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3d · 138
Christ Like
Christ died we lived
He cried we smiled
He loved we felt
We sinned he forgave
We ignore he enlightens
We fear he protects  
We break he rebuilds
We get lost he finds
We forget he reminds
To be Christ like we must
Live, smile, feel, forgive
Enlighten, protect, rebuild
Find hope, remind each other to be love
Devil knocking on a broken Soul
Leave God he whispered follow me
I can give you all
What you seek I have it all
What Eve didn’t know is that if she let him in
She would lose it all

He whispered sweet sounds
Knowing she was destined to fall
Comprising for her soul
He knew she lacked the eyes to see it all
She was at peace with Adam
until she went and tried to figure it all
On her own
He left her alone to go deal with his pain
Came back to find that
she committed the greatest sin of all time

She let the devil convince her
to compromise against Gods original plan
The devil whispered for he knew he couldn’t attack what was within
So he attacked her mental, by seducing, and manipulating her peace, seeking to destroy her existence, she followed as she compromised
It wasn’t until later she realized she sacrificed her peace for momentary pleasure,
Now she wishes she didn’t listen to the devil whisper, his mission was to destroy and conquer
7d · 105
Paralyzed with insecurity
she develops a deep sense of mystery
Hidden in a dark world she finds a purpose
To **** reality while trying to overdose on fantasy

She is a hidden pleasure
to a world that has tasted her bitter soul
Numb she is to anything that pushes her to grow
Apr 27 · 115
Now You See Me
I am black like the lack of light
but shine bright like the lack of darkness
I am your worst fear
wealth to a darker shade
I illuminate your misconception
Full of transparency I don't believe in deception
I was told never to seek validation
because I was born superior
no matter why others express fear
and shade oceans full of tears
Now you see me

Why Do I have to be aggressive for you to hear me!!!
I rule like King Tut
young wild and untaught
I learned that man only lives two days
one day he is born
the next he dies
so why should I lie inside my own lies
tell lies to my own eyes
who am I deceiving?
Now you see me

It took George Floyd's Life for you to hear me
still wake up to sounds of you telling me you hate me
Its never been about one's occupation
Its always been about that dream Dr. King dreamt
I hope my children, children experience it
Because I missed it, never felt it, just hatred, and unjust court cases
if not now then when will you see me  
would you rather I disappear, or return to my motherland
Or would you rather I sacrifice my neck to gain justice
Now you see me
Apr 15 · 650
I am afraid that you are falling in love with the expectations you have of me

While you ignore the toxic version of me
The loud, broken, desperate version of me

You don’t really see me, you see job offers
a few kids, a wedding ring, new homes, new cars  
While you ignore my deep scars

I am afraid you are falling in love with who you want me to be

While ignoring the real me, the trauma suffering, addict struggling, broken soul, who is afraid to love

You are ignoring the angry man who needs therapy but decides it’s better to feed his anger and throw his emotions at the end of liquor bottles

The man who your mother warned you would break your heart.
I am a victim of my pain, but you ignore that because you see something within. You want me to be that perfect man of your dreams, that you forget to face your nightmares

You hide my scars, feed me compliments while preaching to me about your biological timeline, lying and telling me everything will turn out fine if I find a job that makes a lot of money, bought a new car, a new home with a picket fence, change my accent, dress and act a certain way   

