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Maaz Dec 2018
Stand on graves and cast out the helpless.
They arrive in waves to the illusion of hope.
A 'caravan' of people,
All begging for freedom,
But fear not,
They shall be murdered
for they are evil.

How can they expect asylum, safety & security,
from a land built on death?
Where those in power face no scrutiny.
Where an orange haired buffoon can thrive & prosper,
But mothers & fathers cannot afford a doctor.

Yet still these people come here seeking a better life and
how dare they do?
With hands calloused from hard work,
hearts filled with grief,
spirits filled with belief;
Don’t they know?

This is a land built out of the flesh of martyrs,
On a charter that helps oppress its own population,
A country that thrives off devastation.
A sociopathic society
Lorrin Feb 3
Your frightened eyes look to me for
How can I hide that I’m frightened too?
Scared I’m
Too slow
Too ******
Not good enough
To fix you
Help you
Heal you.
I try to keep moving
I try keep strong
But inside I’m terrified
“What if I’m wrong?”
“What if I hurt you?”
“What if you die?”
It’ll be all my fault
When your family cries
I want to help
I want to heal
To ease the pain and fear you feel
I’m not enough.
I’m not enough.
I’m not enough.
My heart bleeds with you
my hands will shake
My voice comes out strong
You don’t see.
You don’t see.
You don’t see.
The me that goes home
Slams her whiskey
And cries herself to sleep.
I didn’t save you.
I couldn’t help.
They tell me I’m
But they don’t see
The me in the mirror
The me that bleeds
I’m not enough.
Not enough.
Not enough.
From the bleeding heart of a paramedic.
Philomena Jan 28
You looked so peaceful
Laying there
Silence except for the soft beeps and coughs on the floor
And I couldn't bring myself to leave you
Not even for a moment to close my eyes
You always seemed so strong
But here you looked frail
Strung up with wires and tubes
Eventually I grew tired of trying to stay busy
So I went to the window
And the lights love
You should have seen them
They were so brilliant and so quiet
Soft unlike every emotion flooding my heart
They were just like I remembered
Just like the first time I showed you the lights
And I didn't know it then
Just how much I love you now
Anxious as ever and can't sleep, but what else is new.
Julie Jan 11
"911, what is your emergency?"
"hard to describe"
"how can we help you"
"I think my heart broke"
"Sorry, we can't help you"
Mackenzie Nov 2018
there's nowhere to go for me
the air becomes dense
I can't
my heart weeps with each beat and
My mind is screaming
She yells at me
She tells me it won’t get better until I bleed

Take a deep breath
Maybe you just need to rest

My chest feels tight
You cannot see through my eyes

Okay just breathe
You need to be normal

How do you define normal in this world?

You need help

No please

Trust me, you'll be safe in this place

What is safety
when I made a home in every name of the people I believed would not break me


I'm not crazy, sorry I'm not a saint
Maybe I should listen to the voices in my brain
All they say is breath
Count to three
someone once told me it won't get better until I bleed
Red silk streams down my body and I start to feel free

911 what is your emergency
Feedback please
Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
A subsonic growl emerges
As the red wolf plunges forth
From his concrete cave.
He shoulders aside the weaker creatures,
In his rush, for the men inside
Live for the hunt.
The siren howl is high at first,
Wild and eager, hysterical.
As he gains his stride
On the pavement path,
His whine swings into a rocking pulse,
Keeping time with the fire,
Or the blood spurting from a man.
Behind the pack there is a white dog,
Sturdy and square, trained and sure,
With a lyrical howl.
He keeps pace yet there is no ****
For the hunt, no need for blood.
They circle the waiting disaster,
Disgorging men in black and white,
The hulks rumble as they wait.
Wolves lick up the flames
While the white-dressed men
Lap up the blood.
The wolf prowls as the flames die
But stands guard as the
White dog points to the man.
He has chosen to save.
A fire truck roared somewhere in town and it made me think of the growl of a wolf. The white truck is obviously an ambulance and the white wolves are EMT's! I know, it's absurd imagery but I had some fun with it.
Larry Kotch Jun 2018
No cloud dares pollute this sky,
Then suddenly those winds at home climb so high,
Sea so fresh and desert so dry,
They meet and feed the cacti here, but ignore the needles on my eyes
They shouldn't make me cry.

Sparkling waters, sands so bright
With a million ******* clouds in Skies
Sit, be still and let the timeless force
Crush this sea of thorns and all but native flora die
kennedy Apr 2018
what is fear?

is it the smell of smoke and ashes
with a raging fire over the hills?
it is a common misconception that
the flames take the lives of the majority
but actually, it’s the smoke that kills
yet we never make that a priority
due to the uniformity of
smoke detectors placed in our homes
to ease the apprehension

is it the sight of a car accident
over on the side of the interstate?
we know staring is a sin but
it’s as if we cannot look away
seems like the car was the
source of the flames
it’s evident that the girl will be
hospitalized until half past eight
so we stay and wait for some sort of update
but the ambulance is running late and
she can’t see straight; she’s in the hands of fate
but we take a deep breath when
ruby red and azure blue headlights
zoom past our peripheral vision
we take a deep breath
to ease the fear

is it the taste of your own blood
on your pale lips as you
lay paralyzed?
the medic was specialized in
handling events like this
but you envision the blurred profiles of
the loved ones you struggle to reminisce
and the amount of blood lost
was making you weak
not to mention the cut on your cheek that
made your skin even rosier than before.
and you, you are iron-woman
with only a little less iron in your veins
you are superwoman
breaking out of the chains that
hold you down
the hallucinations are almost over now
so the paramedic straps an oxygen mask
across your face
to ease your fear

is it the feeling of needles
poking and prodding,
heads shaking and nodding
as everyone talks about you but you?
every breath is a pain and
you could no longer feign a
contented expression
nothing but disdain remained
there was no such thing as comfort anymore
yet the anguish was something you
couldn’t even begin to ignore
so the doctors gave you a sedative
to ease your fear

is it the sound of your mother’s cries
that breaks the silence in the room
when your father begins to
wipe his own eyes?
“i know you love her,
but she won’t recover
unfortunately she’ll have to suffer”
is what the doctor muttered
underneath his breath
lord how he hated explaining death
so they all gifted you flowers
cards and compliments were showered
onto the hospital bed
but despite every effort
it was becoming more difficult to fetter
the fear that was now simply just
an aura
and everyone was looking for a
way to ease their worries
these flurries of fear could not be contained any longer

nevertheless; without fear,
there would be no such thing as bravery.
fear is a flame
money machine
was astride
but direly
enured any
time but
for treasury
would still
dilate his
mind if
togetherness was
our kind
when ritual
finally was
to field
but wept
and dined
in spring
A note on highness was the debt
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