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Yes, I want to be sure of you,
But here I am, not having the slightest
idea of what to do,

We laugh, we talk everyday as the
darkness turns to light,
With us being so messy and not
knowing what to decide,

I find the words to explain that I
have such little hope,
You ask me not to worry and that we are
sailing in the same boat,

Smiling to myself, I sink into my pillow,
Wondering how a request so simple
can fill me with a sudden
deep hollow…
September 2021
As we grow old and days pass by,
We don’t see many miracles, I wonder why,
Then we impatiently wait a long time, a
feeling so unbearable,
But for that one last miracle…
August 2021
Wherever there’s light,
There’s also a shadow like a lonely night,
Then I wonder how we forget to see the light,
Even when it shines so bright…
July 2021
I miss you every single day,
Some days I say it with tears,
Some days I say it with a smile,
Some days I say it with silence…
July 2021
His eyes spoke profoundly what his lips couldn't utter.
©Sonia Ettyang
I was awakened by a story once,
Still gives me chills, though
it’s been months,

I know I have come far from
it somehow,
And that I have nothing to worry
about it now,

But the quiet sleep I lost that day,
Follows me endlessly till this very day,

While I am still here, patiently
waiting for it to come back,
Still at the place, to which I have
completely lost track…
July 2021
I said, I too had a love story,
Now another memory in my diary,

I would love to listen, you said quietly,
When I said, I haven’t
forgotten about it entirely,

This is exactly how we started,
Awkward and broken-hearted,

You remind me why everyone else
wasn’t meant to be,
Take my hand and say you’ll
never leave me,

Now I just want to look at the
stars with you,
Hold your hand and tell you how
much I love you,

Thank you for giving me these
lovely endless nights,
And helping me believe that
love can happen twice…
June 2021
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