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I need a self-intervention
Flush any pill, destroy every weapon
Wish that my mind learned from these lessons
The more that I think, the more I’ve been stressing
Put my teeth to the pavement
All hope is gone, burned and degraded
Still questioning, “Will I still make it?”
Somehow that’s still an understatement
Drown inside of my drinking
Still over thinking, still under sinking
A paranoid android, flickering blinking
Flirting with my demons, so they thought I was winking
Build my heart like an engine
Start again, then forget all that’s regretted
Find me in the dark with the truth in confession
I need a new resurrection

So tell me things
I couldn’t know
Cause we keep running
These straight line slopes
So tell me things
I’d **** to know
Cause we keep running
We keep running

And who knew we’d
Feel pain so long
What made us weak
Will makes us strong
Made us weak that makes us strong
Who knew this pain would stay so long?
What made us weak, will make us strong

Take me back a week ago
It’s going fast, I’m feeling slow
A feeling that I can’t admit
I’m not ready for Christmas spirit
Summer heat turned to Fall leaves
Sad, with nothing left to grieve
Someday this will all go away
But I still wish that became today
Lyrics to my new song
I was living on borrowed time
But now I know, I’ll find my own
This felt like an unknown building
But now I know, this is my home
I wanted every answer to come
But now I know, to give it time
I used to feel an ounce of guilt
But now I know, it’s just my mind

I’m in the middle
But that is a good thing
It all feels simple
What any day can bring
I’m in the middle
Where I’m meant to be
I’m here for a while
I’ve got a life to see

I dove for affection and attention
I was a small piece of your life
Now I feed on my own acceptance
Where feeling peace brings the light
I’m not in heaven, oh no not yet
But I’ve run past the worst of my regret
I used to think this period was the answer
But I’m an afternoon before sunset
Why say goodbye when my purpose was nothing abound?
Just a reminder that someone held you as valuable sound?
It was all my choice, and curiosity is such a painful flirt.
It’s easier to forget what you’ve lost than remember what you’ve found.
I know my heart like a fugitive reveals the shadow of a bloodhound.
So don’t act like I never listened while I have only been around.
I’m just a puzzle piece of a photo that only made you hurt.
Drop the framed history on the hardest part of the ground.

To give the key to someone
Who wouldn’t hold the door
If you wanted your closure
You could have said so much more
I know my worth
That’s why it hurt
I am not a golden coat and broken core
Some sad stuff I guess lol
I’ve got my laugh and cheeky wink
But that’s who I am on the fifth drink
And at this point I’ll tell the truth
With so much time, we are the youth
So pick my mind, aim for the brain
Learn too much, I’ll be whom to blame
The feeling’s short, it’s feeling long
It comes and goes, an endless song
All rise for the National Anthem
Guilt free lies and mild tantrums
Give the opera, I have the phantom
It’s organized, but all feels random
Sometimes I’ll write to the melody of a song and spill out whatever words and feelings come out. I don’t know if this meant to be anything direct, but it’s how I feel
Staying up late til the light comes back
Thinking of things I should’ve kept in the past
I wish my mind and eyes could finally match
My brain feels dark, wish my sight was black
If I over drink, I over think, I wanna sink
Submerge me so my body feels equal
And once again, it never ends, all my zen
Used to be ten but now it’s zero and dull
Staying up late til the light comes back
My mind’s on **** I should’ve kept in the past
I wish my mind and eyes could finally match
My brain feels dark, wish my sight was black
The fire came, but the bridge wasn’t burned
Every scar I’ve had are ones I’ve earned
Deleting conversations from the earth
And the way I acted still makes me hurt
This is my fourth day in row being sober
Fourth day where I didn’t wish this was over
I’ll count my blessing like four leaf clovers
The love you gave makes the heat feel colder
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