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Jan 23 · 551
I did cry yesterday cause I missed you but then you were just happy with your friends.

You don't really need me.

You're okay on your own.
You're happy on your own.

And sadly I'm not like you.

I am okay with you.
I'm happy with you.

But I guess I have to change that now.
Breakup, last
Jul 2022 · 142
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2022
Who should I blame for my misery?
I blame her for everything
I blame her for my misery
I blame her that I didn't get the chance to be who I want
I blame her for giving me the responsibilities that I shouldn't have
I blame her that I don't have my freedom
I blame her that my life is ****** up
I blame her for what she did
I blame her for the family's problems
I blame her all because of what she did
I blame her that all she did is a mistake
But the results is lifetime
The effect cost me, the family, her children
I still blame her everyday,
Everytime I remember how my life is so ****** up
How can I not get out of my comfort zone
How can I not leave
Who should I blame for everything?
I think I should blame myself too.
Aug 2021 · 614
Are you okay?
Vanessa Escopin Aug 2021
Do you know if you ask someone "Are you okay?" And their answer is,

Doing well - means they are trying to think positively.
Fine - means they don't want to talk about it, so stop asking.
Not Bad - means something is going on but they don't want to explain to you.

So, Are you okay?
Jul 2020 · 336
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2020
ᜀᜌᜓᜐ᜔ ᜃ ᜉ ᜊ᜶
ᜑᜒᜈ᜔ᜇᜒ ᜃᜓ ᜀᜎᜋ᜔ ᜉᜀᜈᜓ ᜃ ᜃᜂᜐᜉᜒᜈ᜔

ᜐᜈ ᜋᜐᜌ ᜃ
ᜐᜈ ᜋᜄᜒᜅ᜔ ᜋᜀᜌᜓᜐ᜔ ᜃ

Don't know if my writing is correct. Hope someone will read this and correct if I did wrong. This is Baybayin
Dec 2019 · 149
You okay?
Vanessa Escopin Dec 2019
I hope you're okay
Not your health, but you
You as a person who lies
You who lies about things
Things that a weak girl would trust

I hope you're okay
Living your life as if you haven't hurt someone
I hope you're okay
With the one you love
I hope you're okay

I just hope you're okay
While she is broken and hurt
While she stopping herself to cry
While she have companion but all she think is the lies you made her believe

I hope you're okay
Just feelings
May 2019 · 539
Vanessa Escopin May 2019
She keeps talking
Then she stop
She was silent
Deeply thinking
Then she said,
"Can you call your father? Maybe he hasn't eaten yet."
With tears in her eyes.

I don't know what she's thinking
I know she's strong,
But sometimes she has her breaking point.
We all do.
Sep 2018 · 292
Vanessa Escopin Sep 2018
Did you saw me?
I was there.
Did you took a glance for me?
Because I did.
I saw you there.
Sitting comfortably.
Waiting for someone?
That's doesn't me.
Ironic isn't it?
How I always wait for you.
And how you wait for her.
You never waited for me.
Waiting is good. If you wait for the one you love.
Jul 2018 · 249
Heart hurts & hate
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2018
Oh my heart hurts
Cause all what he had said is true
I am not someone who's lovable
I am not someone who deserve a love
I am not someone who's needed
I am just someone who's temporary,
Not worth it,
A waste,
Selfish brat,
And a *****.
I hated him because all he had said is true
And I am guilty as charge.
I don't know if there's someone
who's feeling the same **** as me.
I don't know what to do.
I hate myself.
Feb 2018 · 484
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2018
One day you'll realize that you lost a girl who's feelings for you wasn't told but she let you feel it.
One day you'll be frustrated 'cos you're wrong.
You take her for granted.
You loved her but then you lost her.
You let her go even though she doesn't want to.
You lost a girl who secretly cares for you.
A girl you used to loved and you're still loving. You lost the girl you can be trusted, a girl who have flaws, a girl who is broken but still managed to smile.
A girl who almost tell you what she really feels but time wasn't right yet.
A girl who you let wait for hours.
A girl who's patiently waiting and secretly loving you.
You lost the girl who's now ready to take the risk but you give her up.
She's tired to pretend anymore, she doesn't deserve someone who hurts her more than she was hurt.
You forget her. But she didn't.
Lost in time
Feb 2018 · 456
Move on?
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2018
Sometimes we think we already moved on.
Just because they don't see us and communicate with us anymore.
But one message, one glance.
You realize the feelings is still there.
You'll gotta say this, "Abi ko naka move on nako." ("I thought I have moved on.")
But you aren't, yet.
Yes, yet!
Because one day, maybe tomorrow or  the day after tomorrow or next week or next month or next year you will moved on.
You'll get over her/him.
You'll wake up smiling.
You'll realize things are much better without the burden of thinking about her/him.
You'll be thankful to God that He let you see things clearly.
That He let you move on.
You'll realize that this is His purpose.
He has a better purpose.
Maybe you won't see the right way but soon you will.
This is dedicated to my friend Jas. I hope you'll get over him. God bless you.
Dec 2017 · 540
Vanessa Escopin Dec 2017
You created the distance between us
You choose to forget what we had
You didn't even know you make'd me cry
You know nothing about my feelings

