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Aug 19 · 54
Love Me Now
You are beautiful
Not because I see you
But because my soul feels every part of you

I am a product of your strongest and weakest emotion

I go as your heart beat goes, I flow like a stream of blood through your veins,
you have captivated my heart and brain for you my soul will go insane,
love me now and tomorrow
through love, pain and all of life’s sorrow

Be my light and shinning amour, let this light always shine even in our darkest hour
Aug 16 · 130
From Womb to Tomb
The scariest part about all of this
Is that there is an empty tomb waiting for all of us

In a womb we came
in a tomb we Leave

Time ticks, aging hits
Pain sleeps with our broken hearts

From a womb to a tomb we go
Not knowing what life holds
As we get old

Only to find out that death is the only obsolute
Aug 3 · 446
Let Go
If you knew your worth
You wouldn’t keep begging him to stay
You would find a way
To be happy
Find beauty in being alone
Remember you lived before you knew him
You will live after you forget him
Stop feeding his ego and remember your emotions need attention too
Jul 16 · 467
I am not worried about the past
Because I don’t live there anymore
I invested in the future
That’s where my heart wants to go
Jun 20 · 89
Insecure Within
I have seen scars honey and yours are too deep

I fear I might not have the remedy to help stop the bleeding

Your emotions scream for love but your heart has seen it’s fair share of pain

open scars showing your battle wounds, a history of pain lives in your veins

Insecure within

A victim of repeated mental abuse
Heart misused, body destroyed

I have seen scars honey and your scars are too deep to love, I myself am a product of a few broken promises

I can’t promise you forever

But I can love you now
because tomorrow is not in the picture
Jun 20 · 529
All of Me
If you look for my flaws you will find many
If you are looking to judge me
you will find me guilty

If you look at my scars you will find plenty
If you look at my fear you will find out that I face them daily

If you are looking to love me
just know that you will always have all of me
Jun 13 · 575
Alphabet of Abortion
Absolute abomination is abortion
Betraying baby bodies ending up brutally Buried
Concluding a life currently forming
Death all up in your stomach
Energy draining decision, a life ending before a beginning
Fetus fates determined by lawmakers lacking empathy
God crying at the death of his creation
How will you feel when you face the face of those you aborted
Ignorance made you feel important
Judges slam hammers making decisions to determine the value of a fetus
Killing innocent humans not thinking about their futures
Life feels pain as those we let go still live within  
Mistakes made should never end up in blood
No one will know you tell yourselves, but God knows all
Opportunities oppressed, always end up leaving you depressed  
Pain within makes you go insane, nightmares of old scars
Quite homes, cold hearts, broken souls of bodies that were torn apart
Raw emotions of killers live in their insecurity, just listen closely  
Silence entertains the minds which live in regret from taking lives
Tomorrows full of sorrows
Unmatched emotions with lovers that went astray
Value life and life will value you
Weapons forged in your feeble mind tell you to fight for your rights
X-rays of broken hearts hidden behind broken bones
You played God, you killed to avoid pain, now your soul dies hard  
Zest for life diminished as sorrow takes charge
Jun 13 · 67
A Boy vs. A Man
A boy tells you he wants you
A man shows you he needs you
A boy flaunts a lifestyle in front of you
A man shares a heart with you
A boy takes small steps
A man dives deep into love
A boy hides his insecurity
A man exposes his flaws
with the intention to rebuild himself with you
A boy takes the best of you
A man makes a better you

In the end, ask yourself what do you want for you
Jun 6 · 201
Strong Enough
They are no locks
strong enough
to imprison the truth