Please don’t try to save me
Save your imagination for thinking it can transform me to meet your expectations
Sometimes those we love to forget to love the real version of us. They think about all the great things and forget to address the warning signs early due to their need to make you their "one and only". Expectations destroy relationships and **** any hope for change. We need to do better at truly loving each other.
Apr 10 · 173
Early morning birds chirping
Singing melody’s of peace
Looking out into the forest
I see beauty in your face
Africa has a smell that no one can erase
A smell that echos love into your soul  
Life so simple, life so inspiring and incredible
Don’t believe what the discovery channel told you about a land that existed before any other
Africa the mother of the earth
Birthing billions of souls
who left it but still live in it
It’s blood runs deep in our souls
Skin shades might change
but our roots are deep Within
When Africa cries we feel it’s pain  
When Africa smiles we rejoice with pure joy
Colonizers tried to change it but it changed them
They stole its music, passion, material good, it’s minerals, traditions, and norms
Taking even its greatest queens and kings
Tribal men and women
They tried to **** its joy but it still smiled through the pain
Enslaving it’s people still couldn’t **** it existence
Birthed in resistance and molded by resilience, inspired by diligence, fueled by consistence
We are strong, powerful, and courageous  
Africa the birthplace of the human race
With our palms pressed let’s say Grace
As we pray for peace
Apr 9 · 343
Hello (EX)
Her: Hey how are you
Me: I am still a fool
Her: Why
Me: Because I am still willing to fall for you
Her: I just called to check up on you
Her: Heard you been facing a tough time
Me: Yes I have been facing a tough time
Me: I have been feeling empty inside
Me: I been feeling like a hole has been ripped in my heart
Me: Even though my heart beats,
Me: It still beats to the soundtrack of your voice
Her: I am confused
Her: I gave you my heart and you decided to break it
Her: Now you crying and facing regret
Her: I gave you my all, and you gave me just enough of you
Her: Enough to keep me interested
Her: While loving me from a distance
Her: As you fought the resistance, you never gave us a chance
Her: You ignored love when it came knocking
Me: I know, I was wrong for thinking you would stay forever
Me: I took you for granted, I took what we had and destroyed it
Me: You calling me shows me that we still stand a chance
Her: Some chapters are better left closed
Her: I am just keeping my promise
Her: I told you I would be there for you
Her: Even if it meant loving you from a distance
Her: I see the good in you
Her: But I can't be with you if you don't see it too
Me: I see what you mean, I still have a lot to learn
Me: I tried to find you in the last person who claimed to love me
Me: But failed to realize that a love that you gave could never be duplicated, a love full of compassion, desire, a love so deep the soul can feel it. Now I get it, I was numb at the moment because I was afraid to feel loved, afraid to lose myself in you, afraid to face my darkest fears
Me: I was afraid to let you hold my insecurities, thinking it would destroy me.  So I never gave you all of me. Because I thought it was impossible to love me
Her: Impossible is a word cowards use to ignore life's greatest opportunities. I believed in you and saw all that you could be
Her: I saw past your insecurities, I just hoped you saw me for me and stopped running away from me
Her: Your fear introduced countless hours of tears to me
Her: You left me outside your heart as I knocked for you to let me in
Her: Now that I healed from the pain and hurt you caused me, you want me to open up those old scars, those old memories
Me: I am sorry, that I hurt you so badly. I hurt myself too along the way for being ignorant of your love
Me: Your words were the closure I was looking for
Me: The piece to my peace I was missing
Me: I now undersatnd what it means to have had and lost
Her: I am sorry too... I wish you luck as you search for the real you
Her: When you find him please tell him next time to love instead of run, tell him its ok to feel too. Tell him true love comes to those who seek it with all of their heart and soul. Tell him its ok to fall
Me: Thank you for everything
Me: I now understand
Her: You are welcome, I will be here until the end
Apr 9 · 353
Walk with Me
walk with me through the valley
show me that it's possible to love me
i might not know the best part of me
but with you, i see more than i ever dreamed of seeing
walk with me through the good and the bad
through the worst and the best
i pray to one day see you walk down the aisle
coming to publicly give your heart to me
walk with me through it all
and i will make sure to fall a million times for your soul
walk with me because i know you are all of me
this love we have is fueled by serendipity
protected by God almighty
promise to never leave me
and i will promise to always love you
Mar 30 · 183
Numb Emotions
I wanted to write you this piece
But thought that these words
would rob you of your peace

This paper would ran out of space
As it flows with emotional ink

Numb emotions hug me like a mother hugs her young child
These thoughts run wild
Like the tracks on a black queens head
Outside I smile but inside I’m dead
Feeding on false hope
That one day you will return back to me like an addict relapsing back to their deadly drug
Hoping you inhale my presence
And remember the love as you forget the mistakes

