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Redaviel Dec 2020
Sleeping soundly after late night talks
Our ups and downs felt like good exercise
For frowns and laughs were brisk walks
Only to rest in happiness and feel nice
Things happened, and everything felt light
Stories became phrases, then lost its weight
Until it went silent, drowned in blank white
No matter how I try, doesn't matter, too late
I was sad and angry and felt so ******* heavy
Lost trust, inside rust, all was just nothing
It's fine now though, the rain stopped suddenly
Let's stay indoors where it's safe, darling
Redaviel Nov 2020
Under moon's serenade and breath, we sat together
Night's a theater play about an imaginary forever
I don't know it was the last, only it was cold
December's gone and it was January, new year old
And I don't know it was the last, only it was cold
Sorry, don't worry, only time will heal me
That night was a silent farewell, only you knew
Right after that, I've lost also a part of me
Every steps we took, was a friendship closure
Every bit of promise you said felt so unsure
That night, you lied to end it, only I knew
So I forgive you and me, for I hate the cold
Redaviel Nov 2020
Tonight's lovely and moon glow leaks
How long should I wait to pinch those cheeks?
Waiting, thinking, still looking forward to
That pleasant heartbeat when I meet you
A morning, daydreaming, what should I do?

If the sun's sleeping, gray clouds will play
An umbrella, cinderella, brought and fit for you
A little bit of inconveniece is small price to pay
When the day comes and I know the words to say
To make you smile, I don't know, we'll find a way
Redaviel Oct 2020
My worth isn't enough to fill a purse
My luck's a black cat and some cheap curse
But my spirit's there and willing to take chances
To get your attention and ask you for romantic dances
The moment is for everyone, ours is the sweet minute
Sweet serenade, party lemonade, we'll drown in it
Music for hearts, work of arts, this is masterpiece
The warmth of your smile is the meaning of bliss
If you tell me that tomorrow's reserved for two
Then the table's set, know that I love you too
Dinner's forever warm, the slice of cake is great
Wine's aged with time, like the future if we wait
You'll never be mine in this sweet period we live in
And someone selfish and messed up won't hurt you
This story is for the books, it could've been
Bah! Now's the moment for us to dance in this scene
Redaviel Oct 2020
Dalhin mo ako sa lugar na alam natin
Alam ko naman na ikaw ay tapat at totoo
Magkano ba ang pagsang-ayon mo sa akin?
Kahit kulang ang sukli, babayaran ng buo
Hindi pansin ang pag-andar at oras sa biyahe
Sanay naman ako na sumakay at umabante
Ang balat ay basa sa pawis at masarap na init
Sa ingay galing sa iyo, katahimikan ay napunit
Tulad ng mabagal na pagpunit sa daanang masikip
Makakaraos rin sa huli, walang lugar ang inip
At sa sukdulan, parehos na pagod, hinga ng malalim
Sabay tayo nakarating, sa liwanag at dilim
Redaviel Oct 2020
We were like train platform strangers
And found each other on opposite sides
Life is a sea and sun and moon are celestial lovers
We found our calm between opposing tides
You are a hot reason, like the summer season
Melted my emotional ice and made a paradise
Wished for you behind my wall like romantic treason
Suddenly, I found myself looking at the windows twice
Are we not meant to share this forever? So it seems
And a brief dance reside only in fever dreams
Maybe you're the destination, maybe you're the way
I am foolish and wrong, so I just want to say
I'll still share with you a part of my everyday
As you share with me the morning that makes us stay
Redaviel Sep 2020
A bunch of bittersweet memories
Like a tourist destination on a discount
I tried to make time and effort to visit
Because one will never compare the joy
Of sunny morning with a little bit rain
Like moving forward with little bit pain
Because one will never let go of feeling
The amber afternoon that is slowly fleeing
Saying last goodbye without anyone knowing
But I'd rather stay indoors and in my Home
For you are the paradise, my sweet Home
You're a bunch of new happy memories
Like a destination I'll pay to forever stay
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