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Bhill Nov 2020
it seems Prez Grinch, has a job to commit
it's that time of year, we have to admit
turkey pardoning is indeed a big thing
Prez Grinch just loves it as he thinks he's a king
the turkey is chosen and brought to the garden
it struts and it clucks and Prez says ”Your Pardoned”...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 322
Dave Robertson Jul 2020
Like, you float
and welcome the buoyancy
a mooring now and then
would be loved
when your president
     old friend of yours
pardons you even before
you are legally sentenced
for assorted crimes

what do you call that?
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
Your soul looks
More beautiful
My eyes

Here I know
More than that
Inside the heart
Genre: Peace
Theme: Stay Blessed
RVani Kalyani Jun 2019
Pardon my actions if they are wrong,
Atleast inform me if it gets too long,
To see up the sky and follow the dawn,
Remember this thing- I'm not a pawn.
Chante Hinsey Mar 2019
Oh black negus. Why do you hate me so much?
Noticed I called you by your rightful title.
King, Ruler, Emperor
Not ***** or ******
The derogatory term originating from the crackers, or *****, the mild disparagement softened by society made to think that it's acceptable.
But anyway let's get back to it.
Why do you hate me?
Is it because of my full lips or my round hips?
My low tolerance for *******?
The way that my stretch marks are engraved in my skin?
Or how the roots of my hair aren't so thin.
Is it my naturally sun kissed skin? Even toned complexion?
It just can't be my uncanny resemblance to Isis the Egyptian Goddess!
So why not praise me for my natural features
Why go on one knee for their paid for enhancements
Should I react like Angela Basset in Waiting to Exhale?
Screaming and shouting while my face is growing pale.
But pardon my melanin
I was perplexed by this darkness that stared at me in the mirror
That stared at me looking in my lovers eyes and taunted me
Smiles behind hidden hate they constantly berate my beauty
But pardon my melanin
My superiority is in my melanin
Encased in my skeleton
Our ancestors wouldn't like this
They would not be proud of that colorism that exist
They slander us for our features yet they list after it
This systematic thinking has our men slandering us but they won't admit
You continue to beat me down yet I am your mother.
I am the fruit of this nation.
But pardon my melanin
So I'll ask again
Why do you hate me?
We are carved in the same beauty and without each other we can't exist
I still remember the first day that we kissed but a few months later you left me for hailey in an unfortunate bliss
Melanin filled girls I am here to say
You are a queen never be afraid to be seen
The brother that disrespect and degrade are absolutely absurd!
You are not ratchet bitter or mean
Youre a stunning melanin queen
So pardon my melanin?
Naw enlightened by me melanin.
sunshine Feb 2019
have me slipping
                falling madly in love
and you made this happen
just had to smile
                    look at me
                    tell me you see me  
but i cant get a grip on reality
i cant figure out what im even feeling
im freaking out
      losing touch
and it was all because of you
                         because all you had to do was look
                         because you wanted me
i knew it was all downhill from here and there
so dont trip
              catch any more feelings
love never came easy for us
                                      for any of us
say goodbye but come back after midnight
maybe ill change my mind
just for you
just for me
just for love
sorry i think i feel in love
and im having
trouble breathing

K Balachandran Jan 2019
Crimson forces of dawn,
Pardon cowering failed night;
Change of reign again!
an American
tree with
mandarin flute
that made
cute in
her high
shoes where
courtier still
glazed midland
snow with
mistletoe on
this street
as lit
for shop
till the
new year
was shone.
market street in usa
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