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Sweet Symphony
F/Lost In Harmony   
Blue Symphony
18/Non-binary/Connecticut, US    Hi


Poetrylover  May 2016
Poetrylover May 2016
Symphony, oh symphony
The way you hold life,
Feels like a thrive,
With your ups & downs
You make it right,
So we hold it tight.

Oh my beautiful symphony,
To you my dear,
I fear
Your loss.
to you my dear,
I surrender,
Just to remember,
Remember your treat.

With the defeat,
Comes our rhyme ,
That sounds like a metal chime.

You bare
What is unfair,
But still sound beautiful,
With all the distractions around.

Symphony, oh my symphony
How bountiful you are,
Even during a war.
beautiful symphony
oh, so sweet.
your melodies caress me
from my soul to my feet

beautiful symphony
you rest in our heart
you flow through our veins
from the end to the start

beautiful symphony
oh, how bittersweet
just as quickly you began
no sooner, you retreat.

beautiful symphony
or as we call it, love
caresses our senses
then flies away like a dove

beautiful symphony
live in our memory
any feeble recording
could not, as beautiful, be.
cassie sky Sep 2012
This cave is my sanctuary; cold, damp, filled with minerals and creatures.
I sit cross legged peering out through the crescent shaped doorway mama nature has created.  I have never been more at peace than I am when I’m here.  

The water crashes ******* the barnacle covered rocks beneath me.  The mist from the waves whirls its way up to sooth my aching skin.  The sea calls my name in the way that an angel calls you into the light.  
At first it’s just a delicate whisper.  The voice is so charming and playful that it begins to lure me in. As i begin to drift further, letting the voice carry my thoughts, the waves pound harder and the symphony the sea has written me rapidly grows in volume and intensity.  

The tension becomes so strong that the sky starts to erupt.  The clash of the clouds creates a prismatic light sequence leaving the sky looking magnificently iridescent. I sit unstirred, reveling in it's beauty.

The sea is now agonizingly screaming for me to succumb to its cool paradise.

For a while I just sit and enjoy the elegance of the symphony.  Once the sky starts to lower its darkened veil, I know it is time to go.  
I stand up with more certainty than I had ever felt before.  
I slowly take three steps forward, embracing the feeling of the dirt in between my toes.  
Two long strides, and then I leap.  The thick foggy air caresses my body as it swiftly careens downward.  

The symphony ends with a splash.