No hate strong enough to **** love
No pain strong enough to destroy kindness

In this mess I will confess I fell to my weakness
Letting lies steal my truth
hate ****** my love for life
In the mirror I look and ask am I enough
May 30 · 265
If you judge me based on race
You are blind to my inner grace
Overwhelming beauty
which gives me inner peace
I overdosed on selflove and confidence  
So your ignorance
holds no place in my presence
I suggest you have a dance with my intelligence
Which can outlast your ignorance
Giving it no room to impact my race
May 30 · 189
If you want to see beauty look into the mirror
If you want to see flaws look into the mirror
Self-love and self-hate exist in the mind of the beholder
Which ever one you choose to make stronger
Will stay just a little longer
May 28 · 145
We love to sleep
But hate to sleep forever
Death is an everlasting reality
In which we pray doesn’t take over
we fear overdosing on sleep
Because we know not where we wake
May 28 · 1.4k
Justice Is
Justice is just is
never changing always broken
the powerful get rewarded the weak get mistreated
morality gets wounded and then healed by fake promises
we gave justice eyes
because it seems to only serve those with lighter pigmentation
hidden in webs of lies, truth is not to be mentioned
justice is just is because no one wants to rightfully serve it
Apr 12 · 316
Live in a World
We live in a world which requires tragedy for us to appreciate unity
Changes socially forcing conformity
Murderers gain popularity for acts of brutality
its sad to see the world lack empathy
while great people face scrutiny for caring about humanity  
we live in a world that reads less books and more eulogies
Apr 1 · 130
A Thousand Tears
You look like five heartbreaks
one forced smile
A thousand sleepless nights
A few broken promises
A hundred pounds of tears streaming down unhealed scars

You look like a victim of insecurity
Running away from your own identity
Cheating on happiness with with lack of confidence
Your last lover force fed you pain and you accepted it
thinking it was the best it could get
Dated too many bad lovers, you now break cupids arrows
Been fooled too many times you can't tell what is fake or real
Mar 25 · 254
Insanity & Poetry
I write poetry
To make sure I still have feelings
Living in a numb world
where all of our emotions are hidden
While being force fed other people’s insecurity
No matter why normal feels like insanity
And real seems fake
I pray that my words save me
Mar 7 · 805
Talking Time
If time could talk
it would tell you to move on
Mar 7 · 91
If Only
I know deep down she still has a heart that beats
But lately love feels so strange
cold and numb are her feelings  
beyond all the scars is a beautiful smile

her last lover buried her heart
he left her with a wrist full of signatures and a body full of insecurities
she is a product of failed relationships and broken promises  

If only she can let me love her the way I know how to
if only she can let me heal her insecurities
if and only if she can let me in
then for this love
I am willing to give up all of me to gain all of her
Mar 5 · 111
Emotions burning
heart pounding
as your fingertips leave mine
I hear your voice calling my name
in shock I am
last words that left your lips were "I am sorry, we cant be together"
I muster up the courage to tell you that "it's ok"
but deep inside I felt poison enter my veins
suffocating my soul were your words
as I was introduced to a new kind of pain
choking up on all the emotions I stood on weak knees
Feeling the sea breeze, as I felt my heart being squeezed  
Flashes of our sweet memories attacked my mind
I fought back the tears as the pain began to unwind
this is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning
Mar 5 · 170
Hungry Egos
Written poetry on ***** walls
Cleaned by tears of critics views
who choose to destroy your existence
by breaking down your words
stealing your flow while sleeping with your metaphors
destroying your credibility
while attempting to darken your ability
hungry ego's seeking compliments
starve when you pay them no attention
causing tension due to starvation
power is never in the eyes of the writer
it lives in the imagination of the readers
perception filled minds clouded by emotions
thirsting for your reaction, while choking on your analogies
hungry egos must be fed or else.....
Give this meaning.
Feb 25 · 608
Sleeping With Wolves
Cold nights
Souls drifting
Hearts beating  
Dream chasing
Echoes of wolves speaking
My ears listen while my hearts skipping
Fear befriends my lonely soul
It holds me hostage
As I sleep with these wolves
I remember the touch of sheeps
In pain I dive deep
Giving sorrow my soul to keep
Seeing that love is as sharp as these wolves teeth
Feb 13 · 1.4k
A Drug Called Fear
Fear is a drug
That cowards take too much of
Burning with emotions
ignoring blessings
just to end up stressing
devoted to pain
so they worship it
fighting for nothing and falling for everything
darkness looms their minds
deporting courage
allowing insecurity to be their only form of security
Feb 10 · 95
Blame Game
Love is a blame game
That nobody wins
Just moments captured in space
That take place in times place
Whether we leave or stay
We become addicts of our own emotions
Controlled by the past or present
Jan 29 · 196
Just ask (ed) what happened to being loved
Jan 29 · 114
Memories -1
she asked me if loving her was worth it
I said yes
Every single part of it

