How is a young man
Intent in mind
To introduce himself
And yet
For the first time?

I ask of you
But only me
To hear the question

How is a young man
Supposed to be?
So forward as to ask of you
To spend any amount of time on me?

Yup... How?

she's her
spoon hard
this journey
on parade
but she
witness the
wit now
that truth
in caper
hold this
longing with
a twist
that dapper
is her
yarn that
ties her
bow again

Prince Of A Girl
Poetic T Jan 13

What can I say she liked it hot,
she called it her pepper of lust...
         Every so often
             she swallowed the seeds.
I've never known anyone sweat
           so much without chewing.

What can I say she was a woman
of adventure, never turning away
from he heat of the moment..
    She drank milk
                      to cool herself down.
I've never known a woman to
swallow so much, drinking from
the source asking for more...

"You can only milk for so long..

Time had passed,
and she needed to take this
              Jalo-penis deep,
to feel the heat within herself.
She was never shy of her skills,
              taking the seeds deeply within.

Well she had tasted it, sweated when
it lingered for a time within....
               But after a time peppers wilt,
not of there own accord, but over use.
           She was a woman of fiery lust...
But never fear, there is always tomorrow,
             My seeds grow fast..
She'll get her sweaty fill,
                   she'll just have to wait,
letting these hot seeds grow once more.

Weird posted but vanished?? wrote today 13/01/180

I wasn't related to you,
Finally with sorrow, I admit
My heart is broken, my hope is taken
Your love made me sick.. Ohhh Sobbing
Your lies left me wrecked..

Once I believe in my heart, my heart has gone away
Away to the life of crying and grief
To be easily picked and stolen by any cunning theif
He was deceived by everyone..
He is depressed, broken and saddened
Once I believed in my heart..

They said "no problem to lose your love"
I know, but my heart is still addicting it
They said "you will come over your sorrow"
But I see without love no tomorrow
"Don't be depressed, you'll find someone better"
I found in love somethings so much more bitter..

I wasn't related to you,
Finally with sorrow, I admit
My heart is broken, my hope is taken
Your love made me sick.. Ohhh Sobbing
Your lies left me wrecked..

That's dramatic monologue of brokenhearted female.
sarah Jan 13

to break boundaries
redefine limits
exceed expectations
sculpt the future
to not only survive
but to thrive
in a world that wants
to hold us back

all while bleeding.

- to be a woman
Daytra Jan 13

writing to me opens many doors, windows and worlds.... I am the creator I am the illustrator I am the one I am the only I am a Poet.... words form sentences create .... thoughts and ideas are processed into many options... I do it because I love it I do it because I care I do it because it comes naturally... this is me and I am it... I am a poet of many forms.  
take all of me for who I am.... I am a Poet!

Go head and bloom girl
Even when the seasons change
And you’re stripped down to nothing
You light up the room
I️ know you feel them watching
They’re starring at you - girl
Don’t be afraid of this moment
Let your branches kiss the wind
Let em watch as you sway from side to side
Sharing your beauty from within
You gotta know you deserve it
You might blow around a bit but you never stay down cuz you so deep girl
You so deep
You’re roots travels through nations
They’ve moved so far like they were going back in time
To a space and place you used to call all mine
In a time and land where your people were the man
Where they stood tall and needed no one to hold their hand
Your roots have moved unwillingly across oceans
Almost dying from thirst
Sometimes almost drowning for submersion
But you survived what would have killed most
You survived what did kill most of us
You made it through what was meant to destroy you
Your roots are damaged
Your branches have been cut and destroyed and constricted
They wanted you to die
Or to push you to your limits to see if you would thrive
They wanted to see if you could survive
You surprised so many by doing so
But you didn’t surprise yourself
Or did you?
There were days when you yourself just wanted to die
You wanted God to save you
Take away your pain
Remove you from your misery
You wanted there to be no trace of your life
Just as they hoped for
Then you realized you were so much more than what they gave you credit for
You realized your seeds needed to be planted
Your roots needed to be adjusted
Your soul needed germination
Your body needed to grow
Your mind needed to be stretched
More love needed to flow
You’re ok now right?
I mean some days it still hurts
But you know how to manage the pain right?
You know how to grow through the rain right?
You know how to smile through the pain right?
You’ve learned how to pray it away at night
Or during the day
You understand who your Source is
You know without a doubt Who has kept you this long
You know without an inclination of thought who has made you so strong
You know the royalty that flows through your veins
That’s the reason you always have to maintain
Even when your feet can’t carry you
Even when your eyes may fail you
Even when you can’t see because the fluid is blurring your vision
You know you are sustained by a Higher Power
You know it flows through and through; by and by your veins
So sway in the wind precious girl
Let His strength be your guide
Let His love help you fly
Let His power allow you to bloom
He already planted your seeds
His abundant love & power is all that you need
Every one of your scars is here to tell a story
Share them like pages of a book
You’d be surprised how many long to read you
How many people really see you
How many people wish they could be you
You’d be surprised if you ever knew
Yeah your life is so far from perfect
But trust me baby girl it’s all worth it.

Xaviera Allan Jan 12

She considered it a second repentance
Before Atlantis claimed her whole
Dry city by a dry sea, she dove in anyway
She just wanted to escape
From the ink in truth
She turned on identical streets
With white walls reflecting the sunlight
Dusty windows blocked the bright star
Skeletons bloomed around her feet
It's a parched world

She wasn't getting anywhere
Clear sky with clear clouds, she laid down
By a liquid ocean of carbon dioxide
Wisps of suffocation lessened the heat
The glaring oppression of the sun
This was her expectation of inheritance
She smuggled in the shadows
That dulled the light a bit
Where no one looked to care
She was marked with a brand
It warned she once had a heart

She thinks with her toes
A mystery lover built by eminence
At the bottom of the pond
Murky music assimilated slowly
Ruined in the twilight
Her doubt and her distrust
Could have drowned her soul
Below the bridge where eyes meet
She would lay in the sand and listen
To soothing nightmare lullabies
Waves lapping in her ears

She reaches for the plump fungi
Lush, glowing in deception's shadow
Soft around the middle
Savoring this unlikely scenario
As if filled with hydrogen
Psyche primed to explode
Her delicate pale skin exposed
Bursting from tight attire
Tissue paper ripped and shredded
Her ecstasy overflowing
Onto stuttering pools of imagination

She refused to stagnate in disgust
Though their auras bled together
Fear chases her through the darkness
Premonitions of apocalypse
Thriving in the jungle
Here is where witchcraft breathes on
In tendrils and tentacles
Empty promises to remember
As glorified dreams return to reason
Death replaces sleep


She sits sequestered horizontally
Against currents of mindless winds-

Her apathy uncontested
By neither man nor wicked thing.


She flutters hopelessly
On glass wings,



Are the fragile little things
That hold her head up
Above the towering sea chains-

Her lungs' heavy breaths
Dull her spirit's grin

And all her numbered days
Tick away without a sound-

Engulfed by the ocean's deep breath-

Beneath insanity's serenity-

She drowns.

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