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Ode to The Epiphaner:


So all the silence and emptiness
Is just so I can grow endlessly and free
Unobscured by the foliage’s density
All the oxygen won’t be stolen from me

If the soul and mind can’t hide
In the darkness of the night
How can I ever collect
The fruits of the dreams I strive

Let me
Climb upon barren rocks of greater heights
With the abandoned groves in sight
Every yield is mine
Sometimes a no man’s land
Can be the most beautiful place under the sky  


Those that despair, still care
While the silent continues to sing
The Epiphaner will always be here
For me, a long long road remains
But we will all take flight, we will all fly
Our wings will bid farewell to earth
But, there is still time
There is still time
One day, even time will die
Even time will die
Time will die
It will die


If only leaves and lone stars reside
In the ultramarine midsummer sky
How short and trivial will be my sight
I want to be the century-old desert tree
The Watcher of the waning moonlight
Without the ceaseless River of Praise
I still won’t go “gentle into that good night”


Why only distance and unreachable gaze
Could testify the true believer’s faith
Like watcher of the lost, the pale moonlight
I have to shine bright in the starless nights

I have to lead the way
For the broken and dazed
For them to escape
This bleak and hopeless place

Upon the
Land of nothingness and desolation
The road is calm with a sure destination
I will be on time
One day I will be there
Perhaps still the only one
The Lone Soul basking on the other side


Those that despair, still care
While the silent continues to sing
The Epiphaner will always be here
For me, a long long road remains
But we will all take flight, we will all fly
Our wings will bid farewell to earth
But, there is still time
There is still time
One day, even time will die
Even time will die
Time will die
It will die


If there are more vessels than waves
In the tides and curvature of time
How tedious would the voyage be
I want to be the eternity shadow
Ever unrequited, loving the sunlight
When all matters in the universe die
The abyss would still be my paradise
Written before I heard this track, but best read with the flow of Leonard Cohen's Happens to the Heart.  

Ode to The Epiphaner
Original Chinese Lyric and Translation by:
Yidhna Yue Xing ****
Date of Original Chinese: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Date of English Translation: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Iz Jul 7
She cared more about annoying you than hurting me
She took away the day that made me feel worth something
Nik Bland Jan 24
You are more
More brilliant
Reminiscent of stars
And librarians
With their glasses
Hooked on strings

And yet I am
Wait for you
To notice me
To find me
To love
About me

And you speak to me
And post your
Self deprecating
Of how you’re
Unloved and alone

The room
You’ve locked yourself
Is shut
Do not disturb
With walls lined
In black

But with
The light off
And your hands
Over your
Tear-filled eyes
You fail
To see me
Wanting to
Love you
Sean Achilleos Oct 2018
Beautiful heart
A heart not to be worn on your sleeve
In search of Love in a pit of snakes
White rose among the scarlet
Only to be found once in a lifetime
Disappeared it has
Like a cat sleeping in a windowsill
A common site overlooked
It was always there
The vase in the window now is missing
The one with the golden heart
Locked away far from sight
Never again to grant the opportunity to be shattered
A beautiful heart
The holy grail
Shall be difficult to find
Written by Sean Achilleos 18 October 2018©
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Isla Oct 2017
I loved you enough without awaiting a hopeful outcome.
I gave up my old dreams to carve a few new ones.

Convinced myself you were the one to never let go.
But so it appeared, you were the first one to leave me alone.

Now I wonder where and when I went wrong.
Did I not fulfill your wish, a command?

Heartbroken would be an understatement, to be honest.
I am past that chapter, yet not knowing how to avail myself.

No, I won't cry for you anymore.
Is it not what you want, for me to weep over your heartless absence?

What I really feel like doing is forgiving you.
Letting you linger within the remorse of being spared,
of being loved, being overlooked the torture I suffered.
Of not loving me back when time prevailed.

~ Isla
Hello everyone! This piece is called as 'Overlooked' and it is a very important part of my life. I hope the poem is bearable :D

I am really glad to be introduced to Hello Poetry where I can express myself through my writings without the fear of failing. Judgements and criticism is common and I would rather welcome it, for it inspires to become better.

Do let me know what you think of this piece. Thank you.

Love, Isla.
Daisy Rae Jul 2017
your beauty lasted many years
newly set, your color shined
nothing made you hurt
you sure were tough
but over time that changed
we watched as you started to crack
we glued you when you needed it
but something was very wrong
you were falling apart
and pieces of you went missing
after awhile we forgot about you
and stopped watching out for cracks
present day and you're all scarred up
as i walked down to get the mail today
i noticed how bad you had gotten
cracks went all the way up and down your spine
your sides were shattered
you looked like you took yourself apart
and tried to glue yourself together again
i studied your scars and pieces
and wondered how we had forgotten
that you were hurting and breaking
i understood that you had went through a lot
as people came and went
you slowly lost your muster
but you weren't any less beautiful than before
you carried your scars like a champ
your dim color meant you had experience
i looked at you in a different light
your pieces were mosaics
and your color reminded me of thunderstorms
stormy, yet beautiful after it was over
this cracked pavement was overlooked
i now go get the mail more often
Jim Marchel Sep 2016
Open, overlooked,
Yet obliviously
I love.
Just a thought that wandered into mind.
I know
I know
you thought it was best
got news for you, *****
*it ******* wasnt
taia Apr 2016
a rose oh so pure
blooms in the garden corner
all too overlooked
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
At the back of mind so many things keep happening
At the time of execution so many amongst them remain unattended
So many thoughts get overlooked
They remain blank as they are
So many things happen, so much of space left since past, in the present with regards to future
Space to think and ponder what needs to be done next
The mind keeps thinking and keeps on thinking till it gets exhausted and fatigued
There is no end to drawing possibilities and ascertaining future
Flexibility of mind remains there making sure that you create some space at the back of your mind in the present moment of time.

It’s the space that you have got in present
Something which you created in past
The space remained unutilized
Same space you have got as of now in the present.

Now in the present moment of time it’s time to think about it
Time to utilize this space
Time to focus on skills and abilities
Time to utilize space and resources, resources and space
Everything is so much limited, yet so much of use in the present
Synchronize, coordinate, assemble and if possible also do networking of each and everything.

So many things work together simultaneously in the present
It's a move to get hold of the right moment of time so as to make sure that each and everything falls in it’s proper place.

Finally time left in hand is important
Time is precious
Time does all the planning with regards to future
Time decides what needs to be done first
Time sets all priorities.

With the moments that pass by and everything that happens as each moment passes by
With the changes that keep happening from time to time
It’s important to know in which direction we are moving.
Conflicts, contradictions and difference of opinion is part of life
Still with all the ups and downs of life, it’s always better to be safe than to feel sorry later
Think before you say
Think first and then say
Decide first, what's going on in your mind
Once decided then speak your mind
Once spoken, the spoken word cannot change.
Definitely conflicts, contradictions, and difference of opinion will never end
Still a proper conclusion can be reached and it needs to be reached within the given time frame.

Keep all this in mind
Making a note of the fact that priorities are all set, it’s important to make sure that time management is kept in mind
Keeping all this and much more in mind, I decide to move ahead with the present moment of time
Left the rest of things to future, which will definitely be ascertained from time to time
Till then, it’s living in and living with the present moment of time.
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