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rgz Dec 2019
How can you believe my eyes?
magic seeks the commonplace
morning light has passed us by
bitten tongues will bleed disgrace

All this light is empty space
illumination at a price
I don't care to show my face
how can you believe my eyes?

Left your home seeking the light
tragic, gone without a trace
stars are wandering tonight
magic seeks the commonplace

Host of a forgotten place
lost the vision to your sight
new moon waxing as it wanes
morning light has passed us by

Angels mourn the devil's night
beauty lies in fallen grace
frozen flames are burning bright
bitten tongues will bleed disgrace

Look upon my hollowed face
anemic bones can bear no lies
torn by your spellbinding ways
show me your pale heart this night

Then, I might believe my eyes
very much inspired by Melanie Safka
Ron Conway Dec 2019
One summer day I had a dream
Of cloudless skies and clotted cream
With flowing fields of ripened grain
And you were there, bereft of pain
Your soul not ready to redeem.

Within your eyes a distant gleam
Was speaking more than voice beseem
This fleeting contact 'cross the plain
One summer day

A slip of joy has stitched the seam
That split our lives eternal stream.
Would ever sleeping be insane
Not suffer life's unending bane
To hold the mem'ry of this dream
One summer day
rgz Sep 2019
It just takes one breath to catch the light
An infant spark beckoning a blaze
The sight of a burning heart never fades
One reaching hand can open more than a door
Guide you to a phase you've never been before
A single step forward to embrace the flames
It just takes one

One foray in darkness to meet with everlasting night
Fumbling through the void of an infinite haze
Without truth to guide nothing will come of your ways
Consumed by the pitch, seeking sparks to ignite
It just takes one
it's a french form so that makes it classy
Chase Parrish Mar 2019
I remember how the sky cried
The mournful day my Nene died.
It sobbed and grieved; thought not prolonged.
Soon sunlight, through the darkness, dawned
As thought the tears had simply dried.

At once I wondered, scornfully, "Why?"
How dare you cease your crying, Sky!
How simply could the world go on?
Then I remembered...

My struggle, isn't her's. It's mine.
I hurt because I'm left behind.
For she, you see, has moved along
A better place she's set-upon.
Therefore, with mourning cast aside,
I'll remember.
A couple of days ago my grandmother on my dad's side passed away, and I wanted to write a poem about it.
Chase Parrish Feb 2019
Did you know I wrote a poem yesterday?
I wrote of how a raven flew away.
I think t'was in the morning that it flew.
I don't know why it made me think of you,
But all I can think of is yesterday.

I can't finish it; not to my dismay.
I don't seem to finish many these days.
Every day I seem to think of you...
Did you know?

Even this... I hate it... It's cliche.
Every thought and feeling gone astray...
I keep running from the one thought that's too...
It's nothing that, it seems, I can subdue.
Oh, all the things that I wanted to say.
Did you know?
One of my first rondeaus. They're hard to write but like most french poems once you get the structure down they're a fun little exercise.Try it!
Jez Farmer Jan 2019
My Mother moon, I pray to you,
Bless this night with your silver hue,
Reveal your light in words I say
And deeds I do along the way
I seek the path that leads me through.

I feel your love in all that’s true,
In lunar light, a clearer view,
To calmly soothe the darkest day,
My Mother Moon.

Giving thanks and blessings too,
For gentle love in which I grew,
And though I often walk astray,
I know you love me anyway,
As I return to be with you
My Mother Moon
Form: Rondeau
Eileen Black Dec 2018
When the Sun Sleeps (Rondeau)

When the sun sleeps, I close my eyes.
Yet little to my surprise,
my body will not rest, it seems.
And my mind refuses to dream,
no matter how hard I try.

As the moon continues to rise,
bright stars smile down from the skies,
twinkling with a happy gleam,
when the sun sleeps.

Every night, I am mesmerized
when every star does harmonize
to a singular song per diem.
Captivated by every beam,
every star I memorize,
when the sun sleeps.
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