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Leah Hilliges Apr 27
Forgive me for offending,
and bruising your heart.

You cannot know, that
mine is guarded,
by thick bars welded over years.

You cannot know, that
my piercing words only reflect my fear,
of giving up that familiar loneliness.

You cannot know, that
even with your best efforts,
it cannot and will not be.

Forgive me for offending,
and tempting your heart once again.
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Amanda Hawk Apr 4
The night clung to me
Like a cold sweat
Pressing my dress
Against my skin
Until the dampness of my panic
Ran with my mascara
I nestled my keys between my fingers
Makeshift Freddy Krueger
Lashing out at shadows
As they slinked around my feet
Fear sliding slowly along my face
And wiped it away quickly
So I could forget
I was alone
In the middle of the city
At night
Leering glares and catcalls
Loitered doorways
Tugging at my sleeves
Twisting their claws in my hair
Offering up glasses overflowing
In broken promises
And blatant lies
As I tried to rush by
Looking for a vacant streetlights
To hover, fluttering near with paper wings
So I could forget
I was woman alone
In the middle of the city
At night
30/30 Day 3
You arms were wide open for me
Stretched like the horizon before me

Now I can't even spot where I fit in
Seems like you're holding so much
That im now outside looking in
Anastasia Jul 2020
she was a vigilant child
ignoring the thoughts of fantasy
she lived without joy and dreams
she knew there was no such thing as eternity
her mother was ignorant
overcome by a dreaming abyss
it was a false ecstasy
blinded by bliss
she was careful to avoid
making stupid mistakes
hope was the enemy
false dreams were sure to devastate
to keep herself safe
she was careful not to trust
her heart had a shell
and she let the lock rust
she never let her guard down
she was immune to things like love
joy and dreams and happiness
those things she was above
her infatuation was a treasure
covered in dust
immune to sweetness
she did what she must
to block all emotion
avoid all fears
she grew up when she was young
she shed no tears
Varsha K Dec 2019
An uncanny glare from a distance
Where the crowd fell in eerie silence,
Like the predator doing the huntsman’s dance
Unfrightened of the inhuman penance.

Slowly, she sinked in with angst
Hoping the wolves won’t jump her fence,
Frantic, panicked she stole a glance
Only to lose him, amongst the audience.

Searched for him in his wicked stance
To guard herself, from his evil offence,
Felt alone even in the middle of thousands
Like she was trapped behind the stage curtains.
She's sensed evil, with the way a stranger stared at her. She found no one, to whom she could describe her fear. Even when she was surrounded by a huge crowded, she felt alone. She wondered, who would stop to help her if evil knocks at her door.
Sterling Kelley Nov 2019
that's the thing about walls
i have too many
the thing about walls
is they are so
F A Pacelli Oct 2019
for who knew true love
while protecting their heart?
Graff1980 Jun 2019
No one gets in.
Steel door locking,
like a point guard blocking,
heart clenching,
gut wrenching,
never connection fixing.

No many splendid
or dependent
love addiction,
no bridge building
or repairing
the broken tokens
I was wearing.

No watching
people leave me,
or stretch the truth
to deceive me.

No defending
lies I long for,
no one gets in
my steel door,

and I never
ever come out.
gabrielle andree Apr 2019
Roses are red
Red like desire
Careful don't get burnt
By the prophesy of fire.
muteD Mar 2019
you don't talk to me .
you talk at me .
you talk just so you'll have someone who'll listen .
and I always listen to you .
I listen to you
before you listen to me
and you never listen
to me .
It's like
I'm tuned into your channel
and you're tuned into yourself .
every single one of you
only care about yourselves
and it does not make any sense to me .
how can someone constantly pay attention to
you yet ,
you can only see details about yourself ?
selfish ,
rapacious ,
parsimonious .
different word ,
same meaning .
different people ,
same reaction .

how come some of us are destined to be
the ones who care
while others are the ones who get cared for ?
why am I forced to feel like when I'm talking
but not a soul is listening ?
in one ear and out the other
or maybe it goes right over your head ?
is it possible that every word I've spoken
has been ignored because of lack of interest ?
why is it that I'm always the one who fades
into the background ?
I'm the one who starts the story
but never gets to finish .
the one with so much to tell
but no one to tell it to .
the one who just wants to be heard
but has already been muted .

I am
mute .
This is something that been weighing heavily on my mind.
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