how
To put on attires
You have to heed,
Forget not
Boiled-wheat aid
You may need.
Disgraced, it is better
For food your pride
You barter.

Don’t think
Humanitarian issues
Or aid
Is what  first comes
To our head.
The economically weak
Their mind we—
Hooligan hypocrites—
Allow them to speak
Leave alone
Their own roadmap
To design and
Wealth to tap.
Worshippers of devil
Head- to -toe
We are evil.

It is our duty
To exhume a
Terrorist party
That shows alacrity
To execute assigned task
The reason behind its back
Remiss to ask.
TPLF is our right arm
We don’t want
On it to happen
Any harm.

We don’t mind
For genocide
A hotbed TPLF members
Or dissenters may find.
Modern colonization
Is our covert intention. ///
For those who poke their nose in the affair of a sovereign country
Though Ethiopian
Orthodox patriarch
Unfortunately, as
I’m not race blind
Please excuse
My being
A tad pitiful and kind
To the political Judas
From my Ethnic side,
You see such
An act has become
A political fad
Even if
That sounds bad.
Mind you, at times
Devoid of reason
Oblivious to God
The pious mind
To a halt could grind.
Intoxicated with bigotry
Excuse me the hill
As a mountain
And also vise versa
If I find.
You see with vampires,
Who opened the door
For my current position,
For 3 decades I had dined.

Please forgive
My blind eyes to the
Whole truth till today,
Also skipping
The commandment
”You shall not lie!”
To my likes
A word of support
Tolerate me to say!
Is it not how the adage
“While the sun shines
Make hay!”

About the genocide
In Mai Kadra—on par with
Why should I worry?
Because it was
My likes, shedding blood
Who likes, suffering
A defeat,
That opted to hack
The innocent
And to efface track
Victims to bury
Were in a hurry.

Also the blood flood
In other parts of
The country—Metekle,
Wellega— didn’t
Draw my attention
You see
Terrorizing the region
Was my likes’ objective,
While I was pretentiously
On Christian mission.
So condoning that
I have to commit
Crime by omission
Also I had
To indulge in
Crime by commission
Drawing a big attention
To possible complication
That attended ENDF’s
Law-enforcement operation.
Than the root cause
A question I’ve to pose
On the attendant ill
Beget by own debacle
For it allows vicious cycle.

Firing rockets
And proving unruly
Judas that hail from my race
Were to wipe out
Fellow neighbors,
From earth’s face
“Man is created in
God’s image! ”
Was shrouded by
Our rage.

All troubles
That, we see
Everywhere in
Ethiopia today, are
TPLF junta’s deed
Junta the fiend
That sowed
A hatred seed.
But, now exposed,
The culprits
My support
Terribly need
I must pat them
On the back indeed.
True to
WHO’s Director General
Abusing my position
Let me cry foul
So that TPLF remnants
Get a stalemate.
You see
An oasis in a desert
They terribly need
How could I
Fail that to heed?

In courting trouble
TPLF was proactive
Reactive were those
On the other side
But this I like
To systematically hide.
Conniving with
Insincere NGO workers
I could enjoy a media ride
To be the security
Council’s untruthful guide
And so called great nations
On the toe to sniff possible
Shortfalls from Ethiopia’s side
And ready to swim against
The truth tide,
Though this is
Dragged to light and
Known far and wide!
So to speak
They could encourage me
An asylum to seek
Honest traitors as they
Adore hand to pick.

Who said a patriarch
Could not be naughty?
Going out of
My religious duty
I will give
A kiss of life
To world-ever
Terrorist party.
History has it that
There were pops
Who blessed
Military arsenals like
Artillery and tank
If so, why not
I give a statement
Behind Synod’s back.

May God
Forgive my sin
For the heart of
The credulous
With my
Sanctimonious face
I could win!

Please excuse me
I’m not race-blind
Sanctimonious patriarch
One could ever find!
TPLF is a party
By the Ethiopian parliament
Unanimously dubbed
Terrorist and naughty
As blood is thicker than water
Supporting it is my duty.

Soldiers who spent
Almost their entire life
In garrison and barrack
Did suffer by my likes’ attack
Behind their back
Though their blood
Cries before God
Please excuse me
I have to favor
From my abode!
Cognizant that to
Crosschecking, the credulous
May not pay serious attention,
WHO’s Director General
Abusing your position,
As a hoodwinking trick
Tears trickling down
Each of your cheek
I saw you expressing
A cooked up idea,
An interviewee,
On a so called
Reputed media.
A reputed media
Ironically and terribly
A probing knack
That does lack.
To media weak
To cross examine
Whether the whole
Truth you speak.
“Why your likes—
Terrorists TPLF juntas—
Fired rockets
To a neighboring state
Intent a terror to create?
Why you did the same
On Eritrea
To create
In East Africa hysteria?

“Why in Mia kadra
Your likes
—Genocide perpetrators—
Massacring the feeble
And unarmed civilians
With a machete
Expressed to what extent
The Amhara race
You hate.”
“Why your likes
The Ethio-Eriteria border
You stabbed in the back many
A national army member
In the back,
Worse waiting till
It gets pitch dark?
Salivating for arsenals
Must you
Your siblings attack?
Is it to invite
Self-defending soldiers
From the border’s other side?
Or is it running amok
To enjoy in Eretria a free ride?
Now playacting a victim
Why you try the truth
To hide?”

