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Non Pescador Dec 6
I met you with a broken heart inside you,
And I promise myself that you boy will never be broken again.
I gave you all my love,
A love more than anyone can imagine,
I gave you my whole heart, every free time I got
Even my soul, I gave it all to you.
But I guess every story has to end. right?
Because when she came back,
You throw me away,
Like I was nothing to you.
You throw my heart away and left.
Thank you for the broken heart you gave me,
That once yours.
does my love wasn't enough?
Non Pescador Dec 5
How can I stop my demon,
When my demon is myself.

Im the demon of my own story
And there’s no way to stop it.

Maybe that’s why I hate myself so much
Because my demon and I are one
How can I love myself if there’s no reason to love it? Im lost in my story
He has endured a chronic pain
Both in his heart and in his worn-out soul
At least his heart beats
There is air in his lungs
He yearns to be more
Than a mannequin
wearing the uniform of the
"underprivileged American."
He might have handicaps
That people notice more than his soul
"To help the world and invent newer items of luxury and of life's ease"
Are the successes that he so desperately wants
If only the investors and people around him could see
Placing stock into a brilliant, but, limited soul
can bring them new collections of creation
to enjoy their own life and
make it through everyday tasks
with ease.
Non Pescador Nov 25
There’s no word for my pain,
There’s no word for my broken heart,
Is this heartbreak feels like?
Lonely, Alone, Cold and too much Pain.

Laying down at my bed, Crying.
Please let me go to sleep,
And wake me up if the pain is gone.

All I can see is all black,
The love is gone,
The happiness is gone
Just all black and pain.

Is this life or is this the ****?
How do I stop loving you?! My life is a living **** thanks to you
Non Pescador Nov 24
I found myself,smiling.
Staring at my phone,
While waiting for your replies.

I smile bitterly,
When I realize you’re not gonna reply,
All the feelings that I’m hiding dies.

Can you help me,
I’m drowning in my own feelings
Is he really woth the pain I feel everyday? Cauze if no, I don’t know what to do.
Non Pescador Nov 12
Bakit ang lungkot ng buhay,
Wala na akong nakikitang rason para sumaya,
Lagi kong tanong
“Should I continue living another day?”
Lagi kong dasal
”Bigyan niyo po ako ng rason para ipagpatuloy pa ang buhay ko”
I know suicide is a sin
Pero everyday I see myself and all I can see is a failure and disappointment
My life is my own ****
Non Pescador Nov 11
“I wanna be a medtech and make my parents proud” - my only wish again and again

But im losing my hope
I feel so down

I feel like I don’t have a life anymore
School, review in cafe, home, repeat.

But still failed grades?
What should I do?
Every braincells is already used.
But still a failed grades?

Im losing my hope
I don’t know what to do

My only dream is be a medtech and make by parents proud
But I fail repeatedly

I disappoint myself
And specially I disappoint my parents

I wanna give up
I wanna give up. I wanna be a medtech but I can’t.
Non Pescador Nov 10
Life is so unfair.
I can give the love you all deserves but all you can see is her.
So I wonder, is she loves you right,
I wonder if she’s giving you happiness you deserve,
I wonder if she hold your hand in public or even kiss you in public,
Is she introduce you in her family.
Cause all of that, I can do it for you.
Why can’t you see?! Im the better girl for you not her. Cause all I can see, she always breaks your heart and gives you problem.
Non Pescador Nov 6
They say I have everything.
The moneys in my account
The expensive things
The boys and the parties
But why do I feel like a lonely girl?
I feel so alone and empty
But I make them believe I have everything
Like what they always think.
Oh i wish poeple around me is real. Im tired of fake poeple
Non Pescador Nov 5
He smile at me
So I smile back
I need him so much
But he seems so happy now
So I walk away and smile
He doesn't need me
Like I need him
He already moved on
So It’s time for me to let him go and move on.
Happiness is a choice and I choose your happiness first before mine.
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