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Ileana Amara Jan 14
a man appeared in my dream last night;
a kind soul and his features were clear,
a fragile heart tugged, i know i'm not his dear
i woke up, wanting to hold him tight.

01.14.21. | it's a strange wonder.
Amanda Hawk Jun 2020
These days, anxiety pools around feet
And I drown, which means
I wake up randomly gasping
Pulling at the air, searching for a ladder
Flailing in early morning
As if I am trying to fly
I want to fly away or pull the moon down
So I can build sandcastles on its surface
Then move in, taking residency up in the stars
Fear comes in waves, ebbing and flowing
Over my nerves, breaking down sandcastles
Anxiety, a fountain, always overflowing
Seeping into the corners of my eyes
And I cry for a raft in this tumultuous sea
Glenn Currier May 2020
When I try to hold on to a lovely present
its gift disappears.
Thanks to Andrew Crawford for the idea for this poem.
Chris Apr 2019
Laying in bed
Grasping for straws
Ignoring what's said
No care for laws.

This lack of care
Is what put you there
How should I feel
Been stuck with your bill.

But I'll still wait
For the time to come
I know it's fate
For you'll be undone.
Idk what I was going for. If you find a meaning please let me know.
Manasvi Garg Feb 2019
every night
i end up writing something about you-
the way your lips moved along with mine
to voice our poetries together
the way your hands slipped around my waist
to lead me through a slow dance
the way your eyes twinkled into mine
to make me want to write something about them;
about you-
i don’t want to write about you.
i’m done with making you the ink
of every phrase i scribble
of letting you be the canvas of
my artwork
it’s like
this poem isn’t mine anymore
it belongs to you
you are the words in it
and, you are it’s heart;
our heart,
It calls for you
because, i’m too scared to do it
on my own-
call for you.
i can’t let you have more pieces of me
than you already do
even though it’s me
who’s still holding onto
your memories
your touch
your voice
your clothes
your scent
here is the only place
i have you for me
it’s like the world goes in a blur
and, it’s just you
and us
holding onto each other
not letting go.
but, it’s just me
who’s hugging
my memories of you
grasping, clutching-
not letting go.
the pen slips my grip
your warmth escapes me
i did it again.
i wrote about you.
and like every other night
I end up writing about you-
but i don’t want to.

i don’t want your hugs anymore
Isaac Aug 2018
People trying to find
themselves in a lost mankind.

Grasping for money and fame,
not knowing what is the aim.

Hoping for a day
when worries will be washed away.

While Jesus knocks on our door,
waiting to heal our world at war.
Written 2 August 2018
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"10 W 4 mw"

I see you   in the past
I want you  now
Leal Knowone Sep 2017
Tears flow down her face.
Agony from recent past, she clings to like a drowning body floating at sea.
Useless debris.
There's a taste of  duality in all things.
A sorrow reality can bring.  
Though this is a mere moment in time it seems like it is everything. How does one gauge pain if it is something we hope not to be remembering?

She lets herself became jaded, a heart slowly turning to stone. Heading down a path she lets herself believe she knows.
She lets herself believe she knows all there is to know.
If she takes a wrong turn there could be more suffering, or more joy then she would have otherwise know.
Who really knows which way to go?
Devin Lawrence Oct 2015
One day
You find yourself
Holding onto dreams of old
And grasping at answers
Both old and new.

One day
You look in the mirror-
Time has passed you by-
And the only blame
Is yours.

One day
You feel drained,
Filled with “what if”,
With nothing to show.
What a shame.

One day
It comes together.
You see like you’ve never seen;
It’s so clear, now
You’re on your way.

One day
You find yourself
Wondering how you ever thought
You aren’t a star-
You’re a sunbeam.
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