I dreamed of nights where days never existed
lost in her eyes
as she gazed deep into my soul
when she spoke about love my heart listened
and my body followed
through pain and pleasure
I promised to always love her
she was the beginning and the end of it all
Jan 22 · 227
Simple Things
A sunrise
A sunset
Naked stars
Gazing eyes
As she felt his soul looking into hers
A Beating heart
As she held her young child
A breath of fresh air
Goosebumps on her skin
As she remembers his touch
Moments she took in
As she hid from her pain
These are memories she stored
A place she runs to
When hell becomes a reality
This is her sanctuary  
Her heaven on earth
Simple things to her are priceless
None like wealth
These things are timeless
Jan 15 · 218
Life Note
I will live to see another day
even when life gets tough and suicide befriends me
I will ignore that voice that whispers in my ears
Robbing me of tranquility
Today is my first day of many days
Here is to life, love and laughter
I’m here to stay longer
Hold on a little stronger
I’m here to taste life’s beauty
As I overdose on happiness
Jan 7 · 987
Water flows in the heart that knows
Pride inflated chest, humility hasn’t shot him yet
Walking around with a lighter nose
Heaven knows where egos go
When pride is demoralized to its lowest low
Live life like a fool, always wanting to know more
A hungry scholar will educate his mind
To study ancient history
Because even he knows he knows nothing at all
Knowledge is power and ignorance takes it away
Jan 3 · 281
Art is beautiful
Art is ****
Art is whatever you want it to be
Dare to invite strangers
To your imagination
Let them stay for a while
Allow their minds to go wild
Art is love
Art is hate
Art is feelings Only the strangers feel
Perception of the truth
Lives in the artists head
To know it, you must be willing to love the unseen
Jan 3 · 148
I Hope
Your Faith
Brings you Serenity
And when
Things get
That you will always have me
This is the year of prosperity
Dec 2018 · 276
My Fix
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
An addict
And she is my fix
Without her I cease to exist
Dec 2018 · 211
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
I love you
Dec 2018 · 167
Love Costs
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
Love costs a fee
When it comes to love nothing is free
We are all incarcerated by emotions we can’t control
Tears that always want to pour
Hearts that skip beats like a child hopping over puddles
Stuck in a love riddle
we can never solve
Eventually we become free
But the price of freedom with love
Leads to lonely hearts
Dec 2018 · 143
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
She wore a mask to hide her personality
It took her lovers heart to unlock her true beauty
Behind the mask, she was who she thought she wanted to be
Running away from her reality
Just so she could feel free
Behind the mask she cropped and edited herself
Only to end up losing her true self
Her value laid in the mouths of insecure men
Calling her names with no substance
Social pages full of likes and compliments
They desired the image she painted of herself  
Never acknowledging that she had a personality  
But He loved her so much
that he took away her mask
Now she smiles a smile so beautiful it can make pain leave the broken heart
She is her and she is you when you found you
Dec 2018 · 904
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
Insecurity made him paint her beautiful face with bruises
Chocking her with so much passion
Anger his motive, their love became an illusion
Blood boiling, heart pumping, veins popping
Tears flowing, mascara running
while their child's crying
She became a victim of abuse
Getting used, destroyed, betrayed
By the one she loved, adored, and praised

