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Azariah Dec 2023
Let's be careful with who we view our broken pieces to.
Azariah Nov 2023
I would rather not decorate my day with you.
Because when the celebration is over,
I'll be left to clean up
by myself.
Azariah Nov 2023
A year ago I clung onto the covers on my bed... lamenting... heartbroken over you.

Today, you're more of a fading scar than a gaping wound.
Azariah Jul 2023
When we broke up,
I remember clasping my heart in my hand.

I could not believe that my heart had escaped out off its cage.

Trying to chase after you,
Desperately trying to get back to where it belonged.

I almost died trying to unlove you.
My first panic attack left me in awe about how deeply you had intertwined in my very being.
Azariah Jul 2023
Those butterflies I felt,
that fluttered to the zenith of  dangerous firmaments,

they too die.
Azariah Jul 2023
I asked you to take a look at the lacerations you caused.
All you could do was, avert your gaze. All you could say was, "I'm sorry."


"You will heal."
Azariah May 2023
People get lonely,
And that's okay.

But I want to be lonely with you,
Is that okay too?
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