You said every single thing you'll remember
You said you're sorry
I forgave you
But I just hate the fact that memories still lingers

Everytime we see each other, you hug me
What contradicts you for telling the truth?
Our friendship that I treasure,
You just throw it away in one snap
Oct 2017 · 548
How are you?
Vanessa Escopin Oct 2017
I want people to ask me, "How are you?"
So I can tell them I'm not okay,
I'm doing everything to be okay,
That I can be okay.
But instead, I'm the one who asks them
"How are you?"
Just maybe they can ask me back.
"How are you?"
Aug 2017 · 504
Vanessa Escopin Aug 2017
Thinking that I'm selfless,
I'm becoming selfish my self.
Selfish beetch
Aug 2017 · 628
Vanessa Escopin Aug 2017
Bakit kailangang magkakilala kung maghihiwalay lang din naman.
Bakit kailangang magmahal kung sasaktan lang din naman.
Tadhana Tanga na
Feb 2017 · 608
Lose with you
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2017
She'd rather lose with him, than to win without him.
Jan 2017 · 7.1k
Vanessa Escopin Jan 2017
Sabi mo gusto mo ko, umaabot sa "Mahal kita".
Lagi mo kong tinatanong kung "Kamusta kna ba?"
Wala ni isang araw na hindi mo pinaramdam na mahal mo ko.
Hindi ako sanay sa ganoon dahil sino ba naman ako?
Isang simpleng babaeng walang ganda,
Kaya ako'y nagtataka.

May pagkakataon na hindi ka ulit magpaparamdam,
Alam mo ba na nakakalma ang puso ko pag walang ikaw?
Pero babalik ulit sa tuwing nagpaparamdam ka na naman.
Ano ba talaga? Ganito ba yung sinabi **** Mahal mo'ko?

Sana 'di na lang umabot sa "Mahal kita", kung ganto lang pala.
Sana 'di mo pinaramdam na mahal mo 'ko hanggan dun lang pala.
Kasi umaasa ako kahit walang tayo.
At dahil nahulog na rin ako, umaasang andyan ka lang at sasaluhin ako.

Pero ganun pala talaga yun 'no?
Kung kailan mahal mo na ang taong mahal ka tsaka kanya iiwan ng walang dahilan...
Jan 2017 · 532
Our love story
Vanessa Escopin Jan 2017
Our love story was unknown by many.
They never knew we used to love each other.
Maybe some of them notice us being in love.
But they keep it to theirselves.
Our love is not the strongest because we're weak.
We didn't say how much we love each other.
But we always smile like nothing's wrong.
I remember one time I was suddenly upset or just bored.
I'm moody but you never leave me.
We're lovers.
But we're not into commitment.
I don't know what the heck is called to us, being in love but no label.
Jan 2017 · 807
To me, to you, girl
Vanessa Escopin Jan 2017
To the girl who's never been into a relationship,

Do not feel pressured that everyone is in a relationship already. It's not a competition. It's not a race. Do not force a relationship to happen. Do not settle for less just to have one.

True love comes to those who wait. There's no need to rush. Love when you're ready not because you're just envious of your friends.

Do not feel bad about yourself. Someday, someone will love your wholeness. Someone will treat you like you're one of the best things that happened to him. For now, chase your dreams and be a better person.
Words by: Truth Slap
Sep 2016 · 535
Vanessa Escopin Sep 2016
Have lots of dreams but I can't do anything to follow them
Why my life is like this?
Why do I need to cry just make myself feel better?
Why there's nothing good happening even if I did sacrifice and understand them?
I know there's a lot who suffered more than what I feel right now.
But why can't I just get over this feeling?
Maybe I'm weak that the only solution I'm thinking is death.
Why this need to happen to a twenty years old girl?
Should I just keep enjoying my young life?
Why did they force me to be mature when I already am and all I do is understand them.
Jul 2016 · 685
Vanessa Escopin Jul 2016
He was a stranger until then he become the fan of a lawyer you hated. He'll be studying law because his mother wanted to and he's a fan. But then everything changed. He knew that that lawyer was his father. He does something to save his father's image because you have some evidence of the lawyer's delinquent's. But he almost killed you, not literally. You met an accident because of him, you didn't know all along.

