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J F O Jul 11
We were two halves
trying to fit
our pieces

We took away
fragments of
little by little.

Not knowing
we were already
slicing chunks
off of each other
becoming someone
we no longer

It was then
we realized,
no matter
how much
effort we put,
how much
we stripped off,
we couldn't force
the pieces to fit.

You and I,
we weren't right
at least
we tried.
I tried to change for you, you tried to change for me.
I tried to change you. You tried to change me.
We tried to make things work between us but we just couldn't fit.
Amanda Nov 2018
You did not leave like I thought you would
Each hard time by my side you've stood
Truthfully, I owe you this;
An explanation for how it feels when we kiss
You were quick to believe I didn't care
You were not seeing what was really there
I did not fall for some other man
You say I gave up one day and ran
You do not know how hard it was to let you go
Fact is I was no longer helping you grow
Doesn't mean I wasn't still haunted by your face
I wished daily to feel your embrace
The most beautiful longing ever felt
Within body control began to melt
Stalked by memories of what we were
Hidden feelings started to stir
Realized I couldn't live that way
Without your touch brightening each day
Guess that brings me to where we are now
Standing before you and I don't know how
We arrived at this point but here we are
Close yet still so very far
Reaching out to grab your hand
Hoping we don't waste this one last chance

We always argued about who was more amazing
I believed it was you, you swore it was me
But now I see that perhaps we are equals
Two perfect halves truly meant to be
I wrote this not overthinking and trying to let the words flow. How did I do?
marshay lewis Jan 2018
It's the static along frail nerves
And the sweet people in bitter places
A dichotomy
Diána Bósa Nov 2017
In this midheaven of demigods.
beneath this semidetached shelter
of semi-manufactured souls.
apart from the half-hearted's dimidiate
the bright-half departs
for dovetailing all of our halves.
I cried for no apparent reason
I sobbed and teared my way out
Silently without any reason
I wailed hollowly as I silently shout

I laughed for not a single thing in mind
Smiling at everything in bliss
I stared wide eyed like in treasures we find
But deep in me something is amiss

The hollow feeling of something which is not there
The slight tingling of my numb soul
The feverish and endless hunger I bear
The empty shell drained from a gaping hole

I am born to be as one destined
To feel agony and joy
I have virtue yet I sinned
In deep eternity the lord's broken envoy

Of deep hatred and much love
The fear and bravery both halves
Like the flying crow and dove
I am a Yin and Yang created by the One Above.
The Episodes  of bipolarity written in a more bearable way. I've been stressed lately and the Episodes keep coming like the ebb and flow of the sea.
Jade Aug 2015
should he love you,
he will not leave.
like the spring breeze,
intertwining with leaves in trees,
your hearts are wound.

should she love you,
she will not leave.
as sure as the waves crash to shore,
as the moonlight reflects the water's ocher,
she will be there for sure.

lovers together are stronger
than the gust that separates
        the leaves from trees,
than the waves that crashes
        on the sands of time,
even though promises lie broken
their hearts still awaken
when their other halves are near
Eleanor Rigby Jul 2015
They say that we're all just halves
Of what we are supposed to be...
But tonight, I am whole.

-- Eleanor
Sydney Ann Jan 2015
Yea, sure
I put on a smile when you see me
I laugh
I'm nice
I'm average,

But, you see,
There are two sides to every coin
And just because
I choose to show
The Puppy Tail side
Doesn't mean the
Dismembered Head side
Isn't alive and kickin'
                              The surface
Ben Balserak Sep 2014
You were everything I thought I stood for.
And I loved it.
Then you became everything I stood for.
And I loathed it.
You were my other half.
And I goaded you to change.
I didn’t understand that if we were the same,
Then we would both be the same half.
I didn’t understand that two identical halves don’t make a whole.
You needed to be different.
Or in other words, you needed to stay the same.
You can’t really love someone else
If you want them to be just like you.
That’s just loving yourself.
And you can’t love someone else
If all you want is to love yourself.
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