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A 21h
I think I started giving up on us when you asked me to be you
but I still stayed longer than I should've because I wanted you to see how absolutely beautiful you could be before I returned to myself
A Oct 16
"Because they want to" is never reason enough. It is barely a reason at all.
A Oct 16
I awake full of you and nothing else
and when the dreams sink back,
I have nothing left
A Oct 11
I'm mad at myself for wanting something more than me. How can I not be enough?
A Oct 7
You just have that effect on me
where you get into every inch,
fill every cell,
until you are perfectly everywhere

Until all I say is you,
until your taste,
your cool tongue against mine,
is all I can breathe

Until I can't see,
blinded by the spark in your brown eyes,
making everything turn into your color

Until my words of you
are just pouring out of my fingers,
trying to grasp as I write you down

And you even make me wake up
with your name ringing in my head,
as if I've been calling for you all night

And I know our memories back and forth,
I've visited them so often
that they are tattooed across my mind,
carved into my chest,
so even my heart knows when to skip that beat

But it just gets hollow,
filling myself up with old memories,
so torn and tormented,
so far away from you

Like I'm living out of old air,
to thin to give any real release
but to lightheaded to stop
A Oct 7
I've written a hundred books in my mind,
longed thousands of nights,
dreamt a million days away
and yet, you are not here
A Sep 12
It broke into my fantasies, crushing my daydreams. Making my longing break into an ever higher pace whilst the rug was pulled from under my feet. Facedown, sweat and tears, blood and pieces. Tasting the rock bottom, falling from the clouds. Breaking my bones, my connection to you, making me blind.

It really did break my heart, seeing you two.

Broke it in a non-refundable kind of way, a permanent way. Broke the pieces I'd left of you, for you, saved, so that we could one day return.
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