He never prayed until that day, he prayed "Let her live. Please. I will give up all my happiness. You can let me die. Just let her live."You survived that accident. He quit law school because he knew that his father;the lawyer you hated became the lawyer of the one who killed your father. He sacrificed. He didn't tell the lawyer that he is his son.

And years after, he is dying. He got only months to live and he wanted to spend it with you. You're new at this. You didn't know if he's telling you the truth or not. But you let him. Because you love him all along. *But he died saying he love's you the first time he saw you.
May 2016 · 521
Vanessa Escopin May 2016
You will no longer be the one
I wrote my poetry for
Because you abandon me
In my darkest times

You give up
In the times I'm almost
Almost loving you,
You left my heart

I should not let you in
At first time I saw you
Cause you broke my whole heart
Without you knowing?

You let me feel insecure
You let me cry
You resist me
You give up on me

Yet I am still hoping for something.
But this time this is the last....
Apr 2016 · 492
Vanessa Escopin Apr 2016
Don't fall inlove with me
You're a light, i might turn your life into darkness.
You're a beautiful sunny day, I might turn you into a rainy day.
You're the milky way, I'm the blackhole.
I'm dangerous. I might **** you with my ai.
So just don't fall in love with me for I am a disaster.
Apr 2016 · 521
Vanessa Escopin Apr 2016
The more she smiles, the more he falls
The more she laugh, the more his heart beats fast
Love love love it is.
Apr 2016 · 438
Too late
Vanessa Escopin Apr 2016
I give myself time to think
Think if I really feel something
Something special for him

But it turns out, he mis-understood my silence
My silence reveal the truth
The truth that he's one of the boys

One of the boys who easily give up
Give up in the times you're realizing
Realizing that you're falling too

I fell too hard that it breaks me inside.
*I love him but he give up.
I thought I didn't love him but...
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
You're not my 3am thought
And definitely not my 2am nor 1am
You're just someone who makes me special
But I don't feel the same

Maybe they'll call it unrequitted love
Maybe I have thought of you, but not my 3am thought
I tried to love you back
But my heart just can't

I do feel happy everytime your name pops on my screen
I do feel special everytime you compliment me
But I'm not in love with you
I am just happy you're my friend and companion
Mar 2016 · 2.6k
I write for myself
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
Everytime I felt alone, I write
Everytime I feel lonely, I write
Everytime I feel empty, I write

When my emotions were blur, I write
When my emotions were mixed, I write
When my emotions full of sadness, I write

Every sadness, lonely, empty feeling I felt, I write
Because in that way, I let my emotions out.
I do it in a way where I can tell it to myself.
Mar 2016 · 7.5k
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
Minsan maiiyak ka na lang sa pagod.

Pagod sa lahat ng bagay.
Pagod sa pagiintindi sa mga tao.
Pagod gumalaw.

Hanggang gusto mo na lang mawala.
Mawala na walang bakas na namalagi ka sa mundong ito.
Pagod ka na kasi.

Dahil pagod ka na ring umiyak.
Titigil ka na din sa pag iyak dahil pagod kana.
Pagod na pagod kana.
Mar 2016 · 608
My thought
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
I don't have the right to whine nor rant.
I am just me.
Me, that trying to understand everybody
Trying to be good even if I wanted to yell at someone

Sometimes I just wished I'll just die
Coz I'm tired of ****
Tired to understand people's situation
Tired to cry everytime I get angry

I'm so tired.
Please let me rest in peace
Peace of mind or
Peace of soul.
Both will be in His favor.
Is it bad to wished I'll just die?
Mar 2016 · 406
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
Promises that you said
Promises that I held in to
Promises that I kept
Promises that you broke
Promises that vanished.

You said we'll spend forever together.
But where are you now?
You're with your new girl.

