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James Jarrett Feb 17
Glowing waves

of grey and white

iridescent clouds

wash softly

against the pale shores

of the night sky

They lap against

the shining moon

But it is a beauty

I can’t enjoy

My love, my love

is not at my side

The beauty is lost on me alone

I am lost as me alone.

She sleeps

As the night does beautiful things

She sleeps

While I wonder

What would I ever do

without her?

All the beautiful things of the world

are lost

on me alone

Tomorrow I think

We will watch the sunset

and the moon rise

Tomorrow, tomorrow
James Jarrett Feb 10
She wears her *** like silk
Draped around her in translucent veil
Shimmering as she walks
In ivory , elegant form
She can almost hear the heads turn
And feel the men stare
As she glides across the room
James Jarrett Jan 28
Ready to take a ride

Even though the roads aren't paved with gold

But I still want to roll

Maybe sit at the table with warrior kings of old

Come on down

Take a ride

To the new Alamo

Toast of the town

Riding alone to the great dining hall

Kings and Cowboys

To tell their tales of war

Shields and spears hanging on the wall

Toast! Toast!

In new Valhalla

At the table of kings and Gods
James Jarrett Jan 17
Rule shakes off of me , like Yesterdays dust
And I dream freedom
Freedom like a vision
Freedom shining like the sun
So bright that all the shadows of chains are gone
The prison walls built by men
Fade away
And my own shadow
That ruled man
Is overtaken by the rays
And becomes light of itself
And the dust of yesterday,of years, of centuries
Is blown away on the breeze
Gone, gone, oppression
The currency kings
Gone in freedom
Freedom in my dream
James Jarrett Dec 2023
Life used to be so hard

But now I have nine Rabbits and a dog

Sitting here in the sun

Playing this song

From so long ago

Waiting with coffee

For Christmas to come

Gardens in dirt and crystals in light

Wind chimes and breezes

No snow in sight

Hard times, hard times

Where have you gone

Even though I'm still playing your song
James Jarrett Nov 2023
Fall Dixie

Only now

Only now

In flames of fire

Conquered but in cold

Long buried hearts below

Last memory gone

Upon empty prairie’d fields of battle

Gone, now


In evil forge

Of tyrants flame

To burn Like the hate of war

Fall Dixie

James Jarrett Aug 2023
Will you take my bloodied hands

My broken bones

My heart grown old

My body cold

My very soul

As tax to you?

Can I pay your tax in blood and pain

My worn out back

My knees

My eyes

My worried nights?

Are these yours too

Your cut from me

Or do these things I get to keep?
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