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R Arora Aug 2019
Oh my, you really could not see,
That I was gloomy.
Just as the grey clouds,
Outside the window - the sun's shrouds.
You were more curious about the drops
On the windscreens,
Instead of those
That were rolling down my cheeks.
Okay this is a twisted and exaggerated version of the exact feeling.
Also, I was really bored.
R Arora Feb 2019
I got hurt,
Because I felt,
Truth comes first,
But you couldn't take it,
When I said it to your face.
I'm sorry, I can't fake it.
Now you're pretending,
Like it's all right,
Man, I know what's going on,
This is a psuedo-fight.

I'm getting hurt,
For I think I'm hurting you,
I feel guilty,
For things I didn't do.
I'm no celebrity,
But I can't lower my standards,
And celebrate mediocrity.

You can't accept what's true,
It's not my problem,
I'm working on myself, it's clear I do.
So, one day when I'm on top,
And still here will be you,
Y'all gonna say,
Man, lotta time flew.
Sounds better when you read it like a rap.
Finally the words have spilled onto the paper from my heart.
I despise the people that cannot handle others' success.
"Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise."
R Arora May 2018
"Please don't be so kind-",
In August I used to say,
"You'll spoil me wild",
Oh look, it's already May.
"All humans behave the same; selfishly",
I told you that's what I thought.
But for you, sheepishly,
Several angels on my shoulder I fought.

Now you know me well,
And you seem quite bored.
You are compelled,
To look at the next best name on the board.
I am forced to ponder
Are you bluffing now, man?
My thoughts wander,
Looks like your concern was only a sham.

Is being warm to people not a nice thing to do?
For me, you have been such a ******.
Perhaps like everyone else and you,
My selflessness should have been slimmer.
While this royally consumes me from within,
Now I am convinced that my kindness is a sin.
"No one is too busy in this world. It is all about priorities."
Sometimes we slip down someone's list of them.
R Arora Feb 2018
They were each other's apparently,
Shrouded by the words: "Till death do us part".
They actually meant: "Only until-
Someone new crosses our path."

What happened to honesty?
Where did loyalty disappear?
Replaced conveniently by deceit,
Morality sits in the rear.

With ulterior motives,
Promises are made; I've seen a million.
I'm not being cynical,
Just practical in opinion.

The heart, hence, is stupid.
Steered purely by dopamine;
And that's why we have a brain.
Do not dwell into the irrational,
Tread carefully,
Life is a tricky mind game.
Be sensible.
Do not trust your heart. It can be diabolical.
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