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Apollo Hayden Jan 2016
If it's not water that you come to give, then I don't want your negative. 
Give me light, give me that positive. Yes, that will suffice. 
Bounce them off of me and together we will rise
from the lower state of which we came, for we were always meant to live right.
O remember to let love flow, and watch it be the current to electrify your light bulbs, helping you to see the truth that's been inside.
In a world of war and so much pain, let the healing hands of love be magnified. 
Speak the words and touch those who hurt by sending those uplifting positive vibes.
More than just skin and bones, for those who dont know or forgot...
remember you're a vessel of the most high.
Shannon Apr 2015
I can lose you in the crowd-
I can lose you in a train of thought.
I can lose you to the errant sock
the wallet left on a table,
that last marble down the vent.
I can send you down the wrong path
send you packing-
send for your belongings.
Send you away.
I can deliver you safely.
Deliver you to the doorstep
Sign off on your delivery.
I can get carried away by you.
Carry your grudge.
Carry the weight of the relationship.
I can blow off to the westerly wind
Blow up, Low blow.
Blown away.
I can mark the days
The mark of the beast
market day and slip away.
But I can't remember how to not love you.
Can't remember how to stop hope.
How to turn off faith.
I can't remember how not to look for you
in the crowd-
how to not listen for your laugh or your key in the lock.
I could lose you-
but I could not ever resist you.
and that's really the thing about it, isn't it?
Only one of these sentences matters.
Just one.
sweet, simple.

— The End —