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P Venugopal Jul 2019
etched in memory
the day we left the village
leaving no footprints.

rain clouds gallop high
fast we run, puffing, panting--
who will reach home first?

the wheels of the cart
in quick rhythmic clatter
swing the bullock horns.

when the hills recede
quietly, unseen, dust
settles on the road.
i have been away from hellopoetry for quite some time, but not from poetry. may i start sharing my poems once again? i have even forgotten the names of my old friends here. i shall start updating on all of you. love
P Venugopal Dec 2017
irresistibly being ******
into the void
at the other end of a dream tunnel,
I hear a cyclone
spiralling beyond...

Someone knocks at the door.
P Venugopal Dec 2017
the cup and the lip,
my smile!

the cup and the lip,
your smile!

Don't slip, I said.
We won't, she said.

the cup and the lip,
our smile!
P Venugopal Oct 2017
There you sit,
my pounding heart,
for the soft touch of my padded feet
on your moonlit balcony...

My breath I bequeath
to you, with it to weave
the veil over
our deep secrets.
P Venugopal Oct 2017
Wherefrom this echo?...
I can only remember,
not hear at all...

An autumn leaf
falls to the earth from this tree
and explodes...
P Venugopal Oct 2017
From inside this bud,
I watch myself flowering
petal by petal.
P Venugopal Oct 2017
you shall see me in the east,
where the Kusha grass grows.
Fodder enough, we shall be there
till New Moon eve.
Some times from far off
you can hear me sing,
“jaane do, jaane do!”
“jaane do”  is a Hindi term meaning  “let it go”
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