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To my dear friend,

We go along with crazy ideas
And do mischief  with impish glee
Put up with worst moods
Do magics to make tears flee
You stayed as my 'mirror n shadow'
When others left me so easily
I would fear nothing
When you are with me
I promise to stay true
Till the bitter end of the sea(s)
when all leave,you fail ,totally broken and still if you have a soul to care about you motivate and put you together, YOU ARE THE MOST LUCKIEST .a true close friend does that.they stay with you.i'm lucky as i j=have got one
I went into a dark corner
To write a poem about shadows
But She wouldn't let me do that
She was there in the dark smiling

So we talked awhile
About the dark things in life
How I need to let them out sometimes
As a kind of cleansing

We looked at each other there
And all the time
She looked steadily into my right eye
Where I could see myself reflected

So long as I can conjour Her
I am not alone - Sally, lightens.
I asked Her, there in the corner,
Could she help with the shadows...

She said, "We dont have any..."
A valentine, of course, to a dearest friend. She manages uniquely to be far away living a very busy responsible life and yet everytime I need counsel she is here in my head being true.
Madeline Rangel Sep 2019
Your a true friend?
Yet, you continue to talk about me.

Your a true friend?
Yet, your only there when it’s convenient.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you never once seem to be around when I need you.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you put no effort to reach out to me.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you can’t be honest with me.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you only use me to get a head.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you never once ask me if I’m alright.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you ignore my messages.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you always cancel on me to hangout with someone else.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you can never apologize for your mistakes.

Your a true friend?
Yet, you continue to let me down.

Your a true friend to someone else and no longer gave me a space in your new life. I’ve been replaced. You were a true friend, but that was a long time ago.
J Apr 2016
Ilang tao na ang dumaan,
Ilang problema na ang pinasan,
Ngunit walang sumalo nung ako’y nahulog,
Duguan ang aking mga tuhod.

Umiyak sa sulok,
Mga panahong ako’y nagmukmok,
Walang nakapansin sa mga matang malungkot,
Dahil sa mga ngiting tinatago ang takot.

Marahil lahat ng tao ay ganoon,
Para maiwasan ang lungkot sa ibang bagay nakatuon.
Pero hindi ba dapat alam mo na?
Hindi na dapat sabihin o tanungin pa.

Ang ngiti ay isang maskara,
Na may pusong onti-onti nang nagsasara,
Pagod na magbigay saya,
Sa taong akala niya pinahahalagahan siya.

Ngunit sa oras na onti nalang ang butas,
Sa pintong may posibilidad na hindi na maaaring bumukas,
Dumating ang isang taong hindi inaasahan,
Inayos ang dating malungkot at magulong tahanan.

Salamat sa iyo,
**Salamat kaibigan ko.
Thank you for everything
Kenny Whiting Mar 2016
There's one thing I must share with you,
I've learned I can depend
On certain people in my life,
My family and my friends!
I thank you for not judging me
As sin in life I trod
Instead you knelt and prayed that soon
I'd give my life to God!
I'm thankful that you stood by me
Through sorrow, pain and strife
You've never let me hurt alone
Not one time in my life!
I thank you for encouraging me
As Jesus worked on me
I hope that you now know down deep
I'll forever thankful be!
I'm thankful for the love you've shown
A blessing from above
A package that My God sent down
A taste of His own love!
I thank you for your prayers for me
For lifting up my name
Without your friendship in my life
I'd never be the same!
I'm thankful for best friends like you
On whom I now depend,
A special friendship sent from God,
My faithful lifetime friend!
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
Many are friends everywhere
fewer are they that are dear.
some care but are rare,
while some can't compare.

Some are short, some are Tall.
with some, we love to talk
their ears are often on floor.
while some aren't there at all.

Tender as teddy,
priceless like an ancient log,
as old as the library book,
they are always on the hook.

Handle one with soft,
'cause they are fragile.
Be more humble,
sumptuous are subtle.
a good friend is a priceless jewelry.
If I tell you that I love you,
Would we still be in touch ?
No, I wouldn't allow myself to,
My love for you is too much.
If I do it anyway,
Would you give me another chance ?
No, you'll tell me to stay,
I already know even at first glance.

— The End —