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on my word

what a beautiful gesture
and a wondrous sight
a blessed day
finished with a symphonic night
Zack Ripley Jan 13
The crack of the neck
the pop of the knee.
These sounds are parts of the symphony of me.
Compassion is the basis of morality.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Saying bye-bye, a farewell symphony
To someone you loved

Saying bye-bye, a bitter experience
To something you believed.

Likewise, restrained tears at a departure hall;
As if listening to a movement of the finales
Of a fantastic life symphony

His eyes were drifting away;
Her appearance was pale and fatigued.
When the last movement ended
They hugged,
it was the last time they met up.

Morals or control, what is it?
Wasn't it odd to enjoy the voice of central controlled squads?
And what is the best time to cry for nationalist values?

Morals or domain? where does it exit?
Without realising the truth turns to sinner .
Why are many leaders leading the flocks?
Although, he and she never practiced what they preached.

Morals or law, who is in charge?
Without guilt,  cast the first stone.
Why are those sorrows hidden in their hearts
hence, who gets offended when its upon us?

Saying bye-bye, morals,
A symphony of never finished music scores,
Will they just discover
Once all is said and done 

And was that a successful concert?
were those favourite movement
All along.
Current global epidemic coronavirus leads us to think more about our morality, when there is a natural disaster around.

A leaf
it’s own
tale for
you, in
with the
of your veins,
as you lie
there and
hear the
music you
once had
sought to
hide, you
wished to
write about
it, rather,
you closed
your eyes,
for the ones,
as you, who
struggled to
reveal their
words are
the ones
with the
wells of
you, who
was once
those in the
sea of nothing,
sung your
song and
found a drop
akin to their
own, and so,
you and them
were no longer
a blur.
Diksha Prashar Nov 2019
Let’s create our own symphony,

mixing little love and fantasy.

Yet, you denying chemistry.
TS Nov 2019
The wind plays a symphony that only the silent can hear.
Close your eyes, put your mind at peace, and open you heart to the sound.
Let the breeze fill your lungs and lift you higher.
Hear the rustle of the leaves high above and the gusts whistling a tune.
Windchimes add percussion while the hum of the earth beneath your feet casts a steady beating of your heart.
Breathe in, breathe out becomes the harmony.
And the wind roars the melody.
You are the conductor, the one in control.
You guide the song through its journey and take a victorious bow.
And when you stand and look out again and wonder why it has to go,
Remember that there will always been another symphony storm

aennij Sep 2019
You are the symphony I keep on finding,
The harmony I keep on humming,
The reason why I'm smiling,
The rhythm that keeps me going.

I found you once in this tune,
a song bright as the moon.
Within a beat, I was swoon.
This music I always impugn.

So I always catch myself smiling and listening,
over and over, it is not tiring.
I keep on humming and crooning,
finding you, that's what I am hoping.

And I beam for this symphony,
this gracious and quiet melody.
I found a friend in harmony,
because of you I smile harmoniously.
aih Sep 2019
I carry my heart in a tight grip
With a melody, a symphony
That trembles out my lament
Of longing to be who I used to be
In hopes I change my path
To the one I am meant to be.
Mitch Prax Sep 2019
There’s a symphony
in her voice and it's playing
on all my heartstrings

10:19 PM
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