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in a constant discussion with the universe
and i lose every single time
emrullah Feb 13
the past
is like wind
blowing towards you
one is stronger than air

when the time
of the tornado
you have to dodge it
or it will vaporize you
emrullah Feb 13
and you will know
when the
clouds move quick
and the colors
of dark and light mash
and noise turns into silence
when the world seems balanced
perfectly even,
then you will know
that nothing is going to be
emrullah Jan 24
the heart beats temporary
people must realize this as ordinary
their time limited
why choose to be a foe to the world
if you can think rationally
emrullah Jan 3
feel your chest ponding at night
your whole body
this is what keeps you alive
but your brain is what keeps you refined
people care when their heart fails
but not when their brain starts
to smell rotten, in its little shell
emrullah Jan 3
live life to the fullest
don’t lay there
strangled by the voices
in your head
doing nothing against it
emrullah Jan 1
lost the urge to talk to people and became happier
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