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gene Feb 2016
Baring your soul to someone is like offering your love without expecting something in return—either good or bad.
You give someone the chance to skin you slowly and infiltrate your mortal demerit.
And lastly, you're wide open as you welcome wreckage.
gene Feb 2016
Have we forgotten how to love?
Or worse, forgotten what love is?
Maybe it's not love we're looking for.
Maybe we only look for the excitement and thrill in life.
We want someone to watch movies with.
We want the limited and will spout off about endings.
Have we ever thought that maybe, just maybe, we just want to spend time together but don't make memories at all?
gene Oct 2015
He wanted tea. She was coffee.
He wanted butter. She was cheese.
He wanted Facebook. She was Twitter.
He wanted Louboutin. She was Keds.
Your flaws aren’t flaws. You are art.
It may be killing you slowly everyday—but just sleep to forget the world.
gene Oct 2015
Face your demons—if that’s what it takes for you to keep moving forward.
Stop holding back—if that’s what it takes for you to feel whole again.
Let it go—if that’s what it takes for you to unnumb.
Do not suffocate—if that’s what it takes for you to move on.
Don’t fall hard—if that’s what it takes for you to live longer.

Because everything that falls, gets broken.
Because when you win some, you lose some.
Because when you decide to stay, they won’t.
Because he let go, you didn’t.
*Because you gave happiness you didn’t own and he’ll always be a question mark.
gene Oct 2015
“I’m just tired.”
*That’s your excuse.
gene Oct 2015
To the only guy I regret walking away from
     It’s been more than five years
          But the pain in your eyes still haunts me
               Now that I can’t have you
          I suddenly want you
     Now that you’re with somebody else
I’ll tell you I love you
     Everything you said is like an extract from a good book
         It’s so beautiful and
              yet heartbreaking.
gene Sep 2015
“I said
I love you.
I didn’t say
you should pity me.
Because between you and me,
I have the guts
to say
I love you.
I took the risk.
I’ve already won
half of the battle.”
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