We walked on clouds just to fall asleep in loveless coffins
Feb 20 · 117
To My Future Wife
When you trust me with your future
I am a man at last
You inspire me to work harder
Hold on just a little longer
Let’s invest in our hearts
And hope they forever last
You are the thoughts I think
The eyes I see
The beat to my heart
Without you I would fall apart
If roses make you smile
I promise to build you two gardens
One in the backyard and one in my heart
With your fingers your build
With your heart you heal
You are the medicine to my sickness
I wrote these vows five years
before I kissed your tears
And touched your fears

To my future wife
I am the reason why your ex’s became ex’s
I guess my prayers told God to hit next
And now I’m in your presence
Hoping to be your forever
Feb 20 · 90
She Thought
She thought love was a battlefield
So she dressed herself in insecurity, bad memories, pain, and tragedy
She feared vulnerability
Because she believed she would lose her identity
On this battle, she thought changing her perception
Would gain her my acceptance
Not knowing that it was her flaws I fell in love with
I knew if I could love her flaws I could love her all
Like Christ did when he died for all
Nov 2020 · 133
Ilunga Mutombo Nov 2020
Whatever our souls are made of
I hope they are made of
And unbreakable unity
Nov 2020 · 124
Ilunga Mutombo Nov 2020
Don’t tell me the truth
Just show me the truth
Because any fool can hear
But only the wise see what the fool can’t hear
and see what the fool does not speak  
Truth lays in action and lies lay in hearing

- Tuffy M
Oct 2020 · 400
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2020
Happiness seems to be a drug we all trying to have
If we overdose on that
I guarantee you we gon find world peace
But instead we embrace what keeps us depressed
Hatred passing through our veins
Going straight for our hearts
No matter why we find comfort in being apart
Sep 2020 · 186
An Addict (Heart)
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2020
Nights like these
Make his mind freeze
Thinking about her warmth
Thoughts running deep
As they introduce depression
He tries to press on with no passion
She loved him as he drunk her poison
Draining his passion while changing his definition of a thing called love

He tried to find it in others
But forgot that he left his ex lover under cover
Broken hearts take years to recover
Hoping to still be her lover
praying that it’s not over,
wishing she would of stayed longer

An addict to pain she let him control her emotions
Tried to leave
but found herself coming back
to an empty home
An empty throne
An empty chest.....

So She took his heart,
and left a suicide note
Which wrote
Your love was cut throat
So I took what kept you alive
Now let’s see how you will survive
It was better when I was by your side
But you decide hurting me was best way of keeping me alive,
I loved you but died inside

My silence will be what heals you with time
Don’t miss me when I am not around
Need me while I am still alive
I loved you physically and mentally
but you broke me emotionally
Took trust from me
now I seek it underneath empty liquor bottles, sleep well as you dream of naked models
who won’t comfort your sorrows

If love comes my way again
I will remember you
And hope I never love another killer like you
Here I stand free and alone,
so watch me as I rebuild my throne
Full of love and compassion
Sep 2020 · 214
The Resistance
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2020
Only time could tell how she changed
Bipolar was her attitude, becoming anti-gratitude
Loving me one second
the next second acting like I never existed
Modern love is bipolar
Attention seeking, led by moments of avoiding
Late responses, and silent tears
Afraid of sharing fears
But always the first to volunteer
Love from an empty chest with palms-full of tears
because we don’t believe in longevity,
no sustainability in a world that preaches unity, filled with hearts that survive on being lonely
She 32 and marriage is not in her future
She married her independence
Which visits her late nights
As she cries herself to sleep
While looking at beautiful city sites from her penthouse loft
Trauma molested her mind
now she is afraid to commit
Judging others
but afraid of looking deep in the mirror
No amount of mascara can cover up the scars
Dying alone starts to feel like a norm
She states that some pain is better felt alone
With no king to give her, her crown
She still seeks validation for her emotions
Never satisfied so she keeps seeking attention
Attracting wishful thinkers, and addicts
Confirming the love they have for her
by giving her social page a few likes, lustful comments in her comment section,
As they please her eyes but **** the soul
Lonely is her heart, lately she been feeling jaded
When it come to matters of the heart

