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Alicia Mar 29
love is

our unkept bed on a Sunday morning
clothes thrown on the floor
candles burned down to no wicks

sleeping off last nights tangled limbs
on the grey leather couch
infinity in crystal blue eyes

palm to palm, fingers entwined our lifelines cross
counterbalancing personalities complete the circle
protective of what is within

so familiar our anatomical embrace
we breathe shared air
beats in autotune, universe intact
Alicia Dec 2018
the sunsets and the sun rises
creating each day and each night
and not once does it ask permission
the night will still be pink with light pollution
because of the single office illuminators,
found in every breathing building
the night shift family I never met,
will still glow behind little screens
or candle light thought bubbles and ink
the morning will still spill coffee all over him
but only on mondays, when he’s running late
mondays will always come
sunday mornings will still petition against alarm clocks
and sunday, hereself, will always win
it will rain and it won’t
either way, without me
temporary title
Diana Santiago Oct 2018
I dream of Sundays with you
In the next life after this one
Where your snore will awaken me
And your spiral curls tickle my eye

We'll lay in your bed under sheets
Witness the light of the sunrise
Decide on where to have breakfast
Feel too lazy to get up and dressed

I won't be void of your affections
In the next life after this one
You'll be my sweet baby
And I your greatest love

Emily Jun 2018
Ohh it’s the second and last,
Tomorrow is again the start.

Got to make it count,
Don’t let it get you down.

Forget what is to follow,
It will ruin your day if you do so.

Go exploring,
Keep those ideas pouring.

Time is in your control,
With every thought and idea it is sure to lift your soul.
I always need motivation for Sunday’s, it’s such a sad thought knowing I’m back at work the next day!
siba Mar 2018
It is Sunday 

Sundays are rest and wrestling

Are knots knotting in stomachs

Are heavy with food and feelings with no space left for settling

Is a farce, is a distant fallacy like freedom

is not mine to have in the world
Dana Skorvankova Nov 2017

was there really ever a clue
how to stand
against them
or get through?
Preparing yourself for the incoming week would keep you up even in comfortable weather
Sundays are just a reminder that you do not have your **** together
Lady Grey Oct 2017
I think it’s the Sundays that hit me the hardest
Coming down from the high of the weekend only to realize
I have school tomorrow.

And don’t tell me to get over myself
That I’m just
“Overflowing with hormones”
“School isn’t that bad,
You just feel the way you do because you’re a teenager”

I mean,
I’m sure that’s part of it,
But really
Who wants to go to a place where they feel stupid and ******,
Overwhelmed and helpless
All the ******* time

School isn’t really even about learning anymore,
The average student doesn’t retain the information,
We just cram it into our heads day after day until that glorious time of the year comes--
And then we forget

But on these tense Sunday evenings,
When i feel the weight of everyone’s crushing expectations of me,
How i should be,
What i should be doing,
What i could be doing RIGHT NOW
I just feel like going to my room to cry
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