I'll pray for you.
My friend' emotions I created it as a poetry.
Mar 2016 · 578
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
I always loved to;
To be alone in the dark
But someone give light.
I love darkness because I'll be able to see light. It clears my mind.
Mar 2016 · 774
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
Drifting away like the clouds in the sky
Drifting away like the leaves on the ground
Drifting away like those planes in the sky
Drifting away like the raindrops on leaves
Drifting away like the light in the dark
Drifting away the girl whom once became their friend
Drifting away the woman who's strong but gone weak
She's drifting away...
Drifting away from everyone.
She's once so strong but everyone breaks her. Gone is the girl. Gone.
Mar 2016 · 469
Can't Think Straight
Vanessa Escopin Mar 2016
I put my earphones on and turn on the playlist.
Hard rock.
I need this.
My mind need to think something else.
That something is Myself.
A child is crying on my right.
There's two people that keeps talking on my left side.
And all around me, I heard vehicles sound and every beep of each.
People shouting.
Cold night.
Lights of every post and every building I see.
I need this.
I need to distract myself.
Feb 2016 · 43.4k
Balang araw.
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Balang araw,
Hindi na ko masasaktan pag nakikita ko ang mga larawan nyong magkasama.
Balang araw,
Hindi na ko magseselos dahil lagi kayong magkasama.
Balang araw,
Ngingiti na lang ako pag makikita ko kayo.

Walang halong pait, selos at lungkot.

Dahil balang araw,
Hindi ko na rin kayo maaalala.
Hindi ko na kayo makikita.
Hindi na ko malulungkot dahil namimiss ko kayo.

Kasi una pa lang,
Kinalimutan nyo na ako.
Kinalimutan nyo ako, na kaibigan nyo noon.

Huwag kayong mag alala,
Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan dahil hindi ako madaling makalimot.
Pero darating din ang panahon na hinding-hindi na ko malulungkot dahil sa hindi ako naaalala ng mga kaibigan ko.

Balang araw mangyayari din yun. Balang araw.
Lagi kong nakikita ang mga kaibigan ko na magkasama. Malayo sila. At naiwan ako. Ang babaw ko para sa gantong bagay nagseselos at nalulungkot ako. Normal pa ba ako?
Feb 2016 · 11.1k
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
When I was a kid my definition of the word love is,
Like a rosary full of mystery.
Yes it is.
But love is also selfless
love is not blind, it sees but it don't mind
love is unconditional
love is the most dangerous feeling.

Love is when you feel like crying cos he/she's mad at you.
Love don't mind the height, weight, age and level in life.
As long as you love a person, you love them.

But love is uncontrollable,
you feel hurt when you love.
Hurt, pain will always be there as long as you love.
There are lots of meaning in the world LOVE.
Love is unexplainable feeling.
Feb 2016 · 13.7k
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
He should feel what she actually feels.

To be ignored,
to assume things cos he gives motives,
to not explain things that he'd done,
and to be hurt like hell.

He'll chase her again
and she will definitely give him a hard time.

*He should feel what it feels to be hurt.
Feb 2016 · 532
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
He's a broken man.
She's a complete woman.
He's broken by his anger.
She fixed him.
But by fixing him, she broke herself.
He broke her heart.
Funny that you once complete but there's someone who came whose broke and you fixed him. He became whole again, you complete him but you broke yourself. He broke you and you let him.
Feb 2016 · 394
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Since then she never felt happy.
I mean she's happy sometimes but laughing is her escape to avoid someone to see what's the real emotions in her eyes.
She always ask herself, "When's the time I'll be happy again? Maybe the day I die. Because I'll see fake people cry for me and act like they love me."
She smiles as if no one hurts her.
She smiles as if nothing bothers her.
She smiles to avoid drama.
But sometimes she just can't hold those tears streaming down her face.
Sad life it is. Sad cruel life.
Feb 2016 · 514
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
She's simple
She's someone you can go everywhere with on her birthday
She's someone who don't choose where to celebrate cos whatever it is she is happy
She's vulnerable but trying to be strong
She wanted to be appreciated but didn't
She just wanted to be greeted on her birthday
But it seems no one remembers.
It's Okay.
She's okay with it.
*I'm so okay with it.
Happy born day to me. It's funny that no one remembers your birthday if you hide your birthday on your facebook timeline. Why is that?
Feb 2016 · 21.2k
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Kung kailan nahulog na ko, saka ka lalayo.
Not a poem. Just a quote.
Feb 2016 · 21.5k
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Ganyan ba ko ka tanga para iyong paasahin sa mga salitang binitiwan mo?
Oo, walang tayo.
Oo, minsan akala mo pinapaasa kita.
Pero takot lang ako.
Takot na baka hindi mo matanggap lahat ng bahid ng pagkatao ko.

Sabi mo, Mahal mo ko.