Ignoring Christ well he waited
She went and did what Eve did
Torn apart, she became a victim to insecurity
While searching for security

Lesson learned When Christ Knocks I hope she reads this and learns listens
Sep 2020 · 155
Marvins Room
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2020
Stuck in Marvins Room
Wondering who is loving you the way I used to
Wished I knew the pain of losing you
While I still had you
Regret hits deeper than Cupid’s arrows
Now I sit back and drink my own sorrow
Darkness looms on my head “No halo“
Wake up in the morning with no hello’s
Missing your voice like an over thrown pass
I wish I could of been the last to last
Took you for granted thinking your love was always gon be granted
Missing pieces of me
cause I left them inside of you
This broken heart
can’t even be fixed with a million pounds of glue
I tried therapy, but no words
can take back what I did to you
Locked in Marvins room and only time can unlock me
Aug 2020 · 107
If You Are Going To
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2020
If you are going to love me
Love me unconditionally
Because anything less to me is not worth having
Aug 2020 · 93
Lost & Found
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2020
I lost
And that’s why I gained

I loved
And that’s why I am loved

I tried
And that’s why I win

I am nothing
Without my failures
They are my beautiful s(car)s
That drove me right to you
Jul 2020 · 117
Miss You
Ilunga Mutombo Jul 2020


Jun 2020 · 78
8 minutes & 46 Seconds
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
Arms and feet shackled
Souls dismantled
Hearts broken due to families being separated
Eyes full of tears and fears
Sold as slaves and demoralized
Passion channeled into anger
Due to the deaths of so many people
Your quest for Superiority
makes love feel like a stranger
Skin darkens from kissing the sun
After spending Hours and hours of labor
leading to broken minds, scars are the only things your children ever inherited,  
After building a country
that stripped you of your existence
It took 400 years, 8 minutes 46 seconds
For a beast to awaken, statues go missing
Flags start burning, streets filled with millions of feet protesting for freedom
Black, white, yellow and brown
all colors have spoken
We call for change and challenge our leaders to start the rehabilitation of a people that are broken
The cries of many have spoken
It would take ignorance to not act on their petition!!
Jun 2020 · 178
What Good is Peace?
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
What good is unity if you don’t see u in it?
What good is success if others can’t get it ? What good is peace if a whole race can’t enjoy it?
What good is love if others have never felt it?
What good is your voice if it stays silent
when the world needs to hear it?
I see the whole world lacks class like it’s facing truancy.
Blinded to its pain while sleeping with hypocrisy.
Birthing anger, while aborting empathy.
We really need transparency
People would rather be politically correct, than sit and listen to solutions.
So they hide behind laws, and ignore the pain.  
They won’t take time to get to the root of the trauma, years of unpaid labor, and endless torture. Victims of a broken law system cry louder, protest until their feet get blisters, but still won’t get a word from their leader. A first world country treating others as third world citizens.
Getting to the root of the problem would mean they would have to listen and face their demons.
So to ease their pain they hide behind their ignorance, and false traditions. It’s easy to judge what they don’t understand, point fingers and blame others, lack human decency, just to see what they want to see!!!
Jun 2020 · 99
Freezing Time
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
Today our hearts won first place
We first confronted our deepest fears
Cried our deepest tears
Emotionally undressed each other
As we spiritually healed each other
We are all we need, the world will have to wait
In this moment love has allowed us to meet
Two strangers freezing time
As we search for keys in each other’s souls
Jun 2020 · 156
Live in 2morrow
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
No matter what you do
You can never live in tomorrow

