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BSeuss Dec 2017
Dogs are extrovert.
Cats stay inside.
Roses seek attention.
Violets just hide.

I once wanted to change the world with intricate words.
But this small poem, gives me all I've dreamed on earth.
  Dec 2017 BSeuss
There are many things
We don't know are real.
From scientific theories
To the forever concealed.
What could be false,
And what could be true?
If you were to ask me,
Humanity never knew.

First up in my list are pretty unicorns,
With majestic manes and glittery horns.
Nobody's ever found one, maybe nobody will
But that won't stop some from trying, still.

Next on the list is maybe the ghosts,
Transparent and spirited, the one of which most
People believe in, but I am not sure
If they can be real. We'll keep searching for more.

Third one's the charm, please meet Bigfoot!
Is he really as real as the fireplace soot?
But if you're a hunter, please beware,
Killing him's illegal in Washington... how rare!

Mermaids are next, at the fourth spot.
When it comes to my reasons, I know quite a lot.
5% of the oceans is all we've explored,
So they might be out there, trapped forevermore.

Last but not least, and this statement's quite bold:
We can never prove the existence of the soul.
What does it look like? Where does it go?
Those are some things I'd like to know.

There are many things
We don't know are real.
From scientific theories
To the forever concealed.
What could be false,
And what could be true?
If you were to ask me,
Humanity never knew.
You can't prove something to not exist.
  Dec 2017 BSeuss
I just wonder
Where the old dreams
Go to die?
Do they ether away
Into the cosmos?
Or they just
Lie down somewhere
Bubbling up as clouds
In the sky.
Or do they
Filter out as
Butterflies of my thoughts .
Are they chained too
To vicious cycle of
Death and rebirth ?
Transcending from one
Subconscious to another.
Amidst the storm of thoughts
Another conjures up
from the vast emptiness
with yet another trail
of beliefs and dis beliefs
BSeuss Dec 2017

brain: we've been floating for 5 hours. Do you want to go back?

Heart: FLOATING?!? I'LL TELL OF WHAT FLOATING IS! Never more can a seed bear stem if it has no subsidence to sustain it's sacred geometry! The growth of one that is physical is the same as one that is emotional!

Brain: .. so yes, when an apple is ripe it volunteers it's nutrients. When a woman is ready she will open her heart, yes?


brain: a man gives a woman his trust, just like a woman gives her trust to a man. Who would want that thrown in their face?

Heart: are you saying an apple can be compared to a human in this sense then?

Brain: apples are inanimate and without emotions heart.

Heart:........does that mean they want to hear themselves being ATE!?!

brain: it's science. Just because a tree is technically alive, doesn't mean it perceives it.

Heart: ENOUGH! This time is different brain. If a human doesn't want to be hurt why should the apple be hurt.

Brain: apples don't have nerves heart.

Heart: so what?! You're saying they can HEAR themselves being chewed and it isn't painful????!!!!

Brain: ....... yes....

Heart: ..ya?... hahaha? Why.

Brain: I don't truly know.

Heart: HA!! then HOW?!?!

Brain: science.

Heart:..............I forgot what I was talking about.

Brain: she dumped you. You did your best. Even to give her a pat on the back although you wanted to give her a talk of a century.  You let her go because you love her. She didn't feel the same at the end of the day, even if she did at the beginning. She is complex, and causes pain suddenly to avoid pain long term. You are a soilder. And would rather take the pain to what ever end to get to what you are trying to believe. You believe in love so much that it isn't tolerated when you get broken again. Because of your intention. And you know what? Your intention shows. Because instead of showing your pain to her, you wished her well, like a bad ***. Then came home, got drunk, destroyed your bedroom, and started talking to me, looking for sympathy... but you should know me by now.
You are so refreshing heart. I can't remember if I've ever felt a thing.
But out of all my knowledge, I'm still unsure as to if you have a mind of your own or not.

Heart: and what gives you this authority over me? Huh?

Brain: 42 you THINK you're all that eh?????

Brain: I know buddy. How do you FEEL?

heart: D*MNIT BRAIN!!!!
BSeuss Oct 2017
The black folk have lost their mends,
The Asian man lost his sense.
The white woman lost her wealth,
The native fam lost they land.
The middle eastern have lost their hope,
The Porto Ricans have lost their stand.
Maiyan people made a calender,
Curious people called it pretend.
Egyptians had built the pyramids,
We called it aliens.
Donald enforces police brutality,
Why is he president.

Tupac got shot for screaming peace,
Martin luther, the same deal.
Fake messages give new heat,
Raw truth sends chill feels.
Death by death by the minute,
Where is Hollywood's most broad.
Catastrophe by country,
This comic book chaos needs to stop.

Protesters reeking havoc,
Social media distorts what's real.
Toronto politics lookin loopy,
Landlord & tenant laws openly under veil.
****** and shaggy uncover a hundred
Frauds, yet still fear the devils friends.
People seem to refuse to stop and drop, their pride, because it protects their remaining innocence.
BSeuss Oct 2017
math plus history equals hindsight.
science plus art equals human.
BSeuss Oct 2017
as a child a girl once asked me
why I always look down when I walk.
I told her, because there is nothing to
look up to.

I was wrong.
now I don't like to hold my head down.
if that same girl asked me why I always look
up, id say, because the world told me not to.
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