“Why the likes of you
For about 3 decades
You bled
The country dry,
Forcing millions
Lamenting their fate
With empty stomach die?
Why including those who
Hail from your ethnic
Background, on safetynet
Leaned for existence to date?

I wonder how now
You dare
To show affectation
Humanitarian issue
In Tigray is in
Your radar of care?

Laundered dollars,
Abroad, stashed away
Lavishly dishonest journalists
You buy as it isn’t hard
To get such guys today.
A spoiled brat
Mercenaries you hunt.

Now, barefacedly
Must you cry?
“ ‘Doves are my
Likes and I
How failed you
To pity us? Why?’
Akin a crocodile
Loud you cry?”

“Why atavism of
The likes of you—
Mafias— spread
Throughout the land.
While the blood
Of the innocent is
Fresh on your hand,
You dream how
For reinstating
The despotic regime
Another chance
You could stand?

“Why mentally sick
The likes of you—
Colonial legacy mongers,
Vanguards of common wealth
White supremacists –
Disgustingly ingratiate
In a way
Unheard of to date
Ready to receive
And A to Z execute
What they dictate?
And to historic enemies
A hand you lend
A sign moral-wise
You are clinically dead.

“Why the likes of you—
Political thugs—
**** was your
Characteristic feature?
Mr. Director General
To spice the interview
Leave not
Your ****** exploits
That you most remember.
Of course, tell us you can,
While in power
How many
**** victims’ demonstration
In Mekle
You and your friends
Conspired to ban.
Yes **** is a
Worst crime
But registered weres
Many such offences
In your time.

Yours ,sham media
And dishonest lobbyists
Unholy marriage
Provokes the
Innocents’ rage! ///
Crocodile tears
I want to relive
That moment why?

An eighth grader
I watched you
A full-brown
Chocolate rose
On the stair sashay
To a classroom
On the row,
While passing by.
That moment
Couldn’t forget I
Till I die.

I want to relive
That moment why?

In the dictionary of
My childhood
I added love
Observing a girl child
At her virginal beauty
Leaping into womanhood
What is more I understood
Bewitching, swing
From earth to sky
A man’s feeling,
And mood
A metamorphosing
Girl could.

I want to relive
That moment why?

I dawned on me
“From my love object
Could I win
A kiss?”
Is what revolves
A man’s axis.
“How could I be
On  romance’s ball
Before her eyes
To stand tall?”

I want to relive
That moment why

That day’s
Fond memory
In the cherished corner
Of my heart
I want to carry
Along with my body
The immortal feeling
Men couldn’t bury.

I want to relive
That moment why

I found it hard
To study
Unable to control
The lower part
Of my body.
Tying a string to loan
Coercing a poor country,
Under the yoke of poverty
To squawk and groan,
Also making
The noose tighter, tighter
So that aid it fails to garner,
Allow a hypocrite donor
To flog the receiver
Into a restricted domain
To every donor’s whim
Saying “Amen.”

Tragically, this way receiver’s
Development wishes
And growths’ talk
Will go up in smoke.

In such manner,
With malfunctioned cog,
Receiver turns
The tail of the donor dog,
On the other hand,
For donor’s
Geopolitical advantage,
With preferential treatment
The ingratiating donor’s pet,
Pampered, will enjoy
Jealously -strewn
Dream’s fulfillment
To its heart’s content,
While the pushover
Smothered, maltreatments
Has to suffer.

It is such strings
The pushover-made
Ethiopia managed to cut
To generate much-needed
Over 5000 Megawatt.
Megawatt, which commands,
On the back, many a pat.

In so doing
Ethiopia has set an example
Emerging countries
Could realize
Developmental take off
By own dabble
Ramming home donors’
Double standard is
What they can
Do without, while in
Birth cry bout.

Chopping the string
With a self-esteem knife
Ethiopia born GERD to life
Tapping Abay (Blue Nile)—
A confluence of rivers,
Which are rife.

Ethiopia is
Tapping its gigantic river
That originates from its soil
To do away with women’s
Back-breaking toil.

Ethiopia is harnessing
Its prodigal river
To avoid fetching firewood,
Chocked with smoke,
To prepare food.

Ethiopia is subduing
Its God-bestowed river
To outreach with light
Students that study
Late into the night
For want of
A reading lamp
That use smoky lantern
In far-flung corners of
The country’s
Schools’ map.

Ethiopia is
Forcing the river
Yield a hand
So that
Nation’ demand
Mushrooming industries’
Soon, will flow
Like an irrigating flood.

Ethiopia is
Taming the wild river
In a bid
GERD starts
Generating hydropower soon
To let the region enjoy
The unprecedented boon.

When GERD materializes,
The heinous, covetous
Donors’ pet ,
Which claims to date
The river is
Its exclusive right
Will be
Coerced to stop
Eclipsing the country’s
Affluence hope.

The less privileged
Round the globe
Which are
Under the same fate
Development ******
Could emulate.

Soon Ethiopia will
Join the club
Countries marked
Industrial hub.

You know something?
Arm twisting
Is the mystery of the string!
So go for bootstrapping
Use shoestring.
Current unfolding
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