So why not live in today
Embrace the moment right now

For if tomorrow is given to you
You will lose its intention by trying to live for the day that is unknown
Jun 2020 · 95
I Could Be Next
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
I could be the Next victim
Neck pressed on
as I smell the rubber of a cops tires
Forced to kiss the ground I walked on
As he expresses his power
He overdosed on anger  
A power trip with no sense of human decency
As he presses on my neck I start yelling “I can’t breath” !!!!!!
Me saying I can’t breath seems to be the words that comfort his heart, stroke his ego as he won’t let go
Like countless others he made it his duty to send me to my maker, to rid the world of my existence
Choking every ounce of air in my body
As he claims to protect and serve
Protecting his future and serving his needs
I just happened to be in the way of his agenda
Diabolical mindsets fornicate with his views
He births opinions of being the superior race
Encouraged by the media
He seeks to honor the heritage of his ancestors
Old time slave owners, it’s in his blood
A passage of hate, passed down to him by ignorant minds, he educates himself and his children, teaching hate no compassion, seek to **** with no solution,

What hurts the most is witnessing good cops sit in silence, muted in solidarity, silenced by unity
Standing and watching
for 8 minutes & 46 seconds
Let that sink in!!!!
Clock ticks as they result to their old antics
No accountability for their immoral actions
Which encourages them to keep killing and suffocating those with darker pigmentation

I could be the next victim, being black makes me a target, makes me a mark, makes me a reason for the graveyard never to remain empty
We all die, (I get that)
But he seeks to invite death to come meet me early

I could be the next victim
So before I become the next victim
I will fight and pursue justice
I will protest until my unborn child tastes freedom
I will honor my ancestors by my action
Resilient mindset, and dedication to create a better generation of leaders, supply love in a world where my worth is determined by my skin tone,
in this fight I know I am not alone
Looking at this crowd
I know we are together strong!!!
As we fight for my ancestors  
Their cries echo deep in our souls
Rooted deep in our veins is their pain  

I will know my rights, raise my voice, scratch and claw for equality, Until it becomes my reality
For 400 years of innocent blood is enough
Our voices can not be muted if we speak as one
Vote as one, fight as one, seek change and hold those in power accountable on all levels as one

I could be the next victim
but before I am next
I will ask justice to do its job and protect my last breath and heart beat

Please don’t let me become the next victim
Jun 2020 · 89
Dear Poetry
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2020
Poetry has been my language ever since it made me feel alive in a dying world
It gave me a reason to speak
A reason to seek
A reason to feel
A reason to be real
A reason to embrace
A reason to face the resistance
It taught me that I can change the world
with my words, I can heal others with my words

Poetry taught me that no pain lasts forever
No wound hurts forever
No emotion feels for forever
So dear poetry I pray that you love me forever
In my darkest moment you were the light
In my weakest moment you were the strength
Dear poetry please never stop making me feel alive,  because all I want to do is survive
May 2020 · 1.4k
What is Justice
Ilunga Mutombo May 2020
What is Justice

What is justice
Does it have a color,
does it have a temperature
The blacker the shooter the louder the news
The tighter the noose
Equality seems to download slower
for those it doesn’t favor
Section 8 flats raise ghetto minded soldiers
Trained to live in prison cells
While leaving empty sits in classrooms
Mothers raising fathers
because their fathers left them,
now live in prisons,
physically, emotionally & mentally
That means when they have their kids they will probably leave them

What Is Justice
Generational curses bless the defenseless
Praising violence because slave masters
Programmed them to hate knowledge
Think less and work more labour after labour
While slave masters stole roots away from their family trees,
then told them to go figure out their identities,
Black Kings and Queens demoralized and carried in shackles, to rebel they now wear more ice than a cold fridge,
painted in movies as villains but have more knowledge than those that run universities, but stuck behind the walls of justice fighting all kinds of adversities,
like starting a race with no legs to run with,
stuck in one place, asking themselves what is justice

