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Jonathan Moya Feb 2020
His arms were too short to box with God,
so God sent him down for more sparring.

He boxed the devil over and over and over,
the Father, Son, Holy Spirit doing the scoring.

When he beat the devil every round,
he tried again to punch the Lord.

His arm were still too short to reach His chin,
though this time he lasted about a round.

God sent him down again to box the sin of man,
Jesus needing a break from all that jive.

When he broke even he died and went to heaven,
spoiling for a rematch with the holy Lord.

At the pearly gates he landed a blow on Jesus’ chin
knocking a tooth out to a thousand clouds.

Jesus picked himself up from the canvas of heaven.
He smiled at him.  “Good fight”, he said.
K Balachandran May 2018
a pair of red gloves,
fury in brown boxer shorts;
blood splattered on floor!
Dana Skorvankova Oct 2016
I remember all of the
Shattered glass
Of every pain that put
Me here,

The unbearable sound of its
With its meaning long lost
In the wind
WNG Jun 2016
A man, a movement,
Whose words stung like a Bee,
But had the masses floating to him,
When he spoke about peace,
He shook up the World like he said he would,
And twisted our perceptions of what it meant to be a true hero,
And for that we thank you.
Rest in peace and power, the great Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016).
The ten count is over
He's down for the count
The Greatest is gone from this world

But, we will remember
He will stay here forever
As we think of the quips that he hurled

As fast as his fists flew
His lip was much faster
He rhymed with the greatest of ease

Parkinson's slowed him
But, we will remember
The Greatest of All...ALI

Known by the masses
After his time in the ring
He was an angel sent to this earth

He had his convictions
Became a man of the people
He showed what a real life was worth

A true gentle giant
With the speed of a mongoose
The Louisville Lip...that was he

We all know his trademark
How he floated and stung
The Greatest...Muhammad Ali
This life is not real.I conquered the world and It did not bring me satisfaction.God gave me this illness to remind me that I am not number one, He is.
-Muhammad Ali-
shooshu Jan 2016
sure I existed in
the equilibrium
of a blackeye
shut to the
perforations of
To my one n' only love 'Boxer' **
mk Jun 2015
your hands are calloused
your knuckles raw
your mouth is ******
your opponent on the floor

your heart is broken
your mind is numb
you’ve given up on hope
you don’t know what you’ve become

your victories stem from pain
your power from dismay
your glory from rage
you always knew it’d end up this way

one more fight
one more scar
one more win
to remind you who you are

every now and then
in the middle of a fight
her laugh echoes in your head
it reminds you of the light

the light you once had in your soul
the light which he stole
the light which kept you sane
the light which kept you whole

the thought of her
makes you push harder and faster
memories of her touch
remind you of your happily never after

the last time you saw her
the last time you tasted those lips
you always knew it’d come to an end
but just not like this

so you go in for that extra punch
you train that extra night
you cross the limits one more time
you win every last fight

victory after victory
you’re going through the motions
only you and her know
that you’re devoid of emotion

for a hero you’re called
and a champion as well
the truth is, however,
that you’re just a bitter man going through hell
// in hopes that it never ends this way between us //
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