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Eleanor Rigby Sep 2015
I totally adore
How you blend in the crowd
But when we're alone
You become you.

-- Eleanor
gene Aug 2015
“Everything about you is chaos,
  The kind of chaos that is unsettling,
  The kind of chaos that is atrocious,
  The kind of chaos I got addicted to,
  The kind of chaos that is absolutely beautiful.”
Homunculus Dec 2014
We've gotta find a new vessel,
For the waters have capsized,
Submerged and baptized, now
Our thoughts are chastised,
Drowning in an ocean of mass lies, and
Can't see the sky, but
Who am I to say?
To come and pull you from your ways?

I will simply ask:

Today, will you allow your will to be
Detained and contained, and maintain
A state of utter disdain,
With men exploiting your pain, or
Will you rejoice in refrain?
It's only human to complain,
It's only human to question, and
I think you'll find that in so doing,
There's a valuable lesson, and
There's no need for guessin',
I'll just break it to you, and
Say that power spawns corruption,
In the hands of the few,
The pages of our history
Have shown it to be true,
With political dissonance,
Making dissidents indifferent,
Coercive influence invades
The minds of the constituents, and
In a way it just may be,
A new era of slavery, and
It never ceases to amaze me,
How crazy it gets,
We argue over hair splits, and
Ignore the bigger picture,
With a mixture of,
Destruction, and distraction,
Take no action, and lack a
Greater sense of satisfaction,
They say that ignorance is bliss, but
I'm aware and I'M ******, and
It's no lie that once I die,
My cherished views will not be missed, but
Til then I'll keep writing, and hope that
People start fight, and igniting
A new spark to change the lighting, and
Yes,  I realize that it all may seem
A little frightening, but
I forgot, you have a TV, so
Why should you care what I think?
Asher close Aug 2014
Your the first and last thing I see
Early mornings and sleepless nights.

My thoughts of you waver between something more and nothing more,
but I know my boundaries.

In an alternate universe where everything was finally right it would still be wrong.
Nothing is right if you're not there.

Your mind is filled with secrets of mine
Ones that I would wish no one to hear
Except you.

I know what you think of yourself
How you feel
it nowhere matches the picture I have of you in my mind

And in the end my ramblings may not make sense on paper
but I hope you know in my ordinary teenage life
You are anything but ordinary.
Katie Nicole Jul 2014
so, is it just me,
or would we be totally,
completely perfect??
Jack Taylor May 2014
I'm (totally) making you fall for me.
      Because I broke your legs.

I'm (totally) going to ruin you.
      Because of this thing called love.

I'm (totally) where you'll least expect it from.
      Because I worked my way into your heart.

I'm (totally) tearing you apart from the inside.
      Because it's what I've always done.

I'm (totally) so done with you.
      Because now you're just a corpse.
Martin Narrod May 2014
You were totally something else. Like a calm respite overcoming an instance of excitement. Magic and other prime words that can dictate the inarticulate adjectives that was this afternoon. Happiness and pleasure. A coexistence. To coexist. Soy.

— The End —