What is Justice
Is justice a word we chase in a world imprisoned by the thought of equality?
it doesn’t work if it doesn’t end in a tragedy, wearing hoodies, selling cigarettes, simply driving, could determine the end of you, living everyday under pressure like living through an interview, or facing the end of a loaded barrow,
Yelling please don’t shoot, while the one holding the gun comes to take your tomorrow, these black tears have cried till they have ran dry, social justice tried and still couldn’t change justice
now we challenge the notion of which life matters more, black or blue
This world got no clue
acting like history never took place, in a race of race, forgetting those who sacrificed for us to win the global race
how much more should the dark skinned give to get an ounce of freedom

What is justice
Is justice a word or a curse to the darker skinned, is justice determined based on one’s pigmentations, causing deeply rooted segregation, “all man are created equal” but we forgot about the sequel, in the end it tells us that we are not equal...

So... What is justice?
I can’t believe that this kind of injustice is still relevant in today’s world. We have to do better.
May 2020 · 74
When Love Echoes
Ilunga Mutombo May 2020
When love echoes in your ears
Please listen to it
For it might be the last time it will ever speak to you
Otherwise You will spend a lifetime
looking for it in many people
But never find something
that was meant to be simple
Apr 2020 · 195
Too Much
Ilunga Mutombo Apr 2020
Wanting so much, quickly turns to too much
Those who have much, don’t know what to do with so much
Greed and envy they invite
Long talks with eyes, that have seen too much
Hungry mouths on streets, empty bellies, cold feet, fake smiles, and sweaty palms
Street signs held by those who took too much
Left with nothing while standing for nothing
Victims of decisions
Living under a vision full of nightmares
Old scars that trace back to bad tracks
Squeezing pennies out of dollars
While others throw dollars at hurt lovers
Wanting too much but not willing to pay attention, Life is a long sentence
And meditation is study hall
We are stuck identifying classes
But lack chemistry
Quick to jump to conclusions
like mathematicians
While producing too much in biology
Knowing about the human anatomy but fail to know who we ought to be
Let’s tip the scale and see what would happen if the have nots had more
And the rich were broke would that increase global peace or is that too much to ask for
Apr 2020 · 288
Chasing a Score
Ilunga Mutombo Apr 2020
Chasing a score
looking for more
poor sucker
looking for love in a drug called time
tick tock goes the clock
egos drop, hearts melt
as she played the cards she was dealt
scars on her body from tight belts
looking for veins to hide her pain
needle in, needle out as she inhales in hell
deep breath lungs pop, low air she don't care  
feeling low to get high
getting high with an emotion called love
to only find out that it never existed in others or drugs  
feeling betrayed, her wrist she slayed
wanting a quick exit
only to end up committing accidents
failing at life and failing at death
feeling worthless, hurt, depressed and more stressed  
living with pain drove her insane
asylums kicking her out, nobody could figure her out
deep emotions she started spitting out
a victim of time and love, confused and abused
all this because she was chasing a score
Mar 2020 · 91
Product of my environment
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
My aching bones
Have walked a million steps
Touched a lot of space

They ache from the pain of life
But my mind and eyes thank them for never stopping
They walked through mountains and valleys
Through night and day facing life's darkest ally's
Just so I can write these stories
Earning life’s victories
while counting all of my tragedies
In peace I float as I sip on life’s sweet harmony

I am a product of my environment
Born and raised in the concrete jungles
Places where Kings go to find trouble
Changing my narrative has been my life’s goal
Mar 2020 · 82
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
I stopped wishing for Fridays
And started loving all days
Because anyday could be the day
Anyday alive should be a good day
Because without a day
We face the reality of a bad day
Mar 2020 · 165
A million seas
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
The eyes that see beyond the seas are always free to see
what they want to see

