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RosieDreams Sep 2020
Give me your pain
Your deepest sorrows
And your loveliest gains.

Give me a part of your heart,
Give me some of your kindness,
Give me your hatred of everything.

Give me your burdens so that I might
Lighten them in hopes of
You finally sleeping peacefully through the starry night.

I am your friend,
And I can assure you I always be here,
Until the very end
My beautiful, beautiful Oreo.
To my dear friend,

We go along with crazy ideas
And do mischief  with impish glee
Put up with worst moods
Do magics to make tears flee
You stayed as my 'mirror n shadow'
When others left me so easily
I would fear nothing
When you are with me
I promise to stay true
Till the bitter end of the sea(s)
when all leave,you fail ,totally broken and still if you have a soul to care about you motivate and put you together, YOU ARE THE MOST LUCKIEST .a true close friend does that.they stay with you.i'm lucky as i j=have got one
Arisa Apr 2019
"i can't do anything right"
she says to me

"You can do plenty."
I say to her.

"not really"
she says to me

"Well, you can be here with me."
I say to her.

"anyone can do that"
she says to me

"No. Only you."
I say to her.
A conversation.
Riane Apr 2019
Dear friend ,
You're fading away,
Bit by bit.
I see you lose pieces of yourself,
I see you shift boundaries,
And bend rules,
All I seem to be doing is holding you back.
You lose your temper at me.
Tell me you don't need me anymore.
And that's okay.
All good things come to an end.
Change is beautiful
Even if it means I'll lose you.
So I'll let go.
Wish you the best.
And whisper goodbye.
Ever had a friend grow slowly distant?
Ever stop and wonder what you did wrong?
Or what you didn't do?
Jasmin jazz Aug 2018
My friend
Always be with us..
Help us in studies..
Find excuses for us..
Shares whatever (s)he gets..
Keeps great secrets for us..
Guides   us  to the  truth..
They   will be next to us..
Never     ever      forgets..
We will never regrets..
True gift from heaven
(S)he will be our
At a very last moment
There is a time
to get separated
Unbearable for us..
We hug each other
And cry aloud and
Whispers on ears."I Love You"
"You are my best friend ever"
《This poem has the shape of a lamp》
Commonly found in Indian villages..
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
He's just a vapor appearing on the horizon..
offering me some.
He's just a musical tune,
a story that I zoomed in on ta listen ta its toon.
And I don't wanna feel a thing.
Feeling is costing me somethings.
I don't want that vapor of smoke..
I have wings to keep me afloat.
Baby your wanting that private moment.
I'ma wonder where it went.
I need ta feel    what your flying on.. what keeps ya strong.
Has you holding on..Makes ya wanna bring me along.

I'm tired of wondering.
Tired of witholding.
Maybe I just need scolding.
Cuz I knew all along
yah was just a vapor of smoke on the horizon.
Wanting and needing yah some...One!
Maybe meh.
what ever it is your experiencing.
imagining... and playing within your mindful melodies
be at ease ALLOW ROOM for my perplexities.
and excuse my exits when I need em.
Cuz you are like Mr. give me some relax have fun.
And I must be mindful of meh.
And not feel a see.
by selinasharday Rose 2017 S.A.M
That kinda thing!
Dreamer Apr 2016
A beautiful soul is my enemy, a fake smile is what I see... worsening everyday, everyway. Her eyes are always honest... always sad.
"Trust me! Everything'll be fine " I can't say this to her.
Because we're enemies.
MegAnne McNally Sep 2015
In the early morning hours I count the number of times you have saved my life.
Even in your collapsing frame you attempt to strong arm my demons,
Try to hold up the crumbling roof of my strife.
I do not deserve your love.

In the coming days(is it really so soon?)
You will move away.
Find a new life in quiet town.
If I am lucky you will forget.
Memories only last as long as you visit them.
And I will cherish all of my own.
Despite your wishes to just disappear, i cannot forget someone so close to me.
Family is forever, and though we are not blood what we have is definitely thicker than water.

Even on the days that God and I forget to speak,
I always ask for your protection.
If I cannot protect myself I will spill empty breaths to ask that you remain safe.
You are too great a soul to lose.

I am so blessed to hear your laughter,
Even if it is stifled by the tears you spill.
It is still angel's bells in the wind of a storm.
Such sweet music distracts from the incoming disaster.
I know your storm is more hurricane than rain shower,
And I swear that despite the wreckage, you will be safe, you will still be strong.

There will come a day that we will be permanently separated,
When that day comes know that you will always have my love.
It is not much,
But it is all I have to give.

And if you ever need a friend,
Someone to remind you that everything will work out in the end,
Look for my name in your contacts list.
For the best friend I could have asked for, whom I thank God for everyday.
Aditi May 2015
It is hard to see,
To tell myself,
You still are the guy
Who made my world better
Just by existing in it
One look at me, and
you would know
The exact words to say

I can tell it by your ways
That you find it hard to remember
The reasons why your
reasonings were swept away
And I became
The only exception,
The one to hold
The key to your heart

Now I'm holding this white flag
I'm putting my weapons down
Can you see
The girl you used to be in love with?
Because I can see it clearly
You still are that guy
I would love to get lost with

Tell me,
How did things go so wrong
You won't even look at me
Without feeling a shame
I used to be your grace
What happened?

I'm sorry for all those times
I shoved you away
With those rude words
I put our relationship on a display
But I did not know any better way
To stop myself from loving you

So my mind had to do
Everything in its power
To keep a leash on my heart
Which kept crawling back to you

And in the process
I lost my best friend
I want it back
Will you let him
Come to me?
I miss him, so badly

I hope by now you have noticed
This world is far too cruel
Masks and treachery at every step
And I can't help but reminisce
about the good times
We were each other's safe haven

Our paths crossed,
Then we separated
And I was too bitter
Because you were the only thing
I wanted so badly to stay

I see it now,
So better and clearly
We still are the people
We fell in love with
Even though,
There is no romantic love here anymore
I hope,
For ever and more
We will be each other's best friend
I still love you. But I can't let that get in between us. Not anymore. Tigger And Pooh. Forever And More
we are sisters we fight and argue
but at the end of the day i love you

you help me through the good and bad
you stay with me when im happy or sad

i love you with my heart and soul
alyssa you know never to let go

when your not here i cry a tear
and if anyone uses your name

badly i wont cry sadly ill just
say to them dusty hoes go the

way the wind blows go **** a
**** go eat a ***** because

we dont want to **** with you
i love my bestfriend alyssa<3
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