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dog pillow Dec 2020
last time we talked, we

said nothing of importance -

happy birthday wish
dog pillow Aug 2020
unclench your hand when you sleep, my love.

you will feel better in the morning.
dog pillow Aug 2020
why is it always
her you find yourself wanting
when I’m not around
dog pillow Aug 2020
i keep looking for excuses to get upset.

and i wish i could stop finding them.
dog pillow Aug 2020
I feel off again.

I don’t feel myself, and
I don’t feel


Our selves are in cycles that rapidly change in the same way as my episodes.

Drunk with jealousy, I take another sip

And when I throw up, you catch it
dog pillow Apr 2020
My timing is always off
He knows this much is true.

I crept behind you and shoved you off
Ignored the feelings inside you.

Let’s go back a little while.
And remember our kindness too.

We always find the rope snaking back.
I’ve treated you so cruel.
dog pillow Nov 2019
The date’s creeping up.
Scraping the corners of my thoughts,
Like the knife you used for butter

You gave me so much.
In one squeeze of your hand,
In a few words that escaped your aching throat,
In my entire life, you gave to me


You did all you could.
We did all we could.
But I.

I should have done more.
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