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James Jarrett Jan 21
Political poem of the wrong rythym and rhyme
Seems that they stopped it just in time
My God! My Thought! My words!
Oh my!
Not one read
One view
One word
At all
Message me to read it
I'll send it along
I really believe that the political [poem I posted was published and had Zero views. Unless the zombie apocalypse came and I missed it, this is censorship
James Jarrett Jan 17
To the streets

In mob and crowd

To the streets

In angry throng

Let chants and pounding din

Lead the crowds

To pull them down

Tyrants and thieves

Those that lead us

Steal elections then deceive us

Fires lit in the people

In the streets

Let them see us

Let them hear us

Let them fear us



To the streets
James Jarrett Oct 2020
Soon the country will cry as I do
And their tears will fall like rain
But they won't dance in dry dust
To feed the thirsty green
They will fall on bloodied streets
And on freshly filled in graves
Rivulets to rivers
Growing in the rage
'Til torrents flood and bridges fall
And all is washed away
James Jarrett Sep 2020
Rack the slide

And drop the round

Here it comes

It’s going down

Voting day

Every way

From the rooftops

And In the streets

Pack the courts

Then run like rats

Pack the courts

No going back

“Let me be clear”

He declared

“Nothing is off the table

For next year”

You have said it

You have said it

Pack the court
James Jarrett Aug 2020
The dead don’t hear you

While they lay in the grave

Their parts done

‘Til the end of days

Sometimes you call

And sometimes you cry

But the dead don’t hear you

No matter how hard you try

They’re dead and gone

So let them go

Cold and and bone

In the dark down below
James Jarrett May 2020
I have become the hard earth

Uncaring of toil

Clay without thought

Cold and unforgiving

To drown the roots

Clog the shovel

Dry and become stone

To hammer and chisel

Earth, Earth

I have become

James Jarrett May 2020
My lungs breathe cold earth
I am Still
Beneath the roots and moist soil
I am dead
for now
At least
To you
Buried by your words
And cold hate
I am chilled
Under the weight of the clay
White and unmoving
And to you
That way I will stay
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