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Once pure green, now red with desire
If this flame will spread with passion
Let it be, the warmth that you desire
Our feelings might be carnal treason
But our flesh surely will melt in the fire
The tongue is mischievous with hot reason
As it explores, digs, fight, and admire
You're a masterpiece worthy of sensual arson
I am yours and you are mine, I'll always admire
The space is a cold place
Distant, void, ******* cold, graveyard of everything old
The space is a cold place
The distance, however measurable, always feel unfairly far
The space is a cold place
I float without direction, sleeping, only dreaming of the day
That gravity will take me back to your warm face
Very few deserve to live long enough in peace
Aren't we all bandits in this god-forsaken place?
Under our feet, dormant evil sleep like a baby
Leaving is salvation, but we chose to **** ourselves
To know that we deserve reward is to gamble with death
How did we end up in this god-forsaken place?
Under the impression that this is an ordinary stroll
Now, we are stranded, lost, but still alive
To know and to move forward is to invite death
Even in the face of flora and fauna and trauma
Ready we are, guns blazing, we'll move forward
Tribute to Borderlands video game series
Redaviel Feb 14
How do I get her attention?
If a nervous greeting is a paper airplane
And a stranger's smile the nervous breeze
Then maybe I'll start with aerodynamics
But she isn't a pilot, she's maybe a mechanic
She might notice that my airplane has faulty wings
And the breeze carried little weight or feel
But I know that my engine's well-maintained
And the screws and bolts in my head are fine
If my hopes dance around thin ropes
And flying is but a hopeless romantic's dream
Then I wish that the wind bring us together
And we'll maintain what will let us fly in love
Personal poem - to Joyce
Redaviel Feb 12
Restless nights, restless hearts
Occupied with hobbies and interactions
Bonds forged on course inside and out
Found people who pursued thy arts
Found memories and heartbreaks
I only wish to earn my keep and get out
I know they are but fleeting valuables
But why do they still have a home in me?
And why the door is always unlocked?
Redaviel Feb 8
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
There's a part of this world that stays the same
I care not the wars and the atmospheric fever
You found happiness when you left, I wished the same
Rain, sunny, windy, gloomy
The last picture when we were together, stayed the same
We got lost somewhere and we grew apart suddenly
And I can't let you go, wishful thinking you'd do the same
Redaviel Jan 31
We are almost lovers, our vibes nearly in harmony
Time was something we wished we kept in a jar
If young promises are tomorrow vows in ceremony,
Then why do I keep watching you two from afar?
These pews looked like tall walls of maturity
Keeping me away from the temptation to intervene
I promised to not let go, let it flow, desperately
But why today is what we could've been?
I forgive you and myself for everything
This is the ending, a closure, faded old picture
I know we could've been something
But I know today is a farewell to treasure
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