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Breethyr Jul 2020
As i find the dream i fall
Into the night.
With what could lie
Beyond the eyesight, the unknown -
Barely seen yet clearly heard -
Makes me think throughout the night
What is time and what is I?

Questions rise and answers flow,
Awareness drifts in search for more,
Unraveling psychotic fight
Within the mind.
My neurons form a structure type
That supports a living mind -
A quantum flow over time.

No computer can describe
The consciousness,
And nor can I.
There's no way to look within,
Only to look outside,
But not inside another's mind.
We use our masks and find it fine -
We look inside each other's eyes.

An illusion of self
Makes it convenient to tell
Each mind apart by mask alone -
Embodiment of anecdote.
What's going on inside my head?
I am clearly not a self,
Not a being, nor a soul,
Not computation, just a flow.

Probabilities increase of finding
That which could decrease
The chances to conceptualize
Existence of space and time.
Is universe just a shard
Of something that once fell apart?
Can we find the clues and solve
The mysteries of our home?

As long as something must exist
All probabilities align
For me to somehow be alive
In this small window of spacetime,
For me to question my own mind
While being part of cosmic tide,
For me to seek the answers by
Looking outward and inside.

I will someday realize
What it is that makes me I.
james nordlund Jun 2020
'      Life's signs

'               and meanings

'      perceived by

'               all our senses

'                       and being's

'      foci of attention,

'               can divine

'                       from within

'                             and without.

'      That's if our inner-eye

'            isn't clouded by

'                  false-ego,

'                        self-conscious self,

'                              or doubt.
The mostly Confucian work, 'I Ching, The Book Of Changes', accurately relates that change is constant and eternal, while, 'The Tao Te Ching', the Taoist venerable text, relates that those changes patterns, and flow are discernable, alterable, and predictable; 'you can't win it if you're not in it', while a cliche, applies (i.m.h.o.)- if one truly is curious then they would want to study change astronomically more than others.  Most are satisfied with steering their perceptions, thought, and life.  Brava, for a great contest; thanx.  Have a nice day   :)   reality
Rick Clewett Dec 2019
the Cardinal in full plumage
is a handsome bird
both male and female

but the adolescent Cardinal
not so much

it looks a splotchy ragged mess
its act not yet together

adult plumage will come of course
but acts don’t stay together

adulthood isn’t a plateau
of competence and handsome looks
that last until the breakdowns of old age

every year the grownups molt
have to change their feathers
rebuilt their looks and means of flight

people are like that too
without the features

and more staggered periods of change
less assurance that the new
attitudes friends and habits
will work that they’ll feel comfortable
within their skin
with or without features we
are all subject to the weather
poisoning of water the local pecking order

and then death

we all seem to flit around more than is needed
we all sing our joys and needs and warnings

we all proclaim our right to be here
no matter what our plumage
no matter how we sing
Lynn Briar Sep 2019
Lighthouse watcher
And stargazer
Share common lust
For distant wander

One place at time
For flesh and soul
Split one another
In dimensions

If their souls once get together
Will they still search for faraway?
Star BG Jan 2018
I am a philosophic dreamer,
moving on fields of open mind.

I dance and steps vibrate
in patterns of sacred geometry.

I sing and music echoes
causing heart to expand with grace.

I breath deep and lungs fill
with air infused wisdom.

I love and the universe matches my essence
so miracles occur.

I dream and all fits into place
inside divine timing.

I am a philosophic dreamer,
blessed inside the celebration of life.
inspired by Ravindra Nayak Thank you
Arlene Corwin Aug 2017
A Little Quiz

If you could sell a thing for lots,
Finance your yachts;
Would you boycott?
Boycott, if what you sold
Could finance wars,
Could bring worlds
To their burned-out knees,
Would you do business?

If you could earn a salary
By working in a factory
Producing weapon’s heads,
Guns, poison gas –
All granted by the local laws,
Would you do business?

A little quiz - a little Buddhist -
Prompted by
The sheer potentiality
Of personalities and crime TV
Regarded daily.
Your kids are hungry.

A Little Quiz 8.29.2017
War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;
Arlene Corwin
Hard choices.  How strong is your philosophic base?
BSeuss Jul 2017
Did you know you can trick the brain; even if there is no trick. Simply by tricking it into thinking that it's been tricked.

"I can't believe you drank it"
*spits out water
(Title edited)
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— The End —