*Pero bakit lumayo ka?
Bakit may mga lalaking ganyan?
Feb 2016 · 43.5k
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Isang taon na umaasa ako na ako ang uunahin mo kahit hindi mo pa nakuha ang matamis kung "Oo".
Pero sana mapatawad mo ako sa pangbabalewala ko noon.
Mahal kita pero hindi mo malalaman 'to.
To my almost. There were never be an us. Sad Story.
Feb 2016 · 767
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Riding off into the sunset?*
We'll probably sitting on a mat and watching the sunset, talking our feelings out, and maybe we're laughing cos we still end up together.
Sounds great but I am just day dreaming.
I imagined what would be us, if ever we're together.
Feb 2016 · 4.3k
Story Of Us?
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
He said he loves me.
I take time to think about it.
He does something special.
I started to like him.
He give more love.
I loved him.
He doesn't know about it.
I always think of him.
He stop talking to me.
I keep on reaching him.
He started to ignore me.
I don't know what to do.
He hasn't contacting me.
I started to ignore him too.
He started to talk to me again like nothing happened.
I can't talk to him anymore.
He's pursuing me again.
I started to move on.
He doesn't know what I feel.
I don't deserve him.
He stop talking to me again.
I will forget him.
To my almost lover.
Feb 2016 · 13.0k
Anong laban ko sakanya?
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
Anong laban ko sa babaeng mas uunahin mo kesa sakin?
Anong laban ko sa babaeng kahit huli **** nakilala pero nakasama mo ng matagal?
Anong laban ko sa babaeng laging nasa tabi mo pag kailangan mo ng karamay?
Anong laban ko sa babaeng mas kilala ang pamilya mo?
Anong laban ko sa babeng maraming alam tungkol sayo,
sa lahat ng bagay na gusto mo,
sa lahat ng bagay na ayaw mo?

Anong laban ko sa babae na kasabay mo sa lahat ng trip mo sa buhay?

Anong laban ko sa babaeng ngiti pa lang mamahalin mo na?

Anong laban ko sa bestfriend mo?
Dec 2015 · 924
Pardon me
Vanessa Escopin Dec 2015
Pardon me for I let myself controlled by you
Pardon me for I let you came into my life
Pardon me for all the times I wait for your reply
Pardon me for asking where you are
Pardon me for being mean when I don't have the right
Pardon me for acting like you care but you're not
Pardon me for I let myself love you,
Now pardon me for I can't do those things again.
Dec 2015 · 668
Vanessa Escopin Dec 2015
I always push people away
And wanted them back after
I always played cupid to the one I love
Cause I'm afraid he wont accept me
I always feel rejected
Or it was just me?
I'm afraid I'll ended up alone
Cause no one will accept the real me
Nov 2015 · 12.6k
Don't fall in love with me
Vanessa Escopin Nov 2015
Don’t fall in love with me.
There are days when I get sad without a reason and I just stare at the ceiling with tears streaming down my face.

Don’t fall in love with me.
On those days, I don’t talk to anyone. I just bury myself in my bed and think about how I became this mess of sadness.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will become attached to you and I will cry myself to sleep if you don’t text me good night before you go to sleep and I will convince myself that it’s because you got tired of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m too much. I will depend on you. I need attention, much more than other people. I’ll talk to you in metaphors and make you one. I’ll write poems about you and opening up my skin at 2 A.M.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I couldn’t stand you coming home to find me on the bathroom floor shaking and crying, with blood spilling from my wrists. I couldn’t stand seeing the disappointment in your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will pour everything I’ve left of me into you, every bit of love, until I have nothing to give. Until I become completely empty.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I’m scared that my sadness is contagious.

Don’t fall in love with me.
I will replay your sweet words in my head when I hate myself so much that I want to die. Your words will be the only thing that make me stay.

Don’t fall in love with me.
You will live in fear. You won’t be able to leave me, because you’d know if you did, I wouldn’t have anything to live for.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Before I met you, there wasn’t a single person who could’ve made me stay. You’re my reason now.

Don’t fall in love with me.
Because I will fall in love with you.
By: Unknown writer
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
My passing moment
Vanessa Escopin Nov 2015
You're not my ex boyfriend. You're just my passing moment. An almost someone to be.
But that moment didn't happen.
But it feels like know you so much.
Like I know your hurtful past.
I know what rules your mom applied on you and your siblings.
I know whats your favorite leisure time. I know what you like.

We were an 'almost', 'maybe', 'someday'.
Inspired by my cousin
Oct 2015 · 478
Three Words
Vanessa Escopin Oct 2015
How am I supposed to believe that you love me?
If you never ever catch my attention
If you never talk to me most of the time
If you never showed it?

How am I supposed to believe the three words you said?
I guess you're just good in saying "I love you"
Oct 2015 · 77.0k
Vanessa Escopin Oct 2015
Mahal mo ko, Hindi kita mahal
Sinaktan kita, Hinayaan mo ko

Sabi mo wala akong pake sayo, Meron
Hindi kita pinaasa, Minahal kita

Ngunit bilang kaibigan lamang.
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