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kodi Jan 18
my heart belongs to tofu
soy milk runs through my veins
silken or firm; dressed up or naked
straight from the fridge and straight to my heart
dine with a passion, this curd is an art

juicy and delicious, chewy gooey soft
bless me with your bean, bless me with your froth
on the top of my latte, you glisten in the sun
oh soy, my boy, my joy; you are my life blood
Isabel María Dec 2019
Somos eso último que pensamos antes de dormir,
eso que nos inquieta nada más despertar.

Somos sueños, ideas y realidad,
una mezcla de lo vivido
y un pedazo de cada persona que está, o que se ha ido.

Somos eso que guardamos bajo llave.
Somos lo que decimos,
sobre todo,
somos lo que callamos.
"I am sausage"
in Spanish
It would also be the best name ever for a luchador.
Martin Narrod May 2014
You were totally something else. Like a calm respite overcoming an instance of excitement. Magic and other prime words that can dictate the inarticulate adjectives that was this afternoon. Happiness and pleasure. A coexistence. To coexist. Soy.

— The End —