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CautiousRain May 2019
The troubled serpent seeks me
in the dimness of the night,
in the luminescence of stars,
in the hallowed shadows;
it asks me to relive
and I beg of him,
was eve eating the apple
not enough?

I don’t know of what sins
you think I may have
or will commit,
but must I, too,
suffer for the ones others did?
Why do I have to constantly
be in a headspace that allows
for these things to happen
over and over,
when I was not the one
to keep taking bites of forbidden fruits?
Payton Jul 2018
I thought after
all these years of
being bitten and scratching sores,  
I'd eventually grow a thick enough skin
to keep out the mosquitos.
I was wrong.
Even so, mosquitos are nothing compared
to the itch I've got for you.
You see, mosquito bites are only skin deep,
but I've got this ravenous hunger for you,
gnawing at my bones.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
A warm summer night,
The moon winked at its reflection on the still lake,
A lively  crowd,
The music blared,
A barbeque party,
The smell of delicious grilled chicken made my stomach rumble,
Hurriedly I grabbed some with chips, yanked open a coca tin,
And sat down on the grass with friends.
I had worn shorts,
That was a grave mistake.
The mosquitoes were excited,
A pair of young fresh legs,
What a grand banquet,
They headed straight for my legs and arms,
"Ouch!" I cried after several stings.
"Delicious," they hummed aiming at my legs again and again.
"Hey" I don't give out  free blood samples" I hissed.
I swiped my palms on my legs.
Several lay dead.
I had killed their parents.
The mean mosquitoes took revenge,
They landed on my face,legs and arms and stung fast and furious.
I yanked a tube of insecticide repellent cream and spread on my open body parts.
"Now have your feast and die!"
That was the worst summer barbeque party.I left early.
that I could

watch me

tick tick
Elin Roberts Jul 2017
***** bitten nails
drag themselves
across the neck of this guitar
resonating noise like a penny
dropped on metal cold and harsh
like those eyes
slits of white in the darkness of your mind
chasing stolen time
on this plane of sorrow
learning how to borrow
happiness from others
to know how to be
who you are in a different state of mind
when all you
i need to stop biting my nails
Zero Nine Jul 2017
my soul,
cannot be
it's gone,
been stolen
When you
reach for
wick warmth,
you find
When you
bare teeth
to bite,
I'll hide,
too truly
Can't you tell the time
for pleasure's passed?
Two tired eyes and
mirthless smile,
don't care to stop it.
Alienpoet Oct 2016
Your eyes are dark
They hide your darkness within
Waiting to be ousted
Your lips are red like a rose
Full and bee stung
Your pose inviting me to take a bite
Come to me and be a creature of the night

I’d like to kiss your neck with butterfly bites
Hold you tight
In a death grip
Lead you to the undeath with breathless sighs of love
Deep within your soul as you stare into my ageless eyes

I’ll hold you tight as I bite
Caress you as you fall
As the death calls
I’ll let you feed on me

Finally when you are sleeping
I'll take you to my tomb
I’ll be your groom you my bride

We will hide from the sun that you need no more
Then when the pale moon rises we will hand in hand
Under its light
I’ll be your eyes your sight
The most important light in your eternity

Nothing will touch you my eternal red rose
As this is the life you chose
When you invited me to take a bite.
Coursing through my veins
Like venom after bite
Slowly becoming paralyzed
Fighting for my life
Choking on my *****
Vision black as night
Pulse about to flat line
Thats what your love is like.
Roxxanna Kurtz Feb 2016
You take advantage of
my tinted cheeks,
displayed desire I didn't mean
to share like the warmth that
a winter chill breaks.
I am bitten;
smitten with eyes that
don't want my heart,
just my blushing smile.
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