I would bleed a million seas if I lost all that life meant to me

With you I could be who I want to be
Young wild and free

Words written on emotions are called poetry
Emotions felt with words are called love
They always float on seas
that only lovers could see
Mar 2020 · 196
Motherless Brooklyn
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
He cried for her to stay
She left with his heart in her hands
Drowning it in her tears
He slept with his fears
heartless he was
A savage seeking his next victim
Insecure growing up with no father
And an addict for a mother
Motherless Brooklyn
your city lights never sleep
Your heart sold for attention to the next buyer
Left alone on an island called Coney
Summer nights become cold as the heart of winter
Creating a cold killer
Oh Motherless Brooklyn she hopes you heal
But in the meantime she hopes
you spend time in hell
As you in hell
For the pain you caused her
Weak men fall victim to their insecurities
While blaming it on their passionless passion
aggressive nature, leaving prints on past lovers
While tucking Their souls under covers
Motherless Brooklyn you have not seen your sin
A fool to love you are
As you fiddle with old scars
You are a victim of a perfect crime
Mar 2020 · 627
Social Distancing
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
We are all addicts of peace and when we don't have it, we panic flip.
Let's remember these days when salaries didn't separate us.
As we enter a state of emergency.
Can't you see, this is not where we supposed to be.  
Death does not discriminate, who knew a virus would be what brought people together.
Celebrities sharing salaries as the hungry and homeless getting fed.
Schools closing as we ordered to stay inside.
Fear of close company.
They call is social distancing, that's far from reality.
Stock market crashes as millions of bible verses posted on social media sites, airlines canceling flights.
No entertainment tonight.
Fear of getting infected as the government orders 8 billion people to wash their hands, but still, we live in a ***** word, full of government fear, jealousy, and greed.
Doctors and nurses sacrifice their lives to honor their professions. Oh my, what a deep revelation.  
Hard times don't last, tough people, do.
Its what you do when your back is against the wall, that shows the real you.
I pray you find peace in times of tribulations.
When its all said and done I hope we don't revert back to our old ways of segregation and true form of social distancing.
Mar 2020 · 59
Me &...
Ilunga Mutombo Mar 2020
Cold winter breeze
Please don’t make my heart freeze
Numb you leave me
Confused and dazed
Fazed for days
Twisted in your ambiguity
Do you love me or want to let me be
Please don’t rush me
But feel the need to need me
Because I have a heart beat
that beats to your melody

I am just a broken glass full of mistakes
If you drink from me I hope you get no cuts
here comes a heart full of pain
needing your therapy
Your words got the best of me
I am left feeling empty
But full of an emotion I know not how to explain
But feel it from within

Me &... you are addicts of the same emotions
Hoping to find a fix to chase this high
which hopefully ends in eternity
if God grants It I pray he blesses our holy matrimony, As he joins our souls in unity
Feb 2020 · 135
Power (Black History Month)
Ilunga Mutombo Feb 2020
Black is power
Power is black
400 years of pain and torture
Bodies Confined in ghettos
Government planted drugs
Drug stores on every ghetto corner
owned by white owners
Guns and violence labeled communities
Living in fixed income homes
Kings and Queens with no thrown
Facing poverty, while chasing a fantasy
Crime becomes vital as it is part of reality
Malcolm tried to save them, so they had to take him
Martin was also taken by an assassin
Society labels blacks as superior athletes
but fails to applaud our superior mindsets
Education in our bloodlines
Look at what the Egyptians accomplished
Voices of the numb taken to regret-filled coffins
Rosa Parks sat down so we could stand up for civil justice
What is justice?
Freedom or is it just a word for acceptance
These are words for young Kings and Queens
You are more than a statistic
your skin shade doesn't determine your worth  
your mindset controls the narrative
so don't let society control it
For the racist, I pray you learn to resist
The urge to hurt us, label us, or control us
Because our black minds will never be boxed
Feb 2020 · 81
Black Widow
Ilunga Mutombo Feb 2020
The black widow
Was hallow
Shallow Ego’s she swallowed
Her last lover was mellow
A good old fellow
Whose heart she trampled
now he forever sleeps underground a floor
with all his troubles
Feb 2020 · 89
Feel Weak
Ilunga Mutombo Feb 2020
Feb 2020 · 69
Lover O Lover
Ilunga Mutombo Feb 2020
If you have loved you have lost
If you have lost you have loved
Love is an emotional sacrifice made every day
The giving of oneself to gain another
Lover O lover
Please lose yourself to me
So you could be mine forever
For I want to be your joy and fantasy
Your smile and reason to be happy
Lover O Lover don't you see what you have done to me
Feb 2020 · 474
Rest Easy
Ilunga Mutombo Feb 2020
Silence overcomes your mind as you sit in tranquility
Breathing every breath as if it is your first and last
flashbacks of memories pasts
History's ghosts come to comfort your broken heart
Every voice in your mind racing to be heard
As your heartbeat fights to be felt
numb you become
feeling as if life is just an illusion    
to your problems you find no solution
but rest easy, this day will pass too
somewhere light is shinning waiting for your long-awaited arrival
stories you will tell of your survival
a pain you feel today will be a love you give tomorrow
so rest easy because at the end of the tunnel rest becomes easy
Dec 2019 · 93
Computer Love
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2019
Digital love got us disconnected
Less affectionate
More constructive
Chasing fantasy, while unplugging from reality
Clicking twice on screens is the closest we get to being liked
Facing peer pressure to look better
Instead of being better
Living under the weather
Hoping it rains dollars
While praying that our perception saves us from our insecurities
Splurging to get respected, applying debt to our broken bank accounts
It’s showing it online that counts
Investing in likes instead of stocks
Computer love
sacrificing human affection for attention
Dec 2019 · 81
Died twice
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2019
She told me the heartbreak
felt like she died twice
Without me she felt like she couldn’t be alive
Now her memories
will be forever hunting me
I tied to bury our past, but she kept coming back in the form of my insecurities
Dec 2019 · 91
Dear love...
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2019
You gave beauty a name
When you introduced yourself to me

