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PMc Feb 2
Hello all you beautiful people
that’s how I would start my dissertation
beautiful people with nothing to lose
and everything to gain

while **** people,
plain people persons like me
have to work so hard, softened, while you,
intent on being beautiful,
are nothing
if not beautiful

My one thought gets lonely when I see you
what ought to be considered entire and whole
will one day also grow old
the beautiful are nothing if
not beautiful

For me thought comes naturally and I
consider myself fortunate as I must be
content at not being beautiful,
am forced to say something so profound
that a phrase line like
“I broke a nail”
is not as life threatening
“How about the price of gas”
won’t seem as wonderfully global
as it would from beautiful persons,
intent on being simply beautiful
when beautiful is simple
or vice-verse

**** person you see must work at being
charming, quick witted and swift
while you polish nails
I polish my lines for a play in which
the only star is the beautiful person
behind my **** shell

A treatise on Bach, formal judgments of global peace
Orwellian theory into practice
both animalistic and I-Robotesque
work their way into **** people conversation.

Not, “the price of gas”
but "why" the price of gas
or *how" the price of gas
and knowing the answers.

Plain persons have so much more going their way
for the effort expended learning something crucial
something literal, may one day eke a way into
beautiful persons conversation
beautiful people intent on being beautiful
are only beautiful and nothing
if not beautiful.

As for the cockeyed slim-jim like me
I’ve got a lot of learning to do
my hopes of ever being beautiful have long since passed
I thank the Gods and technology for the quest to question
and the simple beauty of not being beautiful

For if I knew nothing except how to be beautiful
I’d be lost for last words
and as for being beautiful
I’d be nothing if
only beautiful
Not sure if this is another "angry" phase or simply a statement of fact.  No offence intended to beautiful people - there are millions.
T J W Nov 2018
I fear living for someone
centring someone in my universe
I fear not not wanting to be alone
constant noise in my silence
I fear wasting my time on someone
putting my life on hold for them to leave
I fear a lifetime of small talk
being a product of their routines and races
I fear not finding belonging
not being in control
I fear the prison of my mind
never finding the person I don't fear with
I fear not being special in the insignificance
never being not afraid to be vulnerable
I fear only existing
Jack Jul 2018
I hate small talk
Although it's a start
It's always the same questions
Those questions beg similar answers
"How's your day"
"Do you like the weather"

I want big talk
Two intellectuals conversing
I want to talk about space
The intricacies of clouds
The beauty of the world
Or even controversies

Let's all take the time to move from mere small talk to big talk
I'm just fed up with all of the small talks I've had recently
kk Jul 2018
Swerving in, I re-enter
A roundabout conversation
Driving mindless words
You make me flushed
It gives me a rush
As all of our cars
Scramble out of our garages
Dan Beyer Jan 2018
I do not say
What a day contains
The conversation dull
Though you may ask
I will pass
To speak would all be bull.
melli7 Jun 2016
I don't judge you
out loud
I laugh when you want me to and
smile at convenient intervals and lulls in
conversation in
Erin Halle Jun 2016
Chaos devours me;
let's small talk and pretend that
everything's fine.
Denel Kessler Jun 2016
Ignore the veiled murmur beneath
the social graces and party conversation

excuse this bland ****** arrangement
feigning interest in tales worn thin
cruising the same old Memorial Parkway.

This, and the embedded gravel
marking each grim rotation:


the weight of relentless perfection.
Elizabeth May 2016
We communicate
Through weather pattern and change.
Love through jet stream line.
Hannah Nov 2015
I'll meet you in Paris and we'll talk about the weather.
It's just small talk though-- something to fill the silence,
you'd think we'd know better.
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