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Mattrick Patrick Nov 2017
Hands, as delicate flowers fraulein.
Life so delicate, yet strong as spidroin.  

Daughter, mother, life, death;  tethered Aura
of preternatural forces, you are Sophia on Quora.

I am now realizing what's more ah
sweet aura, for the fores of life to crystallize and form a wet web;

A rainbow of sunshine's warm energy, sweet synergy,
dancing between the alpha and omega, love's light in victory.
This is a poem for my daughter.
Mattrick Patrick Jul 2017
When you lose everything you once had in mind, and in spirit you are a lost cause..
All is pain and guilt, suffering and neglect.
Love becomes a distant regret,
life persists instead.
You do me favor and I feel cheated, deflated, frustrated, and elated.

I feel nothing that makes any joy or choice: lie to myself
and mate with *******'s voice.

Glide on the edge of functionality and insanity, with or without holes, or breakdowns.
I see break through's and grade schools, improving my balance
and granting me the wisdom to stay humble,
and over time stable.
Mattrick Patrick Jan 2017
There was a buzzing, woke me from my bed,
(in the place between my ears)
calling me to a place where I'm not alone.
Dreams are fantastic in lovers arms instead,
especially when you've been lonely on your own.

Faint, just a whisper, forgotten;
clumsily on the edge of infinity,
ready to drop into a pool of what's rotten,
you're lost in sweet serenity.

Blissfully alive.
                  But where is your buzzing?
                                                   Where is your soul?

Surely you would have noticed
the subtle silence of a mausoleum,
the clattered bones of yesterday
only scatter when ya see em.

And I'm too 'fraid to 'pollogize for my mistakes,
misdeeds and mistreating you.
I've seen the floor that you whip me with,
and its not worth meeting too.

So I've decided to surrender
                         to that sweet sweet serenity.

I've decided to surrender to that sweet serenity,
running on dreams, standing alone
on a crowded sea of enmity. (I just don't care anymore!)
Its time to sleep. its time to open this door and find myself home.
Mattrick Patrick Sep 2016
I can't remember how I got here.
A striving to remember what I was
lead me to a song that I never heard.

Neck and my body strain,
its only when I'm dancing
that I feel like I'm alive.  

But I sit in this lazy boy all day instead.
arthritic hands typing and clicking on internet pages.
I have put myself on the doorstep of death.

But I can't complain about my sore ***.
Or the pain in my head. All I can do
Is remember that life is a cosmic drama dreamed

I am a messenger of the future, hidden truth, planetary organism.
Part of being a seer is knowing when you are going to exit.
I know that I am ready.
Mattrick Patrick Aug 2016
I promise to let go of you;
not the reality of you,
but of my thoughts about you.

When I hold on to you, the idea of you,
my image of you, that expectation of you,
I lose you.

To meet you here, now, I must be me.
To love you I must love myself
because the only thing that can truly see you is me myself and I.
Mattrick Patrick Aug 2016
I'm done with worry; I'm done with pain.
All I want is a love that can sustain
my heart, my mind, my soul without complaint;
and bring emotions to blossom without constraint.

My river has become a flood
upon the surface of my heart, and within my blood,
so I have turned and changed my dream
to redirect this living stream

From finding love in a place outside
to discovering the truth that does reside
within the very heart that strives to love
so now I see, it was me I was dreaming of.
Mattrick Patrick Mar 2016
Black Lives Splatter on the heal of American Jackboot Patriotism.

When will black lives matter?
When all life ceases to be divided into races,
and we are seen as a single species,
as a spectrum rather than as separate colors.
No matter how devastating this reality may be,
it is the reality.
I love all people. I want to see the equality of all races in law and in culture, but also in every human heart on this planet and every other. Love is the answer, peace is the outcome.
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