It’s like I was suffocating for your attention
Seeking you in my imagination

And you saw that I needed your therapy
As my eyes met yours I knew I met beauty for the first time, that moment was sublime

I was drunk without drinking
crazy without trippin

In love with the feeling you casted on me
So dear love please don’t keep me waiting
Aug 2019 · 149
Love Me Now
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2019
You are beautiful
Not because I see you
But because my soul feels every part of you

I am a product of your strongest and weakest emotion

I go as your heart beat goes, I flow like a stream of blood through your veins,
you have captivated my heart and brain
for you my soul will go insane,
love me now and tomorrow
through love, pain and all of life’s sorrow

Be my light and shinning amour, let this light always shine even in our darkest hour
Aug 2019 · 225
From Womb to Tomb
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2019
The scariest part about all of this
Is that there is an empty tomb waiting for all of us

In a womb we came
in a tomb we Leave

Time ticks, aging hits
Pain sleeps with our broken hearts

From a womb to a tomb we go
Not knowing what life holds
As we get old

Only to find out that death is the only obsolute
Aug 2019 · 550
Let Go
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2019
If you knew your worth
You wouldn’t keep begging him to stay
You would find a way
To be happy
Find beauty in being alone
Remember you lived before you knew him
You will live after you forget him
Stop feeding his ego and remember your emotions need attention too
Jul 2019 · 817
Ilunga Mutombo Jul 2019
I am not worried about the past
Because I don’t live there anymore
I invested in the future
That’s where my heart wants to go
Jun 2019 · 156
Insecure Within
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2019
I have seen scars honey and yours are too deep

I fear I might not have the remedy to help stop the bleeding

Your emotions scream for love but your heart has seen it’s fair share of pain

open scars showing your battle wounds, a history of pain lives in your veins

Insecure within

A victim of repeated mental abuse
Heart misused, body destroyed

I have seen scars honey and your scars are too deep to love, I myself am a product of a few broken promises

I can’t promise you forever

But I can love you now
because tomorrow is not in the picture
Jun 2019 · 629
All of Me
Ilunga Mutombo Jun 2019
If you look for my flaws you will find many
If you are looking to judge me
you will find me guilty

If you look at my scars you will find plenty
If you look at my fear you will find out that I face them daily

If you are looking to love me
just know that you will always have all of me
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