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Tess May 2019
He sits on his chair of unearned power
Time caused his temper to spoil and grow sour;
Faulting those lower in the hierarchy,
He rests, contented in his monarchy;

He wreaks havoc on anyone with dreams;
Though his entity divides at the seams
King of his castle, he sits unconcerned
Playing with fire, about to be burned

He has not learned: what goes up must come down
Breathing in water, and soon he will drown
He pushes others down to lift him up
He is bitter and decaying closeup

Written and read in a voice of deadpan:
The crimes of a diabolical man
rgz Jan 2019
Delicate hearts, diabolical minds
We may be alive in marvelous times
But at times all I find is a rising divide
An inability to stop choosing sides

On one side a heart - is the other a mind?
Diabolical or otherwise I'm trying to find
Some reason for the feelings we're all leaving behind
Enthusiasm for a heart combined with a mind

Appear a certain way
Appearance always fades
I'm waiting for the day
That we can unveil

Our hearts from our minds

Life in marvelous times
another song line prompt
R Arora Feb 2018
They were each other's apparently,
Shrouded by the words: "Till death do us part".
They actually meant: "Only until-
Someone new crosses our path."

What happened to honesty?
Where did loyalty disappear?
Replaced conveniently by deceit,
Morality sits in the rear.

With ulterior motives,
Promises are made; I've seen a million.
I'm not being cynical,
Just practical in opinion.

The heart, hence, is stupid.
Steered purely by dopamine;
And that's why we have a brain.
Do not dwell into the irrational,
Tread carefully,
Life is a tricky mind game.
Be sensible.
Do not trust your heart. It can be diabolical.
Seán Mac Falls Feb 2015
Truth once singular  .  .  .
Mucked all up with politics,
  .  .  .  In cowl of falsehoods.

— The End —