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ktarrpropaganda Jan 2017
To have had and to have lost
Is so much worse
Than to have never had at all
When never having had at first
Would've spared a tragic fall
I will find a way to wipe you from my memory eventually. Until then, a poem.
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
If you're going to keep my heart
     Just take my body too
This heaping measly bag of bones
     Is what I've worn down to
Every sense I had to feel
     I gave them all to you
That brain does all the thinking
     Thinking thoughts of you
Those ears only play tricks on me
     In silence I hear you
This touch that once explored your frame
     I find reaching out to you
That nose that longed to brush your cheek
     Now smells only your perfume
Those eyes the window deep into
     The only one thing I can't get back from you

I know I'm in rags
But I gave all that I had
And I'm finding myself senseless
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
Me sitting in a chair with my usual poor posture
-we'll call this rest.

Behind me, a beautiful white ****** canvas
-we'll call this potential.

A shotgun loaded with paintbrushes
-we'll call this the medium.

Barrel in my mouth, the trigger clicks, then
-we'll call this expression.

Look past my limp soulless body to the now finished canvas. What do you think?
-we'll call this interpretation.

The reds are deep and the blues are true; little chunks of grey matter
-we'll call this promise.

However, it all dries black in the end    
-we'll call this accurate.  

Me still alive in my chair staring at the wall. Pen in my mouth. Ink in my teeth
-we'll call this gnashing insignificance.
I want to die often but tend to end up living instead.
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
Misery my muse,
Why doest thou so abuse?
Nary a bright young line to lend;
This dark and suffered view.
My Id must be a sadist and my ego a *******.
ktarrpropaganda Oct 2016
Perhaps I should move on this time...

     You keep telling me to "do me" and all I can think in return is "go **** yourself".

I don't want to fix me. That's why I picked you, don't you see?
I do now, with clarity.

I get so sick of examining myself that I'll pick a girl off the bottom shelf.
A fixer upper- a lost cause case.
Some deplorable skirt to chase.

I'll focus on you- I'll pick and mend; so I've no time to look within.
I'll build you up, I'll build you tall. Wretched me-I'll just crawl.

I put all this work into you and now you're strong, beautiful, and proud, standing loudly above the crowd.

But please don't dare return such grace. Don't give me time, love, or encouragement.
Save face...

Get ******* noble on me. I built you up too tall, you see. I'm still down here?
The foundation to your tower.
The minutes into your hour.
I'm the dirt and you're the flower.

I'm the roots unto your tree.
I fed you, gave you light, and set you free.
And what I get is just "Do me"?
I wish it were that easy...

Had I done that, you wouldn't be in such a fine ******* position to sling clichés and I wouldn't be in the gutter where you once laid.

Perhaps you're right...
I obviously need some work done. But ******* for taking all and giving none.
  Jun 2016 ktarrpropaganda
Justin G
Despite the heart which is froze
Hatred runs fluidly
Like the water in shattered glass
Like the blood in broken bones
Like the flames in our homes    
This hatred
It speaks to me
Like drugs to an addict

When it tells me to shoot
                                         I relapse and
                                       aim for the sky

I said..
In spite of my own humility
Hatred runs deeply
Like the roots beneath the dirt
Like the pain beyond the hurt
Like this poem before your eyes

I despise 
                Way too many lies
                And so little truth

I said..
I hate beautiful  
It cripples me deeply  
For you are my pity
My pain and their pleasure

When I am high
                           I'll collapse and fall
                        Far from this place
                        Of rotten bliss

I said..
Look at me        
Blood misrepresents me    
For I am cut differently
This pain isn't felt
Like the emptiness
Residing in your cup
It is felt
Like a toxic
Living inside the gut
Like these words
Traveling directly
Towards the stomach

I mean..
             Although this addiction kills me
           Hatred is also the remedy
          It is all I need to truly appreciate
          The little love I have left.
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