n0r May 20
eyes glazed, passing...
at magnificence...
this doldrum...
muddy browns...
streaks of green...
an ever changing blues...

a sudden crackling in synapses
erupting through the real!

a pale iris gaining
electric sheen!
a meaningless menagerie
collapsing into an expanse!
within this little slab of goo!?
Shadows or shadows of shadows?
Danielle S Apr 9
And the night the night
Gets a tinkling of inkling
And big brains and cupped hands
To catch whichever stars decide
To fall
KMH Apr 1
You can pretend
That the black gloss
On my lashes
Will glue my eyes shut-
Make me blind to truth;
To ‘true knowledge.’
Go ahead.
Tell yourself
That my red-painted lips
Only spout nonsense.
It will only make it sweeter
When my wing-lined eyes
Give you whiplash
as I walk past you
To get my degree;
My award;
My paycheck.
Maybe if you’re ‘nice’
I’ll buy you an ice pack.
feminist makeup
© KMH 2018
Some women have great bodies
Some women have great minds
Some women have a bit of both.
They're the best kind.
Love  and Fear became closely identified from the start.
I don't think I've had an activity Without Fear
That didn't involve some form of learning.........
Something Intellectual
I guess that's the Jewish Curse?
Ramsha May 2017
Follow your
But take
Your brain
With you.
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
Me sitting in a chair with my usual poor posture
-we'll call this rest.

Behind me, a beautiful white virgin canvas
-we'll call this potential.

A shotgun loaded with paintbrushes
-we'll call this the medium.

Barrel in my mouth, the trigger clicks, then
-we'll call this expression.

Look past my limp soulless body to the now finished canvas. What do you think?
-we'll call this interpretation.

The reds are deep and the blues are true; little chunks of grey matter
-we'll call this promise.

However, it all dries black in the end    
-we'll call this accurate.  

Me still alive in my chair staring at the wall. Pen in my mouth. Ink in my teeth
-we'll call this gnashing insignificance.
I want to die often but tend to end up living instead.
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