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Nika Sandadze Jan 31
leaves fall
Leaving the roots, the trunk, branches
Slow, delicate Journey
Towards the destination. their purpose
Some are here to stay
Some scatter away

Yellow leaves
Filling up with streaks of brown
Venom spreading in the veins
They fall again

No more hint of color
No freshness
Until there’s nothing left but
Brown rust and stiffness

Leaves they fall
Returning to the roots
Using leaves as analogy to life, death and aging in between.  Everything starts at the roots and returns to the roots again
Nika Sandadze Jan 23
The wind is so Ruthless; cold
It goes through my skin
Piercing my bones
I wonder If I can I ever
Feel Warm again

Winter Wind – A merciless Character
Sometimes it yells
Sometimes, Talks to us so softly
Brushing against our ears, hair, skin

Oh Wind, I am so Jealous !
You are so free, so strong, so ancient
Bringing me stories from far away
Since our first interaction

Carrying Others’ weight
Across mountains and valleys
Seas and oceans
Nature’s silent language
Speechless, you scream!
Nothing to see
So much to feel
Nika Sandadze Jan 13
Everything you learned from me
You get to keep forever
They are yours
They are free

Never came with a price-tag
but it came at a price for me

I never locked the door
You were free to leave
the moment you walked in

And all i kept from you
will collect dust over the years
Until they become dust themselves

Door remains unlocked
Hoping one day you will turn the ****
and dust off everything you left behind
Nika Sandadze Dec 2019
Separated by oceans and continents
Counting down the endless days
to arrive at your kiss
the further you are
the more the flame grows
Longing for you has conquered
my body and soul
Nika Sandadze Aug 2019
Just like rain falling
On the ground
My heart was falling
Nika Sandadze Aug 2019
I’ve never seen the sea so calm
The Wind is silent, stars are gone

Chains are off, but I remain still
Just like the cliffs of Greece, standing proud
Yet at the bottom, as the cave fills up with water,
I am deadlocked, i suffocate, I drown.

you gave a kiss, you said, „goodbye“
The rays of the sun burst through the clouds
Warm, yet untouchable, like the heaven in the sky
Poem about someone i met briefly in Greece

— The End —