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eleanor prince Feb 2019
pain with no script
subterranean roar
pressing call
pushing through
unkempt wasteland

places we don't see
lest they confront
status quo
hidden from all
but the sharp

as echoes we meet
find the persona
sear like another
stinging coal
on splintered frame

bent from carrying
cast on the
lake of fire's
unceasing scourge
a moment of depression breaking through, before a lighter time arrives... perhaps some may identify with its powerful pull
Rowan S Jan 2019
I used to think I was messy broken

Let me explain

Like a stray rock,
chipped from a bat in some sandy back lot
Through a window
Now shattered

Through. Done. Finished.

My splintered little pieces scattered to the winds
And me, running after those small bits
Like they were loose handouts in a windy parking lot
Scrambling to catch hold of
My life
My dignity
My sanity
My love


The only way to amend
Is complete replacement

For I am now irreparable
I sculpt you in the papers of my sketchbook
Every stroke of your outline is defined so well
To express the only way I know how
An outlet for my hidden feelings
But seeing your face in view again
Always elicits another daydream
It is never enough
You don't know that I draw you
In your most candid moments
Just to capture that memory again
You're the most beautiful when you don't try
By now I know the beauty in your every flaw
From growing up by your side
As close as we are, I want to be closer
Every canvas I see
Is another home to paint a memory
Your lips like fire, your eyes like the sea
They resemble the chaos of the waves
Showing your wild nature
They reel me in
I drown in them endlessly
Rachael hays Oct 2017
. “Adrift on the edge of a feather,
in my slumber I am most awake.
rhythmic, deep inhalation’s I feel…
as each breath takes you deeper…
without pretense we entangle there.
the place in space where minds do not matter and souls gather to hold hands.”
~15O17 #RachaelHays •
Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017
Sometimes words dont flow
They scratch your soul
With a blunt knife,
Splintering edges
And jagged rough cuts
Not elegant enough
To be called engraved.
Mary K Aug 2016
The gap between the platform and the subway car
seems to grow the closer you get to it
Until crossing it seems like the worst idea you could make
But you close your eyes and brave the void
Taking care not to thin about the tracks beneath
So alive in their snaking routes and tortured screeches.
The doors shut abruptly once you've sardined inside
And its all you can do to grab onto something, anything
Before the wheels begin to turn again
And you're lurched into some other time,
Some other place
As the tunnels decide what your fate will be.
And the doors will open again
As a ghost of a platform appears
But commuters be weary
For the tunnels and the tiles can be deceitful
So as you leave the decay
And the fractured tiles behind
Take caution
You might not notice it at first
You might not notice it at all
But the subway tunnels are unpredictable
And they enjoy making the rules
So the vortex you thought you imagined with the tunnel's lights speeding past the windows of the train
Might have actually transported you to some unknown city
To some other dimension
And there's no turning back.
the finale of the series!
Rachael hays Oct 2015
mating behavior
pushes the limits
forgets boundaries

eyes like a canyon
pulling you into them

soothing sounds

mating rituals
dances with wolves
edge of the feather
periscope vision

~ rachael hays 9O15
Rachael hays Sep 2015
One plus One
Two times Twenty-Three
Forty-Six plus you and me

A mustache
A ******
A means
We must

Labor of love
Delivery from above
We meet
We seat
Together retreat.

A Jude
A jet
Never question the fret
we sing
We three
In perfect harmony.

~Rachael Hays 15S15
Rachael hays Sep 2015
I have
Visions of me
When I see you
There’s work to do.

~ Rachael Hays
Rachael hays Sep 2015
now be that, you are.
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