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MissNeona Sep 2020
The chimps are fighting the bonobos
on the jungle floor
I wanna elevate the game
so they can see there's something more
above their head if they dare see -
bananas hanging in them trees
instead of just runnin' around flinging feces
if they just keep their chin up they would see....

Look up, you monkey!
Colm Nov 2019
Smooth as softened alabaster
Their scent to you an immeasurable bliss
Where the sun tucks the moon beneath his chin
Rests an endless dream no more than a wish

This series is all about containment. Quick and expressive. My kind of people.

The vision - A Lovers Embrace From South Pacific
Jaxey Sep 2019
"I love you"
You say
As you lift up my chin
But you're eyes shine with metaphors
And your hand feels like sin
Stop lying to me
Keiri Aug 2019
D: Walk on by.
Keep your head high.
Turn your cheek aside.
Don't question why.
Don't trust the lie.
And when they lie about you.
Ignore them and look at the sky!

K: Why will I look to the sky?
Isn't that were people go who die?
Don't get me wrong, I won't deny...
That I have to believe or at least try.

D: oh, sweet child, there is nothing but stars.
But still lift your chin upwards.
It will show them you don't care.
That you are a girl who's fair,
That's not easy to scare.
And if they'd even dare,
Lay a finger upon your skin?
Don't you stop and stare.
Show them you can bear!

K: Lift my chin upwards?
I'll look stupid, no one does that.
I won't know what to do with my head.
Isn't there something to be said.
Or am I so easily read?
My legs always feel like lead.
And my armpits wet.
What do I even do with that?!

D: Don't you doubt a single word.
One day you will want to be heard.
Don't you ever feel disturbed.
You are a bird.

Fly and be free.
Soar and believe in me.
Otherwise you will regret.
A lonely life, alone and sad.

K: I wil Mimi, I do.
I do believe in you!

D: I'll have to go now, and you know
He is awaiting me.
The man is not to be feared.
He was very gentle, you see.
He asked me how I felt.
He had a nice soft glee.
So charming, death was he.
I didn't even try to flee.

D: Remember what I said. If they bully you, chin up to the stars. Maybe, maybe not, I will be there.
This was very hard for me to write... When I was a child, I didn't have many friends. One of my best friends was a 50+ year old neighbour who had cancer. I always went to her, and she taught me everything I know and hold dear. She died 5 years ago, and this is one of the last conversations I had with her about when the girls in my bus were gossiping about me. When this conversation happened, we both knew she was going to die the day after, it was a planned death, she was in pain and had an euthanasia.
John Glenn Apr 2019
Her collarbone is a basin
And it reflects the stars
Twinkling in her eyes
When the liquid salt
Fills it to the brim
And drops like an irregular
Waterfall down a honeyed chin
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
On a remote
Part of the Great Wall
There are sad spirits
Looking for justice
And many demons
Amongst these spirits
Is one of a
Woman who cried colourred ink
Instead of tears
Had an ear shattering scream
Which will **** you.
Who was possessed
And died from
The possession.
DP Younginger May 2018
You ponder alone in darkness,
Disgracing your personal image is an uncontrollable pleasure,
Don't hurt,
Don't feel,
Cleanse your inner complection clear of unhappiness,
I'm here for you,
Lift your chin.

Let me kiss those seeping tears,
You cry when you feel happy,
A feeling new to your emotions,
Let it bleed through and stain,
Lift your chin.

Let me love you, forever,
I'll protect you from these unidentified flying emotions,
I can be your self-control,
Only letting love, happiness, and joy into our house,
Lift your chin.

I love you,
Nothing else matters,
I can be your only friend if it makes you warm on winter days,
Don't be lonely,
You have my heart, forever,
I can sing your song on rainy days,
I can tickle the tear duct for you,
Shaking loose the last few droplets for this puddle of sadness,
Lift your chin.

I'm here love,
Don't stress,
Don't tremble,
Do you hear that?
My heart pounds for your love,
A drum with a never ending metronome,
Each beat running on infinite happiness,
Lift your chin.

I'm grasping your nervous palms,
They are moist with worry,
But you're comfortable in my eyes,
You're lovely,
No one stretches this smile wider than you do,
Do you see my tears?
They contain no sorrow,
They leak for you,
Tears that speak of your beauty with every drop,
A warm sensation that disguises your goosebumps,
Somewhere you're reading my words, aren't you?
They make your head spin like a basketball on one finger,
Left your chin.

Let me in, forever,
Keep your head high, forever,
When you cry, I will be there with a kiss,
Mopping your sorrows away,
Until my dying day,
Lift that chin.
Written September 11, 2008.
Lucy Mohr Mar 2018
It's not how he feels,
or how they feel,
or how it makes the world feel.

The one thing that matters... is you.
Colm Jun 2017
Lift not a man’s chin
By the force of your hand
When his head is down

Instead, consider this
If you are worthy of his sight
And an admiration to his eyes
He will look up at you
In due time

For it is not your place to try
And keep him from such things within
As feeling are

But encourage him instead to be
By standing out most patiently
So that you may appeal to him
And to his eyes

To seek the hopefulness within
And the truth as well, in which you share
And stand beside

No, if you seek to raise a man’s chin
You must stand with him and seek his eyes
I really like how this turned out. Some of the truest lines I've ever written...thus far. LOL!
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