BSeuss 20h

The black folk have lost their mends,
The Asian man lost his sense.
The white woman lost her wealth,
The native fam lost they land.
the middle eastern have lost their hope,
The Porto Ricans have lost their stand.
Maiyan people made a calender,
Curious people called it pretend.
Egyptians had built the pyramids,
We called it aliens.
Donald enforces police brutality,
Why is he president.

Tupac got shot for screaming peace,
Martin luther, the same deal.
Fake messages give new heat,
Raw truth sends chill feels.
Death by death by the minute,
Where is Hollywood's most broad.
Catastrophe by country,
This comic book chaos needs to stop.

Protesters reeking havoc,
Social media distorts what's real.
Toronto politics lookin loopy,
Landlord & tenant laws openly under veil.
Scooby and shaggy uncover a hundred
Frauds, yet still fear the Devils friends.
People seem to refuse to drop and stop, their pride, because it protects their remaining innocence.

BSeuss 6d

math plus history equals hindsight.
science plus art equals human.

BSeuss 6d

as a child a girl once asked me
why I always look down when I walk.
I told her, because there is nothing to
look up to.

I was wrong.
now I don't like to hold my head down.
if that same girl asked me why I always look
up, id say, because the world told me not to.

BSeuss 6d

I thought I was writing
new forms of poetry.
I realize now it was not
at all to be.

people whom read my works
must be kind for not
boycotting my hypocrisy.


BSeuss 6d

I grade myself too much,
although I am the teacher,
write a poem, tear it up,
before there are any readers.

I rate myself too much,
although im not the audience,
click post poem, delete it later,
thinking no likes means no reminisce.

I hated myself once,
before I could make fun,
trauma days embarrassing ways that this day was not reachable from.

I choose to lighten up,
maybe buy some wine.
take a walk get chased by a dog
then stop and ask it why.

BSeuss Oct 8

maybe we are here to be in a frantic state of perception.
think about it.
would humans really seek the answers if the answers were already given to them?
would we tell each other anything if we haven't already learned?
the answers are no and no.

maybe we are here to fight each other, on this race to the truth.
and when we cross the finish line,
the creator will say we came in first place.
and then turn around and say,

"you also came last"
"all of you look left; all of you look right.
there is no start. no finish.
ready to learn?"

....... tripped out.
BSeuss Oct 8

I took of my shirt, as to comply with her request.
she said she knows I'm hiding, a curse, while treating her blessed.

she sees them.
the scars on my chest.

why are they there she says, 'are you in danger?'

and I regret. not telling her.
I regret not telling her when we first met.

"I can't give you the reason"
I said,
"it would make you depressed....but I can give you the sword."

She said frantic,

"the sword I used to put the demon to rest-"

She hates it in her 3 second reaction, and I stop her breakdown.
as she punches me in the chest.

"its a poem I wrote"

20 seconds we had, of silent rest.
calmness, eye contact made nest.

"what poem?"
"why I did it"
I said.

she opened her mouth and no words cam out, so I filled the blanks in her head.

"I did it to drain the poisoned blood,
to save the words for those I held in my heart.
To stop the poisoned toxins from reaching places where it would
tear me apart.
I did it to drained the poisoned blood,
to save the words for those I held in my heart.
I did it because I love them.
and the poisoned toxins would have torn me to dark."

well.... now she is just giving me that stare she gave me when she was certain I had cheated on her, and I made her feel like a baboon by setting up a scavenger hunt to prove her wrong.

" I love you too :) "
Shut the f*ck up,
she says ecstatically.

Happy thanksgiving :)
(fiction poem)
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