She cried out loud
Love is not supposed to hurt this bad
As she traced the bruises he left on her body
A signature to let her know that he owns every inch of her body

He is the reason she will forever be lonely
Dec 2018 · 1.7k
Tears of Fear
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
Today we cried
Tears of fear
While looking at our scars
Memories of a past so bitter to peace
Now we look at each other
Torn apart, broken hearts
Missing parts creating **** art
How do we grow?
when pain is the only thing raising us
Insecure so we can’t trust, trust
Numb so we can’t feel what’s real
Lying to ourselves that we got it all figured out
Deep inside we suffocate our painful shout
When our tears run dry, we feast on other people's vulnerability,
ignoring our reality as we hide behind our fantasy
Only to wake up in our nightmare
Our fears now define our reality
Dec 2018 · 312
It’s You
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
I searched
And couldn’t find
I tried and couldn’t forget
I fought and still lost
When it came down to it
I tried to find the definition of love
And I ended up thinking of you
It’s you, you define everything I am and Everything I am not
Love is you and you are love
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
Deeper cuts show signs of a broken heart
Suicide the signature for hearts torn apart
those who can’t speak
are slaves to their insecurity
Silent and muted by depression and anxiety
In love with the thought of being free
Searching for ways to put an end to life
Running away from their problems
While diving into a pool full of their own blood

Silence takes lives
So speak!!
Nov 2018 · 135
Afraid of the Future
Ilunga Mutombo Nov 2018
We are always running away from something
Either our past or our future
Present life or rapture
Burning fire or soft heavenly clouds
Heavy guns with loaded rounds or angels singing angelic songs
Fearing death but afraid of living
Asking for time but waste it doing nothing
Nov 2018 · 312
Under Cover Lover
Ilunga Mutombo Nov 2018
Oh I get it now
He was your go to
While I was your addiction
You were stuck between two lovers
Pleasing both of us undercovers
A secret agent playing under cover

You comforted our egos
While sharing your heart
No wonder why your heart was torn apart
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
A Soldiers Cry
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2018
I need peace more than I need my next breath
For if I leave this world better than I found it
Then I have done my duty
Giving up my life for freedom and liberty
Freeing those in captivity
This is the cry of a soldier
Whose heart is bolder
Sacrificing everything
Feasting on pain while starving for world peace
Oct 2018 · 705
Love Her
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2018
If you love her fight for her

If not, then please leave her

For she deserves a better lover

One that can truly adore her
Oct 2018 · 121
Ego (Let Go)
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2018
If you going to hate anything

Hate your ego

Because it has forced you to let go

Of the greatest gift you have ever had

Oct 2018 · 137
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2018
I miss writing

As much as I miss your love

Because you gave my heart

Something to write about

Without you around

I am without
Sep 2018 · 145
Wrote This
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2018
I wrote this when I was angry - I hate you
I wrote this when I was sad - I miss you
I wrote this when I was happy - I love you

Of all the feelings I had the only constant was - you

You make me feel things
I never knew I could feel
So trust me when I say I am truly feeling you  

You got the keys to my emotions
Sep 2018 · 473
Let me be
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2018
Lost in a forest full of tourist
Searching for peace
where I can replace hell with heaven
Grown catapillars dance in my belly
As I flirt with anxiety
Fear and death come to comfort me
I guess misery loves company
That’s why pain won’t ever let me be
It needs me in order for it to exist
Sep 2018 · 124
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2018
When asked to write about happiness
I wrote about you
Aug 2018 · 393
Losing Love
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2018
I love you so much
I love you
Love you
Aug 2018 · 148
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2018
Midnight and poetry
Go together like
Peanut butter and jelly
Aug 2018 · 134
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2018
Someday you will come back to me
And when you do
You will find me lost in another lovers arms
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